Black Middle Class: The Problem with Black Business Districts

Black Middle Class: The Problem with Black Business Districts

No Help From the Outside

black business conferenceThe very biggest problem, and one that is consistent, since Black man met white man, is that the white man insinuates himself into our affairs.

We as Black people have to understand and internalize that we are grown adults. We do not need anyone’s help. We don’t need white money. We don’t need white planning. We don’t need white expertise. We don’t need white advice. We don’t need white caring. We don’t need white outreach. We don’t need white set asides. We don’t need white intervention. We don’t need white coalition. We don’t need white professionals. We don’t need white financiers. We don’t need white economists. We don’t need anyone white.

Now, that goes DOUBLE for all other ethnic groups. Every god damned time Black people even hint at forming something, here come white people saying: no make it “minority” and include mexicans and asians. Yet, there is no Mexican “minority” district, nor asian “minority” district. We’re always told to include everyone else under our umbrella.

What is astounding is that others, who have their own things going, their own segregated things, pretend to be offended when Black people say, they don’t need anyone’s help. It is such an insulting put on. Only a classless person would even suggest that Black people, somehow, need outside help to form an internal organization. Everyone does not need help. People, who need help, need help. Black people, in general, as a whole, do not need any outside help. In fact, it has been the “help” that has been at the heart of the 19th and 20th century Black problems.

Welfare, is not help. Minority set asides is not help. It would do far more and go a lot further way, if the governing body in question, just came out and said, “we are racist and Black businesses will never be given any business loans, if it were up to us.” This would not only improve relations between Blacks and whites, but it would erase this phoney notion Black entrepreneurs have, that they have a shot at some public funds. It would also encourage those Black entrepreneurs to move to an area where they are wanted, appreciated and CAN get public funds to kick start their businesses. Honesty about racism, is light years better than hidden racism. And, racism is the practice to ensure that whites receive favor and money from Black people. It is not about calling Black people the N word. It is about sucking Black people dry of both money and public opinion.

Once Black people wake up and understand that there will never be a “Post-Racial” America, we will finally go into the sunset and get our house in order. Once Black people come to terms with the fact that Black people are the only ones that will EVER love Black people, as it should be, we will seek our funding from our own.

We control $1.1 TRILLION,  in THROW AWAY MONEY. That’s how much money we don’t even need, not for light bills and mortgages, the spending money. And we have every professional under the sun. We have every company, under the sun. We have every logistic and capability, already set to go.

If we stick to keep out everyone else but us, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES, we will be LIGHT YEARS ahead of Marcus Garvey and everything else that we have done up to now. And, if people call us racist, we need to be able to stand up and say, “you know, Blacks need a bit of racism right now, so get out of here.”

Black Pride?

So many young Black people talk about Black pride and yet buy everything from white and other merchants. It boggles the mind. Someone who had Black pride would:

  • never harm another Black person
  • never ask anyone, other than a Black person, for a handout
  • never air Black dirty laundry in public
  • not indulge in drama with a Black person
  • always purchase from Black merchants
  • love Black people
  • know African history
  • understand that there is no such thing as white superiority
  • know that the most powerful thing on earth, is the Black family
  • look forward to the day that they are a great grandparent
  • worship Black gods and godesses
  • dress like Black people
  • eat like Black people

Black people easily throw around terms like Black pride, but never stop to think the entire scope of what that really means. They say they have Black pride, but are the first ones to jump on the bandwagon insulting someone Black. They say they have Black pride, but call Black men / women insulting sexual names.  They say they have Black pride, yet believe every bad statistic that comes out on TV, and never, for one second, thinks to verify if it’s the truth.

Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

In building a Black business district, you would assume places with a majority Black population  like:

  • Detroit, Mich.     82.7%
  • Jackson, Miss.     79.4%
  • Miami Gardens, Fla.     76.3%
  • Birmingham, Ala.     73.4 %
  • Baltimore, Md.     63.7%
  • Memphis, Tenn.     63.3%
  • New Orleans, La.     60.2%
  • Flint, Mich.     56.6%
  • Montgomery, Ala.     56.6%
  • Savannah, Ga.     55.4%

would already have thriving and robust Black business districts, but they are wallowing in filth and poverty in the Black communities. In fact, when it was proposed in Detroit, the All Black city council rejected it. MIND YOU, they already have a chinatown, a greektown, a little italy, a jewish federation, a mexicantown.

The entire old guard needs to be washed out of the Black community. The Al Sharptons, Cornell Wests, Bill Cosbys, Tavis Smileys, Lewis Farrakhans, TD Jakes, and the rest. They do absolutely nothing for the community and haven’t united anything other than their bank accounts with money.

The entire city council of Detroit needs to go, and the mayor. We cannot afford for these people, to be in office. We have 50% unemployment in those cities, and they’re rejecting Black business district proposals. Black businesses employe 90% of Black labor. There should have been an outcry against the city council. At 82.7% Black population and the all Black city council rejects such a proposal? These are the same Black city council members that are paid by those 82.7% Black citizens. They should have summarily rounded them up and thrown them out immediately.

This is just a tiny example of the egregious things we allow to go on, amongst ourselves. We allow Black leaders to dissuade us from progressing. We  shoot ourselves in the foot.

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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

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