Let’s Not Talk About the Unemployment Rate Let’s Talk Participation Rate

Participation Rate Scam

participation rate
Provided by Shadowstats.com

The main stream media is fond of quoting the white house and other federal agencies when talking about the unemployment rate. It is the biggest lie since women said they were equal to men. Sure, if you only count the people that are on unemployment, it will look like unemployment is going down. However, it has been said over and over again that in order to get to pre 2006 employment rates, we would have to add 250,000 jobs every month for 3 years. Wait, let me rephrase that. We would have to add an additional 250,000 jobs every month for 3 years, by the private sector, over and ABOVE filling the jobs that we lose from people being retired or otherwise leaving the labor force altogether, like death.

Many say, the jobs that we had pre 2006 will not come back. With the subsidies that congress and Obama gives corporations to ship jobs overseas, I tend to believe the “experts”. Manufacturing is a joke. Food is a joke. Industrial mining is a joke. In fact it is almost as if we were once again a colony of some European power. We don’t produce any sizable finished products ourselves. We ship in our food on a massive scale. We buy raw materials from overseas, have them shipped to plants overseas, and import the finished products that we have to then pay for. India at least go paid for picking and exporting cotton. Gandhi would have revolted if he were American and alive today.

But, let’s look at the real measure of who is “working”. That factor is measured under the participation rate. Currently the participation rate is at an abysmal 63.3%. That means nearly 40% of the country, who is able to work, are not working, at all. This isn’t a stat of people with part time jobs or very few hours, or minimum wage. This stat shows people who do nothing.  I don’t know how long they stay that way, if a lot of them are near death, sick, incapacitated somehow, but they are not working.

So what does this mean? This means this entire charade of a 7% unemployment rate is complete garbage. This means the federal government and its agencies are lying to the American public. This means this situation is far more serious than we have been lead to believe.

But wait, this is the lowest participation rate in nearly 40 years. This isn’t just serious, it’s astronomically serious. The country is coming apart at the seams and the president and congress are pretending the economy is “recovering”? How is this even possible?

I have reported several times that Black unemployment runs ridiculously high: 34% in young Black men; 50% in Black men in some large cities. These are real numbers, not government approved numbers. It is impossible that Blacks are running such high numbers and everyone else is not. Since there are so few Blacks in this country, it is much easier to track the employment rates. At any given point, good or bad, Black employment runs only a few percentage points away from white employment rates. So, you cannot have terrible Black unemployment rates, and great white unemployment rates. The two run pretty parallel to each other.


What can be done? We have to get government out of our back pockets. We have to get government out of our personal, and private lives. There should be absolutely no way for the government to tell you what doctor you can see, what church you can go to, what school to send your children to, who you can marry, what you are allowed to eat, when to have children, banning you from defending your life. It amazes me that no one is concerned about this.

We have to remove nearly all of the regulations in place for business. Most of the regulations stop new people from opening business. In fact nearly 80% of the regulation is to completely deny new competitors from opening up new business, in nearly every different type of business. And, these regulations are bought and paid for, by those who are already in business.

You’re wondering why we have nearly 40% of the country out of work? The answer is, you can’t open a business these days. You can’t even start small. You can’t start a business and hire people. The major straw that is now breaking the camel’s back is Obamacare. In this massive piece of legislation, who’s paperwork when stacked on each other is 10ft tall, does nothing “for” healthcare, and does more to stop people from opening up new business and hiring people.

It is outrageous that your government stops you from making the economy better. It’s almost as if it were on purpose.

Nearly everyone in congress needs to be voted out. In fact, the current political parties are not representing the country in any shape, form or fashion. It is not enough that you write your congressman or make phone calls, or sign petitions, they still have 1,000 other people they have to obey. You have to remove them from office for the system to correct itself.

I am also sorry to tell you that Obama is not going to help you, and he never intended to help you. And, the notion that Obama was somehow treated unfairly by “inheriting” some bad mess, is ridiculous. The US economy has been going downhill since 1920. Every single president that has taken office has done nothing more than smile for cameras. Other than Coolidge, the federal deficit has grown, at the hands of every president, unemployment has gone up, with every president, every president has presided over a bubble and crash. Obama’s case was not even remotely different from Reagan or Kennedy or Carter or Clinton.

Remember: 63.3% participation rate. This is shameful.


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