Arizona Immigration Law: Perfectly Constitutional

Trying to Tear Down States Rights Over Federal Cowardice

Governor Jan Brewer

While the country is going to hell in a handbasket, so many news organizations are steadily heaping logs onto the fire.  Instead of them actually reporting factual news, they instead “report” a bunch of drama surrounding the news.  This sells papers and advertisement, and makes EVERYONE dumber than they were 2 minutes before reading the stories.  This is exactly the case surrounding the Arizona immigration law controversy.  Instead of them reporting that the 9th circuit court of appeals refuses to listen to the case, because THERE IS NO CASE, they instead tell you they refuse to “get into the controversy”.  They even quote democrats, versus a republican governor, who says that the law is “laughable.”  What’s laughable is that the federal government is trying to trump a state’s right to protect itself, its economy and its citizens from unchecked illegal immigration that is destroying the state from the inside.  They don’t report how these illegal immigrants are not the supposed hard working salt of the earth people seeking a better life, but a bunch of gang-bangers, underage prostitution runners, human traffickers, who are all murdering people, burning people’s homes and shutting down entire infrastructures.

Let me report the news as it should have been reported.  No emotions, no drama, no scandal, I’ll give you just the boring facts.

The facts are the Obama administration has very powerful friends that want virtual slave labor in the country.  They only see the illegal immigrants as potential second class citizens they can use and abuse.  They don’t care that these illegals are not the hard working folks everyone tries to portray them as in the media.  In fact only 1 in 7 is that hard working.  Quite a few get on the government dole as soon as they cross the border and are a drain on the economy.  But these big people don’t care, they would prefer to just get millions and millions in so that 1 in 7 can be millions, regardless of the other 6 in 7.

In steps Arizona, a border state, that cannot take it any more.  Murder, prostitution, drugs, arson, chaos, anarchy, is enough to get anyone’s attention.  The public outcry by border towns could not be ignored any longer.  So the legislators and Governor Jan Brewer stepped in with applying the constitution to their state.

Actual La Raza Poster

Unlike those who don’t understand, the federal government is NOT the supreme law of the land.  States have equal power to the federal government and has always had equal power.  In fact, time and again the supreme court has bowed to a state’s right to regulate itself, over wishes by the federal government.  Only in egregious instances of state abusing citizens has the courts allowed the federal government to step in on the citizen’s behalf, i.e. Blacks being lynched, genital mutilation and jim crow.  But, this is not that instance.  The protection of the constitution does not blanket non-citizens, to begin with, and the citizens that ARE being abused are the citizens of the state and not the illegal immigrants.

However, what you see in the press is emotional pictures of old women crying, supposedly opposing the law.  These marches and protests are organized by people who have an agenda that you will never hear about in the news.  What is this agenda?  Pure and simple, racism.  These groups want Mexicans to come to the U.S. unchecked, without stipulation, without any litmus tests whatsoever.  They want to transplant, if they can, the entire Mexican country inside the U.S.  And, why is this? for political gain and power.  They have already started, by getting legislation passed in many other states that would tie the hands of all law enforcement agencies, including the federal government, from determining immigration status, checking citizenship I.D. for gaining benefits, voting.

The Arizona legislation was a tremendous blow to this racist agenda of unchecked illegal Mexican immigration.  However, these immigrants destroyed the very thing that they came here for, the economies of many border towns.  Whole school districts had to close due to lack of funding and tax payer input.  Hospitals had to shut down due to non-payment by illegal immigrants getting services and not paying for them, by the hundreds of thousands.  Clinics had to shut down due to lack of funding.  Civic infrastructure had to shut down.  When 40% of the population is paying for the entire infrastructure of businesses and state benefits, they will shut down and go out of business. The load is too much for such a small paying population to bear.

La Raza Protest March

The crimes go unreported in the national media surrounding illegal immigrants.  If they do, they are immediately called bigots and racist for reporting it.  If police dedicate themselves to busting illegal immigrant gangs that have contracts to kill-on-sight Black people [real story] they are called racist cops for targeting latinos.  If a cop pull over a criminal, with no insurance to cover the cost of him destroying a city bus with his car, and asks for immigration status, he’s called a racist.

The agenda of these racist organizations to allow illegal immigration into the country, unchecked, is completely out of hand.  It has hampered many many state and local authorities right to protect their own citizens.

Getting back the Obama administration.  Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past century, the presidency is not a controlling position in the U.S.  It is controlled by very powerful lobbies and business interests.  The fallout of competing interests were made readily apparent, to anyone with a brain, in the George W. Bush elections 2000 and 2004.  The veil was pulled aside, briefly, so that everyone could see the man behind the curtain.  So as mentioned earlier these powers allow these racist organizations to thrive and continue unabated with their vile agenda.  It [the organizations] serves their [the powers that be] purpose nicely.

Enter the courts.  U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton blocked the law by imposing an injunction for it going forward.

“Basically we believe (the law) is constitutional but she obviously pointed out faults that can possibly be fixed, and that’s what we would do,” Brewer told The Associated Press.

Sad Poster to See

In her temporary injunction Wednesday, Bolton delayed the most contentious provisions of the law, including a section that required officers to check a person’s immigration status while enforcing other laws. Bolton indicated the federal government’s case has a good chance at succeeding in its argument that federal immigration law trumps state law.  Brewer has said she’ll challenge the decision all the way to the Supreme Court.

Let’s hope Governor Brewer does not cave into pressures from lobbies that have no public interest at heart.  This law is about safety and the constitutionality of a state’s right to protect itself, for citizens to be safe and secure in their homes.  The press trying to convert this into an emotional issue of racism and bigotry, when the facts are people are hurting from illegal immigration.  People are dying from illegal immigration.  But the press would rather sell stories about how America is a big bad bully, instead of a story about it protecting its own citizens.

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