Black History: Hidden Facts about Martin Luther King, Traitor to Black America

Hidden Facts about Martin Luther King, Traitor to Black America

Black History: the ultimate reason King was killed, was not his voter registration drives for Blacks, women and the poor, it was because he turned on Kennedy and friends and started speaking about economics for Black people. King was put in place by whites to stop the Black uprising originally. The buss boycotts were stopping entire cities in the south and threatened economic mayhem for whites. King was brought in to herd Blacks away from economic demonstrations to “political” demonstrations.

When he finally wised up, he was immediately killed.

Many historical revisionists will make King out to be for Blacks, but economic facts completely dismantle this love of King. Blacks enjoyed ownership of nearly every industry in America. Historians will try to confuse recent readers about Black wealth by saying how far apart Black income was, compared to white income. However, two things are wrong with that: 1. there were no 200 billionaires back then, and the economy was not that huge; 2. the income gap between whites and Blacks has actually gotten worse, not better. After the civil rights movement, Blacks were stripped of nearly all business ownership. Where Blacks were treated separately before, after the civil rights era they were targeted by wealthy white financial firms and destroyed since they were seen as competing with white businesses.

I guarantee you’ll NEVER hear this during Black history month.

Oh and in case someone says Blacks control $1 trillion in wealth annually now, once you account for inflation and the fall of the dollar, Blacks have not had any changes in wealth since before slavery in this country. That’s right. Free Blacks during slavery had the same amount of wealth as all Blacks have today, and that number has been consistent for nearly 150 years.

In the 50s Blacks enjoyed a poorer economy than whites, but they had separate little towns. They had their own schools, shops, bus companies, taxis, banks, credit unions, theaters, manufacturers, fisheries, wildlife, attorneys, accountants, police, restaurants, hospitals, pharmacists, doctors, etc. After civil rights was put in place, not only were black businesses targeted, but redistricting separated Black townships. All the public utilities and public works were now unfunded and revereted to white only entities, which dismantled the Black versions. So Black police stations were removed, along with Black hospitals. Black schools were abandoned and some Black colleges were shut down. Most all Black political power was separated, divided and rendered inconsequential. Blacks could not elect Black officials.

Basically, Black economic power was devastated.

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