British Law Makers to Force Churches to Perform Gay Marriage

British Law Makers to Force Churches to Perform Gay Marriage

new world orderEuropean Court of Strasbourg declares that gay marriage is not a human right.

European law makers were taken aback, and did not know what to say. However, upon the insistence by the gay lobbyists, they declared they would proceed with making same-sex marriage a reality.

The court went on to say that even if they tried to pass a law to make a same-sex marriage, that no church would be required to perform a same-sex marriage. And, they said, there would be a double standard of straight marriage vs same-sex marriage.


They said, they would force churches to perform marriages, in church, if they passed the same-sex marriage law.

Now, you tell me, this isn’t a conspiracy? You tell me, what is this about? You tell me, why a lawmaker would THINK he could force a church to do what is against its religion to do?

My opinion: this isn’t about marriage AT ALL.

Now hear me out. This is what is called a LONG CON:


The long con refers to any of a variety of cons which require more planning, preparation, a longer window of interaction with the con’s target and a longer period of time to execute. The long con may also require a large crew or a larger number of involved people to pull off the deception needed to relieve the mark of their cash or other valuables. Unlike a short con, the long con requires time to slowly draw the mark or marks into the con, but often results in very large pay-outs. Because of the difficulty in organization and execution, long cons are considered to be for experts, not the province of new, young con men.

There are three key players in any long con: a victim, a con artist, and one or more associates.

The Mark: The intended victim of the con.

The Grifter: A practitioner of confidence tricks, or more informally, a con artist. A grifter may play many roles, and often creates multiple personas over their career.

The Shill: An accomplice to the grifter, who has no apparent connection to the con. Shills are put in place to encourage the mark to act in the desired way.

A long con is executed in one or two settings: a real world setting, or an empty room, known as a big store set up to look like a real world setting, such as a stock trading room. For a long con to work, it requires a team of grifters, which plays a variety of roles. Some players may be experts at one role, others can change them up as the con demands.

So what’s the payout for the long con of “gay marriage”? A ONE WORLD RELIGION. BAAM!!!!

You know the new world order, is trying to fix it so there is a one world religion. The absolute best way to do this, is to destroy the current religions. Every single big religion on the planet, has a standing order that homosexuality is against their god. The absolute best way to destroy the religion is to make them do, what they cannot do. You cannot tell a christian to embrace a homosexual. You cannot force a muslim to make a homosexual equal. The religion then has to cave, because the people will no longer follow the religion.

It has already started happening. Let me take you back to the election of a gay bishop in the Episcopal religion. He is the equivalent to the bishop of Canterbury. And, when the Bishop of Canterbury spoke out against it, the followers on this side of the pond declared they no longer followed him. BAAM!!!

But wait, there’s more.

“The first openly gay bishop in The Episcopal Church recently praised pro-gay Presbyterians for creating “enormous confusion” and what he called “holy chaos” in their denomination over homosexuality.”

Why would a bishop say this? The bible talks about confusion doesn’t it? Doesn’t it say Satan is the author of confusion? I’m not trying to be religious here, but understand how high the stakes truly are.

You’re a pawn in a much Much MUCH larger game. The stakes are controlling the world, by a tiny few people. They are playing for keeps.


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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

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