Blacks Being Herded Into Low-Paying Majors

Blacks and Education

black electrical engineerThere has been a push recently to really study the reason of Black poverty and why the Black group in America, continually fails to make economic gains, falling behind latinos, newly arrived. Many recent books have found that Blacks are targeted at a very early age in school, namely Black boys. They are systematically termed learning disabled and sent into special education. In fact many school’s special ed sections are filled with Black boys.

After reviewing many of the cases, the reviewers found absolutely no learning disabilities in the Black boys. This shocking revelation was not only published in recent books, but was also on many local news casts.

But, the corruption doesn’t stop there. During high school it was found that Black kids were being passed on through grades without being taught. One story was featured on 60 minutes, where a mother discovered her teen son, about to graduate, could not read. After many meetings with the school board and state, it still was not resolved. After 20/20 got involved, they got the district to get the young man tutoring at a private charter school. Within a month he could read, work a computer, etc.

The Last Step

It is no surprise that the Black community is constantly targeted economically to bear the brunt of not only brainwashing, but unscrupulous business practices, but are targeted to ensure as many as possible never make it to middle middle-class as possible.

The step that takes you from dependent kid to adult, earning your own money, is normally college. Blacks are consistently ushered to the worst and lowest paying majors. Social majors are filled with ranks of Black women. Music departments are bursting with ranks of Black men.

As a group, Blacks are targeted to ensure they fail at mathematics and science. By the time they even reach college, English and arts degrees are their only options.

Even straight A Black students are herded into arts degrees. The lowest paying jobs, with the bleakest outlooks are in the college of arts. The college of science and engineering, in some colleges, only have Black janitors.

Even when offered a choice, because of brainwashing, Blacks actually decide to major in the worst paying degrees.

Here is a list of the best paying Degrees:

  • Engineering
    Median starting salary: $51,700-$97,900
  • Computer science
    Median starting salary: $56,600
  • Physics
    Median starting salary: $49,800
  • Applied mathematics and general mathematics
    Median starting salary: $47,000-$52,600
  • Economics
    Median starting salary: $47,300
  • Management information systems
    Median starting salary: $51,000
  • Finance
    Median starting salary: $46,500
    (after completing a Finance / Economics degree you can take the CFA chartered financial analyst exam)
    A Chartered Financial Analyst with less than one year of experience reported a median salary of $51,046
  • Construction management, supply chain management
    Median starting salary: $50,200
  • Biochemistry
    Median starting salary: $41,700

These are the majors that Blacks should be breaking their necks to get into, get good grades in, and receive degrees in. Not only are these the better paying degrees, but the United States is in short supply of these degree holders.

For instance, engineering departments across the united states are actually now 50% foreigners, i.e. non-American nationals. A majority of these foreign nationals, once they receive their degrees, will leave the US. So, for all of our efforts, we are in short supply of engineers.

Engineering leads the pack of high paying job. In fact, the applications of the degree are many, which is a double edged sword for the US. Most new businesses today are actually started by engineering degree holders, right out of college. So, not only are we in short supply of engineers due to foreign nationals leaving, with the degree, but of the Americans that do stay and earn the degree, a very large portion of them do absolutely nothing in the engineering field.

Blacks would do very VERY well, to get an engineering degree.

I know the mass media brainwashes you to think that starting a rap career is the way to riches, but more engineers get rich than every rapper in history put together.

Let me rephrase that. To become a wealthy rapper, is as hard as winning the lottery. To become a wealthy engineer, you don’t even have to be a B student and you will not only start out making upwards of $60k, fresh out of school, but if you start a company, within months you could be a millionaire. It happens all day, every day.

Besides, getting an engineering degree doesn’t mean you can’t become a rapper later. And this is just an undergraduate degree. You don’t even need a masters degree to make $70k in engineering.

I know for a lot of you, $70k – $100k is good money.


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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

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