Liberty: What You Consider Property the Government Doesn’t Consider Property

What You Consider Property the Government Doesn’t Consider Property

the watering holeIt’s a cold night, the wind is hushed, and not a creature is stirring. The redneck repeats his words, “get off my property,” as his shotgun is held chest high. The deputy casually shifts in the snow, “now Jed, you know we’re the law, and we can come onto your property at any time for an inspection.” The redneck cocks both barrels, “is that a fact? Seems to me, that ain’t so.  So kindly get back in your paddy wagon and git.”

The government feels that they can completely ignore the constitution. It cannot be made more apparent than in this blatant and obvious scenario. In this case, everyone understands that the property in question is the guy’s land. But, more subtle than that, we have unconsciously given away our property rights over other areas over the years.

Is Gay Marriage a Property Rights Question

The entire debate surrounding marriage, in general, is a red herring. The right to get married isn’t even abridged by the state. Yes there are marriage licenses but the right to get married is an inherent right that people have exercised long before a united states was even conceived of. What is worse is that people willingly go and pay for a marriage license, as if to say, we do not have a right to marry each other, without state permission. Nowhere in history did the state forbid marriage, before the US.

What does this have to do with property? The property that is involved in marriage are the children, that come from marriage. It is assumed that we are talking about regular heterosexual adults marrying one another. As a consequence, since they have a right to each other’s bodies, as per marriage, the real definition, they will have sexual relations, resulting in offspring. By virtue of the marriage license, the state seeks to impose its authority over the offspring of the marriage. This means, the state feels perfectly at ease to come and snatch your children should THEY deem it fit, not necessary, just fit. They don’t like mormons, they’ll come snatch the kids. They don’t like conservatives, they’ll come snatch the kids.

Via the marriage license, people have unwittingly given up their property rights in a marriage, their children. And, nothing could be more blatantly obvious than a huge “child protective service” and “family court”. All deemed necessary for the removal of children.

The state feels at ease second guessing your parenting and feels completely able to supersede the property rights you have in your own children.

Are Drugs a Property Rights Issue

Everyone seems to be unable to articulate why they think drugs are bad for other people, not themselves, other people. They say drugs are “bad”, but not why it is bad for other people, other than themselves. We have, in this country, some very famous people, thinkers, artists and politicians who were completely intoxicated for years. And, yet the mantra of drugs are bad is repeated like some gibbering cult follower at a suicide meeting.

The reality is, drugs are not that bad. In fact, for some people, the mistakes of marrying the wrong person is more than they can handle and drugs are the only thing that prevents them from committing murder or suicide or both. All jokes aside, some people function normally, on drugs.

People do not want to admit this. They don’t want to launch a study about psychologically dangerous people smoking marijuana, who then turn mellow and function normally on a day-to-day basis.

All jokes aside, drugs are a property rights issue. Voters have been convinced that they have a say-so in the lives of other people. They have been cowed into thinking that if drugs were freely open and “legal” that there would be mass murder and rape in the streets.

There has never been a study shown where they took 10,000 people, put them on drugs and let them loose in the streets. Or, has there?

Yes, drugs are completely decriminalized in more than a few countries in Europe. Those countries report lower crimes, lower murder rates and lower violence than in other countries. The chief among these are Portugal, which wiped all drug laws from the books.

The U.S. doesn’t want to report this, because it would undermine its stance against drugs. The police in Portugal reported a significant drop in murder and crime surrounding drugs. Drugs and needles, specifically, are handed out by professional people in public. Some have reported, anecdotal evidence that some people have cleaned up and some criminals vanished, since there was nothing illegal about the trafficking any more.

But, at issue is property rights. You have a complete right to your body. No one else can tell you what to do with your body.

Let’s take the case of cigar smoking. There are those now, Namely New York and San Francisco, who are trying to close down cigar lounges. These are places where cigar lovers go sit, chat and smoke cigars. Mind you, the lounges are all very clean and the air is filtered, and very expensive. But, for whatever reason the city and state thinks that they know better than the patrons, and want to shut down the places.

It is pretty outrageous. Tax money is being spent to shut down cigar lounges? What about murderers and thieves?

For a state to so concern themselves with people that they question the people’s judgement, wants, needs and wishes is tantamount to fascism.

This is only obviated when the state tries to impose its will on ultra-innocent objects, such as desert, sweets or soft drinks. When the state targets desert as a dangerous substance that needs to be regulated, citizens should realize that we are not living in a free society.

The state’s objective is to take away our property rights.

We have property rights over:

  • real estate
  • our children
  • our bodies
  • our minds

The state does not have an unquestioned right to supersede our rights and judgements on property.


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