Black Middle-Class: How to Create a Real Thriving Black Community PART 1

No Black Community

sad black kidIn order for a group of people to be considered a community, it is not enough that you can point them out of a crowd. This is currently the only basis in the word Black “community”. In biology, a community is a group of interacting living organisms sharing a populated environment. I say the current Black Americans do everything but “interact”. When interviewed, an overwhelming majority of poor Blacks said they did not like living next to other Black people.

One might say, that response is due to their poverty. But, that is not so, in other poor groups. In fact, in other poor groups, they do their best to live as close as they can to people of their group. It is only when Blacks become middle-class and up, that they gravitate back to Black middle-class neighborhoods.

Many speak of the Black community, but it doesn’t exist. To be a community there has got to be, in America, a sense of freedom, power, commitment and identity. Blacks have none of this. Let’s go over each of those in more detail.

Black Community Freedom

A lot of people know something is missing among Black neighborhoods, but they can’t put their finger on it. The most important factor missing is freedom. Now, many Black ambulance chasing, spotlight seeking, so-called leaders yell, scream and whine about freedom, but they have no clue what they’re even talking about. Free from what?

The simple fact is, freedom is freedom. It means that you can walk down the street in a any Black neighborhood, at any time of day or night and feel free to do so. NO!

Any fool can see that, not only do law abiding Blacks do not feel free in their own neighborhoods, but neither do the very criminals, who are supposed to be the predators in the community.

But, I am here to ask and answer the question, why?

Why does a law abiding Black man not feel free in his own neighborhood? There are several factors:

  1. police target Blacks, who are pegged as being completely unaware of their constitutional rights, for illegal searches, seizures, harassment, theft, rape, murder and vandalism. [yes, this is by police]
  2. criminals target Blacks, who have been brainwashed into thinking that, due to #1, they are not supposed to be protected from crime and are left to deal with crime on their own
  3. corporate America, especially the financial sector, targets Blacks, who are pegged as being unsophisticated in business and finance, regardless of income or social status, for the most unscrupulous business practices, and have no recourse, DUE TO #1

For those that think that there are only a few “bad cops”, for the Black community, police behavior for Blacks is reserved, strictly, for Blacks. So, in police eyes, this is not “bad” behavior, this is how a cop is to treat Black Americans. In any other group, this wouldn’t be tolerated. But in Black neighborhoods, Black parents do not respond if their child is found beaten, raped or murdered by cops and even less so anyone else.

This enabling by Black parents, spreads and the expectation is that police are there to abuse Black Americans. They are not there to protect and serve.

Not only that, but when cities are strapped for cash, police target Black neighborhoods, to extract the most amount of infractions that they possibly can. The Black neighborhoods are bled dry, for the sake of the city coffers. Mind you, all data shows that Blacks, absolutely do not commit any more crimes than anyone else. In fact, at 13% of the population at large, it would seem counter-productive to target such a small group.

Black Community Power

Blacks have been targeted constantly, by both cities, politicians, political parties and businesses, having their power base stripped. After civil rights legislation went through, the nation, almost in synch, split up all the Black neighborhoods and redistricted them so that none of them could have a grouped vote for anything.

Banks have constantly targeted Black clientele, either for high risk loans, regardless of income, or flat out denied any and all capital, including for business start ups. In fact, Wells Fargo, is on record as having told its employees to target Black communities for refinance loans, with high risk adjustable rates, with the specific intent to drain all the equity out of the community. Court records will document that even very old Black communities with paid off homes were targeted with billion dollar marketing schemes to get them all back into high risk adjustable loans, draining 100% of the equity out of their homes.

Black Commitment to Community

For any community, having committed individuals to the community are a must. This means that the group must identify that location with their own self identity. This doesn’t exist at all in Black neighborhoods.

Most Blacks, when they can flee the neighborhood, do so immediately.

Again, this is not true of most other groups. Other groups stick around and stay in the same location, tagging their identity with the location. Other groups also, do not flee due to poverty in the location. They stay and try to raise up the community along with themselves.

Blacks have been stripped of all identity and as such, feel absolutely no ties to any land or location, regardless of how long they or their family have been there. This goes back to the brainwashing 99% of Blacks suffered before entering the country.

The irony of Black identify is that, on the one hand they do not feel ties to this country and say they are ancestrally from Africa, yet on the other hand they feel absolutely no ties, know even know their roots, to Africa.

Black Community Identity

This is the saddest part of all, in the plight of Black Americans and our lack of community, identity. We are taught from birth that being Black is a curse, evil, undignified, unintelligent, unwanted and disgusting. In fact, the darker your skin, the worse those traits are, so the story goes.

As such, there is no Black community, because the participants are ashamed to even be Black. Mexicans are ok with being Mexican, Cubans with Cuban, Jews with Jews, Italians with Italians, Chinese with Chinese. It is only in the Black American group do you find people that mutilate their bodies, skin, hair, eyes and even pictures of themselves to appear to not be Black.

It is so terrible to be Black that almost no Black woman, today, will be caught dead with her natural hair. In fact, she will go out of her way to insult another Black woman if she finds her hair in the stages of reverting back to its natural state. It is so terrible to be Black, that Black women put toxic chemicals in their hair to straighten it, to remove the natural  aspect of Black hair entirely. These chemicals were tested and shown to melt aluminum. These are used only in industrial manufacturing. Those who handle the chemicals are given strict guidelines and wear protective clothing to do so. How this is in Black hair products, I have no idea.

It is an identity crisis. Black people do not want to be Black.

Not only is there an identity crisis, based on looks, but it goes even further to encompass intellectual capability and even money. In the Black American group, it is shameful to be have an education, including high school. In the Black community, it is shameful to have a middle-class lifestyle.

In the Black American group, which is reinforced by the MASS MEDIA, Blacks should be both stupid, speak bad English, wear terrible clothing and behave criminally. This includes how you make your money. A successful Black man is one that speaks broken English, can’t comprehend much of anything, nor try, and one who robs others for their money, or lives off of other people, mostly women. In case you misunderstood, this is also the recipe for a successful Black woman.


All of this needs to be done away with. All of it, from the outside in and from the inside out. I will present how to accomplish this monumental task in the next post.


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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

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