Occupy Stupid

Occupy Stupid

For those who don’t know, the tea party movement was started and has an original beginning date, staged by THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY.  They flew a hot air balloon over boston, in a symbolic gesture and nod to the original tea party.

It was the brain child of the same guy that marketed the Ron Paul ReLOVEution, who is one of the Libertarian Party leaders.

It was co-opted by the Republican party, because the mainstream parties will never allow such a large grass roots movement to spring up around them, potentially ousting them.

Occupy Wall Street is 99% White

What’s pathetic is that people do not know this and think the tea party is / was / and will be a republican thing.

To have Sarah F*ing Palin on a tea party stage is a slap in the face of america.

Now on to this occupy wall street.  The democratic party, not to be outdone by the republican party stealing a movement, is now stealing the occupy movement.  However, in true democrat fashion, it is repleat with the same racists, fascists that were in the democrat party in the 40s 50s and 60s.  They have planted their key people into the movement and totally strangulated any and every possibility of it ever being a legitimate movement, right down to the part where the “occupiers” cause so much ruckus that they get AVERAGE AMERICANS fired from their jobs.

Some businesses are having to close because the holier than thou protesters are ruining their business and driving away customers.  These are businesses run by EVERYDAY AMERICANS, not wall street bankers.

I guarantee these same smug bastards are withdrawing cash from their Bank of America ATM.

I guarantee none of them have come up with the bright idea to have their group remove their money from major banks and put them into credit unions, OR EVEN BETTER, START THEIR OWN CREDIT UNION.

Now we have union reps in the sit in to bring legitimacy to the cause.

Occupy Wall Street is 99% Hippies

And calling this a sit in, is a slap in the face of every Black person across the nation.  This is not a cause about a group of people oppressing, degrading, raping, murdering, hanging, slandering, and passing laws for another group to completely not be able to participate in society.  This entire charade could have been done easily by organizers removing themselves and their money from corporate control.  In fact, they don’t even need laws to be passed for their cause to win.

The sheer stupidity of this movement is obvious when one of their new “planks” is that government needs to pass laws to REGULATE BUSINESS MORE. Seriously?  They are brain dead.

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