Date Like a Devil: Dominating Females

How to Get Women to do Whatever You Want

Date Like a Devil

[ this series is a joke series, taken from a first person perspective of a devil giving love advice from would be male suitors to women.  No offense is intended and the jokes are all in good fun.  Have fun reading. ]  Hello boys.  Yes, I call you boys because I have been watching you and your clumsy attempts to win over females are both shameful and infantile.  I am the devil, small D, little V.  You don’t know the origins of the name devil and I won’t go into detail, or your tiny heads might explode.  I’m going to tell you how to date like a devil.  If you can imagine, a devil can get, literally, anyone [ yes male or female, since we don’t actually have sex organs of our own] we want.  [ for purposes of these lessons we are going to assume I am a “male” devil and leave it at that]  Unlike most of you, devils always present their best face.  That means were are good looking creatures.  Hello!  Devilishly good looking, devilish looks, devilishly handsome, you get the picture?  Right, you however are dealing with the cards God gave you and the thing you pass off as a face isn’t so fortunate.  That aside, my techniques will land you any woman you want, regardless of your unfortunate face.

Our first lesson here deal with a power we devils like to call domination.  For us it is a power, but quite frankly you don’t need supernatural powers to actually practice it.  It helps, in extreme cases, but why go through that hassle?  Domination is the ability to get a female to do exactly what you want.  Outside of the actual “magical” power of domination itself, you should get it into your thick brain that no female will ever do anything against her nature, i.e. jump off a cliff.  And, if you’re the sort that wishes  females would jump off cliffs, this series can’t help you at all.  So are we clear on that point?  Domination is not intended to nefarious gains.  It’s funny a devil has to warn you against your nefarious ways, but… there you have it.

A brief word of caution!  Domination has a stacking effect upon the brain.  The more you dominate a single target, i.e. a lady, the more susceptible she is to more domination.  What’s wrong with that you ask?  At the end of the day, you would much rather have a female that willingly gives herself to you, than you dominating your way into her … life.  I’m sure you thought I was going to say something else there.  Shame on you!  No, trust me, having a relationship built upon free will and trust, is tons more easy than having to constantly lord over some female.  Besides, after you’re 12 levels deep within her brain, it isn’t a pretty site ordering her around in public.  The locals tend to get antsy and might riot against you.  No my friend, keep it a safe 2 or 3, the “honey I’m thirsty” level.  Oh wait, that’s the power of suggestion, we’ll get into that later.

OK, so let’s briefly list how to define and recognize domination.

  • assume an order, don’t ask for permission

Actually, that’s that only rule.  It’s quite simple isn’t it?  Unlike suggestion or love, there’s not 20 different rules to it.  Domination is domination.  Ok so what does the rule mean?  To dominate a female, you simply go up to her and demand something from her.  At level 1, these demands better be pretty damn simple and insignificant or her defenses will come roaring to the front to stop you.

The Devilish Poke

One of the best ways, I like to start off dominating a female is an exercise, I like to call, “The Poke”.  It’s exactly what it says.  I poke the female.  How is that dominating the female?  Ah, here is the rub.  I don’t just walk up and poke her.  After talking to her and complimenting her for 15.4 seconds.  I announce that I am about the poke her.  That’s not the dominating part though.  I then tell her to choose the spot where I poke.  By her choosing the spot where I poke, I have defeated her defenses to not accepting the poke at all.

The poke can be done all night, if you want to be a bore.  Or, you can learn from this and apply it to a wide variety of simple and innocent commands.  Remember, your point is not to do the action, but to lower her defenses.  If you couple dominate with suggestion, and your suggestion powers are actually good, you can walk out of a bar with a wife on your arm, and not just a one-night-stand.  And, trust me, dominating one-night-stands is a very dangerous affair.  Your pile of thralls can cause nothing but headaches in the end.

If you just want a one-night-stand, then I whole-heartedly do not recommend dominating a female.  Throw out some compliments and have a pleasant conversation and move into … “what if we had sex” part of the conversation.  There’s your remedial crash course in how to “hook up”, as you mortals like to say.  Although why you use that term is beyond me.  We devil use the term hook, to mean a very different meaning.  See, to a devil, hooking someone… is talking about their soul.  Hooking someone’s soul is quite permanent, I assure you.  We’ll go into more detail on hooking up later on.  FYI, one-night-stands actually hooks your souls together.  You lose a bit of your soul each time.  I’m just saying.

