Is the Buy Black Movement Racist

Is Buying Black Racist

buy black movement
Buy Black Movement

A movement is going on right now that is sweeping across the United States. It is the Buy Black movement. With real numbers of 25% unemployment, the Black community is in a crisis position right now that will render them out for the count. Some major cities are showing 50% unemployment rates among Black men. The community constantly looks to the half-Black president leftist Barack Obama for support, which is not forthcoming and has not been during his entire presidency.

In steps a movement that has the potential to revolutionize the Black community and put it back on its feet. It is the Buy Black movement.

Economically speaking, we understand that the major employer in the nation are not the big corporations, but small businesses. This Buy Black movement is the right answer. By supporting Black owned and operated businesses, Blacks will take back their communities, boost economic growth, expand Black business and trade, which will open up jobs. It is a one two punch to both poverty and unemployment in the Black community.

However, the loser in this are those corporations who have captured the Black dollar. Instead of relinquishing their hold on the Black dollar powerful agents of corporate America are trying their best to ensure this movement is seen in the worst possible light, including calling the activists RACIST.

What if There Was a Buy White Movement

Constantly the agents of corporate America retaliate against the movement by putting up intellectually dishonest arguments crying racism in the Buy Black Movement. Their chief arugment is: “what if there was a buy white movement.” Why this is so intellectually dishonest is that, there has been a buy white movement for over 200 years. It was codified in law up until the 1960s. In fact, the opposite was also true, that they outlawed Black business, Black tradesmen and even Black labor post-slavery. The biggest entity against Black business and labor were the UNIONS. There were many instances of unions slaughtering Black laborers in the streets to stop them from working. Unions got many labor laws passed that required a minimum wage to keep Blacks out of labor. Black firms couldn’t bid on projects. These are all historical facts that are never taught in public education.

This country has been buy white for over two centuries. Every sub-group of white has also been community centered as well, Irish, Italians, Eastern Europeans.

Are There Other Communities That Cater to Themselves As Well

What is blatantly obvious, is that every community, but the Black community, buys within its own community. Latinos have mastered the buy from your own economics to such a degree that they went from the poorest community to outpacing the Black community within 10 years. Every community does it: Mormons, Phillipinos, Jews, Italians, Russians, Latinos, Eastern Europeans, Irish, etc. There are no cries of racism from anyone.

Blacks have to articulate our movement because of the tremendous brainwashing we go through, from advertising to church.

Black people have to buy Black or we will wake up within 5 years and be a permanent underclass.


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