Crystal Harris Dumps Hugh Hefner at the Altar

The Wedding is Off – Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris announced their engagement at the end of last year.  Hugh Hefner has confirmed: he and Crystal Harris will not marry this Saturday as planned. According to Life & Style reports that another man, Crystal’s songwriting partner Jordan McGraw, came between Crystal and Hef. The magazine first spotted Crystal and Jordan, who is Dr. Phil’s son, getting cozy at the Chateau Marmont in March. Crystal denies the relationship is romantic.

Crystal Harris

“The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart,” he tweeted on Tuesday, which was scheduled for Saturday at the Playboy Mansion.  More than 300 people were set to attend the nuptials.

Meanwhile Crystal’s camp claims the decision was mutual.  “After much deep reflection and thought, I have decided to end my engagement with Hef,” Harris said in a statement. “I have the utmost respect for Hef and wish him the best going forward.”

“It’s very sad,” her music manager Michael Blakey told E! News. “It was amicable.”

TMZ broke the news of the canceled event this morning, alleging that 25-year-old Harris and the businessman “had a nasty argument this weekend on the phone.”

“Since we’re not getting married on Saturday, I’ve schedule a movie: Runaway Bride,” Hefner, 85, Tweeted Tuesday night, just hours after news broke that his bride-to-be Crystal Harris, 25, had a change of heart about their upcoming nuptials. “Seems appropriate.”

“The breakup is a heart breaker,” he continued, “but better now than after the marriage.”

Hugh Hefner, Crystal and Jordan McGraw

By Hefner’s side through the heartbreak: ex-girlfriend and former Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt, ex-wife Kimberly Conrad – whom he divorced in 2009 – and Conrad’s mother.

Even Kendra Wilkinson Tweeted her support for her ex-boyfriend. And Holly Madison, who openly clashed with Harris, joined in: “Wish I was there to support, too!”

This would have been Hefner’s third marriage. The “Girls Next Door” cast member broke ties with his second wife, Kimberley Conrad. He ended things with first wife, Mildred Williams, in 1959.

Former “Girls Next Door” star Holly Madison, who had a long-term relationship with Hefner, loved him for years but dumped him in 2008 because he said he wasn’t interested in settling down with her or marrying again.

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Jasmine Fiore Playboy Pictures, Murder, Ryan Jenkins, Megan Wants a Millionaire

Jasmine Fiore Swimsuit Model Playboy

When I was in law school there was one particular subject I hated: Family Law. I hated it because I had to read case after case of brutal torture and treatment of children or spouses. I didn’t even dare read any criminal law cases. I don’t know how i got through those classes.

Here we have the horrific story of a swimsuit beauty model, Jasmine fiore, who also used to work for Playboy, as the coordinator for Playboy’s “Girls of Golf.” Spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey said, “She never posed in the magazine.” She was found murdered, strangled to death, and someone didn’t want her identified. They removed her fingers and teeth. You have to be three shades of wacko to even contemplate doing that sort of thing. They stuffed her body in a suitcase and threw it in the trash. She was found in the Buena Park, Orange county, California on Saturday, August 15th. She was 28.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins Megan Wants a Millionaire

The only suspect they have on record as of now is husband Ryan Jenkins, who incidentally called to report her missing. He then disappeared and has yet to be found. Fiore was last seen alive with Jenkins at a poker game in San Diego.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins is Canadian and recently appeared on the reality T.V. show “Megan Wants a Millionaire,” where he battle for the affection of blond model Megan Hauserman. Fiore and Jenkins met in March at a Las Vegas casino where Jenkins was partying after wrapping up “Millionaire,” said Fiore’s mother, Lisa Lepore. And in typical Las Vegas fashion, they got married there on March 18, according to a Clark County marriage certificate. It was a spontaneous marriage, “right after they met, one of those wild things,” Lepore said. But it soon went south. In May, “they had a big blowout. She had the marriage annulled,” she said. “She didn’t trust him because he was doing things behind her back,” she said. “He did everything that she asked him not to do,” Lepore said. “She got furious.”

The Orange County district attorney’s office has charged Jenkins with murder and issued a warrant for his arrest. Jenkins, 32, is believed to be in Canada, and officers there said Thursday that ground, air and canine units are searching for him. A car and empty boat trailer belonging to Jenkins were found Wednesday at a marina in the northwest Washington town of Blaine, near the border.

Ryan Jenkins, is from Calgary, Alberta. A resume posted on the networking site says he graduated from Mount Royal College in Calgary in 1999, has a license to fly commercial airplanes and worked in investment sales and as president of a boutique development company focused on cutting-edge green technologies. Jenkins was convicted of assault in Canada in 2007 and has a pending domestic battery case in Las Vegas. In January 2007, Jenkins was sentenced to 15 months of probation in his hometown of Calgary, Canada, on an unspecified assault charge, according to the Alberta Ministry of Justice. No further details were available. Court records show Jenkins was charged in June in Clark County, Nev., with a misdemeanor count of “battery constituting domestic violence” on accusations that he hit Fiore in the arm. He is scheduled for a Dec. 18 non-jury trial.

Gwendolyn Beauregard of Bonny Doon, a longtime friend to Jasmine Fiore, is scheduled to discuss the case on Larry King Live and Good Morning America.

In my opinion this is a classic case of marrying someone you don’t know. Yes, I know there’s the romantic notion that you can go to Vegas and marry someone that you’ve known all your life but was forbidden to, but often you hear of those cases of “we were drunk and one thing led to another…” She obviously didn’t know him. And, he obviously didn’t know her.

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Spencer Pratt Turns 26 Heidi Pratt Does Playboy

Happy Birthday Spencer Pratt

Last Friday America’s favorite guy, Spencer Pratt, turned 26. His beautiful and oh so smart wife Heidi Pratt did a pg-13 playboy spread. She says she’ll be doing more later, after she gets a boob job. She later revealed that she did not tell her dad about the spread, due to his “oh so strict Christian beliefs”.



I’m trying to figure out if she’s a Christian or not. I thought they were the Jimmy Swaggart love children. Weren’t they the bible thumping, feet washing Christians of old? I guess Satan can be blond haired and blue eyed. Apparently that doesn’t connote strong Christian values and morals any more. [ go see pictures of Jesus in your local Church, because we know so many pale skinned, blond haired, blue eyed Jews from the middle east don’t we? I’m pretty sure Jesus looked more like me than like Spencer Pratt. I’m just saying. ]

Heidi Pratt Strips for Playboy

So Heidi Pratt tells tells the world she’s boob shopping. She tells the world she was perusing old playboys and saw all the “hot” women. Meanwhile, Spencer Pratt has blow up all Heidi Pratt’s playboy pics and hangs them in his bathroom,

“so when I’m taking a piss I can see a 10ft pic of my wife nude.”

These two people have got to be the devil incarnate. They are the weirdest people alive. He needs a lobotomy and she needs a supersized happy meal.

This is what reality T.V. has brought us.

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