Black Middle Class: Promoting the Black Man in Our Community

Black Middle Class: Promoting the Black Man in Our Community

loving black coupleWith the rise of feminism, a lot of Black women have gotten swept away in the trash. Some Black women recognize that the talking points for the latest feminist movement, do not even apply to Black women. Those have a hard time convincing or making it clear to those that do. What they fail to realize at their base core, is that we are Black first, then divided by economics and then divided by sex. So before even approaching feminism, a Black woman has to wade through racism, and then wade through classicism, to get to the feminist agenda. Those Black women that get it, get it. It doesn’t take much to realize that it is all smoke and mirrors for Black folk. A Black woman in the feminist movement is just another number. There is nothing in the feminist movement for the Black woman, nor is it even beneficial to the Black woman. Except, it does one thing, pits the Black woman against the Black man. And, this is where most Black women wake up suddenly.

When the Black woman realizes the end result of feminism is to pit her, against her man, and the Black woman’s “man” is the Black man, none of the feminist talking points apply. Why?

Because a Black man has never oppressed a Black woman. A Black man has never taken away the Black woman’s right to vote. In fact, the Black man got the right to vote, the same exact instant the Black woman got the right to vote. A Black man didn’t create a system to keep the Black woman in her “place”. The list goes on and on. It does not apply to Black women. In fact, feminism doesn’t even apply to poor white women, truth be told.

So what is a Black woman to do?

  • First of all divorce herself from feminism, and not divorce herself from her Black man. Throw the trash out, and polish the diamond.
  • understand that the propaganda against the Black man, is just propaganda and not the truth. Ever wonder why most of the bad statistics you hear and read do not apply to your Black man? Because they are filled with lies. Lies, to get you to throw your Black man away.
  • promote your Black man. understand that he does bring home the bacon, and that is how it should be. if he goes down, the entire Black community goes down. you cannot be an island. we cannot have a lop-sided community.
  • understand that raising a family is the most powerful thing you can do for the Black community. To have a community, we need a community, and that means more kids.
  • understand that statistics saying Black people are poor, on welfare, raising children out of wedlock are not just lies, but damn lies. And, you need to do your duty to raise more children.
  • recognize the attack on the Black family for what it is for. stats about Black children, lies. stats against Black men, lies. stats against Black women, lies. recognize them for what they are for, to tear you and thus, the community, apart.
  • recognize that Blacks control $1.1 trillion dollars in BUYING POWER, each and every year. We are not poor. We hand over a trillion dollars to someone else. that buying power can and should stay in the Black community. we need to recognize we are making someone else wealthy. as a Black woman, you should shout this from the mountain tops, and tell your husband to “BUY BLACK”, whenever possible. Remember, Mexicans have passed us up economically, because they “buy mexican”.
  • FINALLY, Black women should never consider divorce. Now wait, before you go off the deep end, you should see marriage for what it is and CONSIDER IT CAREFULLY from the beginning. They say, “measure twice, cut once.” So you have to consider carefully the man you even want to get married to: is he financially secure; does he like you; are your two families good with each other; is there benefit all around, families included, for you two to get married. So many women just “fall in love.” Measure twice, cut once. Marriage is an economic thing, more than anything else, the end result is children. If either of those things are not satisfied, you’re not going to have a good marriage. Getting a divorce over hurt feelings, shows a complete lack of character.

For us to have a Black community, we have to go to our star player, the Black man. He is the strongest. He is the wisest. He is the most patient. He is the most loyal. He’s a team player. He is the best friend. He is a good husband. He is the best quarterback. And, I’m not just saying this. All real stats bear me out. Wanna see?

  • *       There are more Black Males in College than in Jails, Prisons, Private Corrections, Military Jails and Institutions for the Criminally Insane combined (1,236,443 in College/841,000 Incarcerates – regardless of age)
  • *       4 to 1: The ratio of 18-24 year old Black Males in College vs. Jails, Prisons, Private Corrections, Military Jails and Institutions for the Criminally Insane.
  • (674,000 in College/164,400 Incarcerates)
  •     * 32.3% (1 in 3) Black Males ages 18-24 are enrolled in College[5]
  • (674,000 in College/2,082,000 Total)
  •     * 1.37 to 1: The ratio of 18-24 year old Black Females enrolled in College to Black Males.(930,000 Black Females Enrolled/674,000 Black Males Enrolled)
  •     * 6.3%: Black Males (age 18-55+) enroll in College at a higher rate by sex than White Males and Hispanic Males and are surpassed only by Asian Males.
  • (Black Males is 6.3%, White Males is 5.8%, Hispanic Males is 4.7%, and Asian Males is 9.7%)
  •     * 25.1% of Black Males (age 25 or over) have either an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Professional, or Doctoral Degree (2,519,000 with Degrees/10,018,000 Total)
  •     * 82.1% of Black Males (age 18 or over) have at least a High School Diploma or GED .(9,897,000 with HS Diploma or GED/12,044,000 Total)
  •     * 12.1%: The Black Male Dropout Rate (ages 16-24) for 2008. (301,000 Dropouts/2,583,000 Total)
  •     * 5.1%: Percent of married Black Men who marry White Women(279,000 Black Husband-White Wife/5,654,000 Married Black Men)
  •     * 88.8%: Percent of Black Males earning income ages 25-64 (employment) (7,899,000 Employed/8,893,000 Total)
  •     * $23,738: Average Income for Black Males 15 and older $19,470 Average Income Black Females
  •     * 1,812,000 The number of Black Men making $50,000/year or more
  •     * 71.6% of Black Men pay their agreed to or Court Awarded Child Support
  • (855,000 Payers/1,194,000 Recipients)
  •     * $253 Billion: Total Income earned by Black Males  (15 and over) ($262 Billion earned by Black Females)
  •     * 13,104,000 Total Black Men age 15 or over (15,816,000 Total Black Females age 15 or over)

We need to play to our strengths, as a community and the Black man is our strength. It was the Black man that was whipped, beaten, castrated, hung in trees, feet chopped off, eye gouged out and still kept moving. It was the Black man that held your hand and said, let’s keep moving. Recognize the attack on the Black man for what it is, damn lies.

We need to promote our Black man. We Black men, need you Black women to promote us. It is said, a man cannot strike a woman. So, we need you, Black women, to strike back against white feminist who drag our name through the mud. We need you, Black women, to call in to the TV shows and say, “hold on, you just lied about our Black men.” We need you, Black women, to write in to the editor of the papers and say, “hold on, you just lied about our Black men.” We need  you, Black women, to say, “hold on sister, you might have problems with your Black man, but that don’t apply to all our Black men.” We need you, Black women, to promote us.

Black men are seen as: stupid; can’t be educated; criminals; rapist; liars; deadbeat dads; over-sexed; can’t speak English; can’t hold a job; and disrespectful. Now, scroll back up to those stats, and see this is all a pack of lies. Now, only 6%-8% of Black men are in jail, or have gone to jail. That means 92% of Black men have never, ever, been to jail, that includes those rappers that pretend they did. We need you, Black women, to understand this, internalize this, recognize this, and when you hear someone say something to the contrary, you need to get in their face and say, “hold on, you just lied about our Black men.”


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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

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