Why You Really Got Fired: Companies That Can’t Afford Payroll

Why You Really Got Fired

You're FiredWere you late one day and the boss was waiting for you with a pink slip? Were you shocked, since everyone is late and the work isn’t time sensitive? Was the work atmosphere casual and then all of a sudden got serious? Were there parties, pot-lucks and a spirit team and then suddenly that vanished?

Many people are fired and have their reputations ruined, and probably their hopes dashed, because the company is going under. You as an employee, probably, didn’t check the company’s books to see how they’re doing. All you knew is that your boss was always mad with you and wrote you up for everything for 2 straight months. While the average idiot would say that it was your own fault you got fired, I’m here to shed some light on the facts and show you an alternative view.

It Rolls Downhill

In an office space that is relaxed, low-key, normally quiet, it is very telling that all of a sudden the management becomes quite agitated and starts looking for minor infractions. For instance: if you work for a company, where you’re the guy that shades in the color on pictures that are handed to you, there’s no need for you to “come in on time.” You’re paid for a project. Sure you are paid hourly to shade in color, but the reality is, you’re paid to shade in color, not to sit at your desk for 8 hours. The reality is, they can’t afford you, so they seek to get rid of you, anyway possible.

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U.S. Manufacturing? Say What?

U.S. Manufacturing?

u.s. manufacturingAccording to the latest analyst data, US manufacturing grew slightly in January. But, this is only when comparing it to both China and the Eurozone.

Chinese factories only managed a slight rebound as the new year began,
suggesting that world economic growth remains sluggish.

The euro zone economy, meanwhile, likely contracted again at the end of last year,
though surveys on Friday suggested the worst of the region’s downturn may be over.

In essence this is simply more modest gains, that continue the news of the GDP report. That recent report stated that GDP in q4 contracted by 0.1%. When looking into the GDP report, you see that it indeed was manipulated, both in q3 and in q4.

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The Unemployment Scam and GDP

The Unemployment Scam and GDP

Obama Oops
Obama Oops

The nation’s economy unexpectedly shrank by 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012, casting fresh doubt on the strength of the economic recovery. The new estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) from the Commerce Department marks the first time the economy shrank since it was in the depths of the recession in mid-2009.

This is not news for anyone paying attention. Unemployment fell an entire 1% twice in the 4th quarter? yet ony 200,000 jobs were allegedly gained? NO! 400,000 people fell off the unemployment rrecords and out of the labor pool. There was no turn around in the economy. There are now over 25 million people out of the labor pool by my calculations. This doesn’t even include the under-employed. This notion of rebounding economy is bogus.

You cannot have actual growth with upwards of 15%-20% [real numbers] of the US being unemployed. They cannot buy goods and services. They cannot pay state, local and federal taxes. They cannot pay indirect taxes via tariffs and excise taxes. You cannot grow the economy with unemployed people.

For the past 4 years, the beltway has put out bogus labor numbers and fixing their books to show GDP expanding. They had the GDP expanding when we were still losing 500,000 jobs each month. People are just not paying attention. It’s as iff Berny Madoff is in the white house.