About the Author

Shakaama is an aspiring Financial analyst. He is currentlyseeking his charter from the CFA (chartered financial analyst). He has been involved in olitics all his life, coming from a political family. His areas of expertise include: Financial analysis, corporate finance, microeconomics, macroeconomics, financial statements, equities, fixed income, derivatives, investment strategies, portfolio management, real estate investing, hedge fund management, risk assessment, commodities and valuation.

Shakaama is an ex-law-school student. He worked for the Louisiana legislature as a legal researcher. You can see his papers at … wait… no you can’t.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you, and how much you like me.  [that’s a movie quote, I’m not quite sure which one]

About the Blog

This blog presumes to present a pan African conservative view about living, politics and business.  The blog will never ever take a back seat to issues deemed too politically incorrect to broach.  It is the opinion of the author that any subjects or mode of speech that is left untouched or too taboo are the worms under the rock that eat at the liberties and freedoms of the African American and European American community.  By broaching these, so called, delicate subjects, and presenting them in a straightforward manner the author hopes the African American community can grow, educate itself and prosper in a world so hell bent on its destruction.  There is not a race on the face of the planet that is more hated and vilified, than the Black African, worldwide.

This blog explores finance, politics, history, current events and future technologies which:

  • have been detrimental to the Pan African community
  • could be beneficial to the Pan African Community
  • needs to be brought to light for the enlightenment of the Pan African community

In this day and age when nearly every pro-black organization has been made to bend to social pressures to include other minority groups, while these same minority groups have their own organizations, this blog does not deem it necessary to bend to such pressures.  It is the view of this blog that there is no organization around today that speaks solely for the Pan African community, nor for the benefit of the Pan African community.

This blog attempts to reeducate the Pan African community about historical events which they have been, thus far, lead to believe they were: not a part of; were inferior to; and could not have been influential about.  It is commonly known that in order to subvert one race over another, the subjugated race must be made to feel as if they were never a part of history, nor even had a significant history to begin with.  This blog seeks to correct such egregious lies and misrepresentations in the most factual way possible.

This blog aspires to empower the Pan African community politically so that we can once again regain our position in the world, that we enjoyed for mellinia, back in history.  This blog aspires to lead the Pan African community to decide to enfranchise themselves, so that one day they may create their own political party or join a political party that does not seek solely to empower itself at the expense of the Pan African community, nor take for granted their tacet acquiessence.

This blog seeks to present the best technology available today that would make the Pan African community better, while not rendering it vulnerable to explotation.  This blog explores resources that would benefit the Pan African community which would leave them independent and sovereign, in their individual rights.

The treatment that the Pan African community has suffered for centuries is shameful.  No one with an honest, decent heart can say otherwise.  Also, no wise person, aware of the politics of the day and fully aware of the mass genocide going on in every country on the planet against the Pan African community can say otherwise.  While honest decent men exist, and even wise men cognizant of the atrocities that still go on to this very day, might speak out, this blog does not need their helping hand.  It is this wish to seek a helping hand which has lead to the continued downfall of the Pan African community.  If we stand on our own two feet, strive for our own civil liberties and are left alone to live in peace, then truly that saying that

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

will actually be true.