Level 2 Domination

You Don’t Have to Be a Handsome Devil

So you’ve got your poke level domination out the way, the conversation is livening up and you want to take it to the next level.  For the next level, you are going to need the supplemental power of suggestion.  We will not go over suggestion here, but just bear this in mind.  In fact, from here on out, domination cannot go it alone.  If you are stupid enough to assume your force of personality is great enough, alone, to simply sit around and dominate a female all night, you better be Michael Jackson, Mother Theresa or Ghandi.  Otherwise, learn the other powers and don’t be dense.

Ok so you’ve poked her, and you’ve made several suggestions, she’s ripe for level 2 domination.  After level 2 domination you can literally propose and she’d say yes.  Keep in mind, you can go for domination immediately upon the first meeting, or wait for days, weeks, months.  Luckily for you, you have no deadlines for souls, like we devils do.  Lucky bastards indeed!  I tell you, there’s nothing like crunch time to get the old noodle running.  I have to skip the first 3 levels of dominate and go straight to level 4.  It’s crude, I tell you, but it gets the job done.  In case your’e wondering, mephisto only uses a level 3 dominate.  You know mephisto don’t you?  Yes, that’s Mephisto of Dante’s Inferno.  Ever heard of it?  No?  This generation of non-readers.  Anyway, just to let you know… not that I’m this crude, but a pimp uses a level 3 dominate to get women to have sex and bring him all the money.  That being said, a level 2 dominate is pretty hefty.

Right, so what is a level 2 dominate.  It can be as simple as “come with me.”  While the command seems simple, you have to realize what is going on in the statement.  You are ordering the female to get up; move; carry her entire body; remove herself from the relative safety of where she already is; and to trust you that you will do no harm to her.  [see why level  3 is so much more powerful?  the female no longer trusts that you will do her no harm, but at that level she doesn’t care anymore ]  So how can you pull off a level 2 dominate?  Remember I said, you have to use suggestion a few times before popping level 2 dominate on her.

Do not mistake suggestion for dominate.  Let’s take a look at two totally different statements:

  1. we should retire to somewhere… more comfortable
  2. Come with me

The  first statement is not a command at all.  It is alluring, mysterious, and leaves everything to the imagination.  The second statement, however, is very direct and quite unappealing.  However, you can use dominate at level 2 to do many things.

  • separate a female from her distracting friends
  • seclude a female so you two can share a brief first kiss
  • single her out to buy her a drink
  • take her to a movie

Domination isn’t always about doing something unrewarding or unfulfilling for the female.  How susceptible would a female be to your dominations, if you said “come with me” and led her to a brand new car you’re giving her?  However, domination, unlike suggestion, does not accept reward for its actions.  So if you said “step outside”, and led her to her new car, you would follow up with five more dominations in a row:

  • throw her the keys and say “drive”
  • “turn here”
  • “get out the car”
  • “stand right here”
  • “close your eyes”

 followed by the final level 2 domination “open your eyes, you’re looking at your new house.  Marry me.”

That’s how you dominate a lady.  There’s no beating, no insults, no slapping her around.  Dominating is quite fun.  And, more often than not, it wins her heart instantly, where suggestion takes years.  Where suggestion is subtle, dominate is blunt and direct.

Careful though, because dominate can enthrall a lady.  Instead of a loving wife, you’ll end up with a mindless slave.  Trust the devil on this one, you do not want a mindless slave.  A slave is, has been and will always be, dead weight.

Also, it’s good to dominate a female.  Why?  Because you wear the pants.  99.99999999% of females will enjoy being dominated, and prefer it.  If, however, you run into one of those 0.00000001% females, then simply turn around and talk to the next one right beside her.  Make sure she pays attention to what she just lost.  Perhaps you can “fix” her.  Because she’s obviously broken.  This is coming from a devil.  What’s sad is, when one of those females do fall to domination by a man, he’s a demon, and nowhere near a devil.  But, it’s karma I guess.  Why fall for a demon when you could have had a devil, right?  Forget about them and move on, is the point.  But, most other ladies love a “take charge”, read dominating, kind of guy.

Eye Contact

Look Her in the Eye

When dominating a female, you always, always look them squarely in the eye.  You cannot dominate a lady by looking the other way.  The mere suggestion that you are unsure about your dominate is enough to break it.  Decide that you are going to dominate her, and look right into her eyes and do it.

Humans tend to weaken when you look them in the eyes.  I am sorry to reveal these secrets, but if I am going to Teach you, you need to know the whole story.  Looking a female in her eyes, weakens her.  By looking a lady in the eye, you immediately engage in a battle of wills.  Working on your willpower is another story altogether.  Hopefully you always win those battles.  Even at level 1 you are engaged in a willpower struggle.

Now, go dominate females and read the next lesson in how to date like a devil.

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