Why You Really Got Fired: Companies That Can’t Afford Payroll

Why You Really Got Fired

You're FiredWere you late one day and the boss was waiting for you with a pink slip? Were you shocked, since everyone is late and the work isn’t time sensitive? Was the work atmosphere casual and then all of a sudden got serious? Were there parties, pot-lucks and a spirit team and then suddenly that vanished?

Many people are fired and have their reputations ruined, and probably their hopes dashed, because the company is going under. You as an employee, probably, didn’t check the company’s books to see how they’re doing. All you knew is that your boss was always mad with you and wrote you up for everything for 2 straight months. While the average idiot would say that it was your own fault you got fired, I’m here to shed some light on the facts and show you an alternative view.

It Rolls Downhill

In an office space that is relaxed, low-key, normally quiet, it is very telling that all of a sudden the management becomes quite agitated and starts looking for minor infractions. For instance: if you work for a company, where you’re the guy that shades in the color on pictures that are handed to you, there’s no need for you to “come in on time.” You’re paid for a project. Sure you are paid hourly to shade in color, but the reality is, you’re paid to shade in color, not to sit at your desk for 8 hours. The reality is, they can’t afford you, so they seek to get rid of you, anyway possible.

Could this happen at a fast food restaurant? Sure it can. Everyone loves to give the economic theory that: you are paid to add more value to the company that what you are paid for. So, if you’re paid $8/hr you better at least make the company $8.10/hr. Ideally, you’re providing $11.00/hr in value. However, if you’re adding that much value to the company per hour, you might be better suited as a manager who can coach people to bring those $8.10/hr fellows up to $10/hr or more. But, what happens is, management, that really isn’t capable of creating value of even $9/hr are put into position and struggle to make a profit for the company. These managers then are put with the duty of performing, keep firing people until they find $11.00/hr employees, instead of coaching employees who are $8.10/hr workers INTO $10.00/hr workers.

And, this incompetence goes right up the line, the boss and his boss and his boss are incompetent and couldn’t manage a teams of midgets at a dwarf tossing contest.

Unfortunately, you’re at the receiving end of this incompetence. Instead of you being in a situation of excellent management that can coach and train you to be a better employee, you’re told that you’re just a bad employee and hence need firing.

As a manager myself, I’ve never fired anyone. I have always trained my employees to want and desire to do better and to volunteer for tasks.

There has never been a case where an excellent manager, that trained and coached his team, fired people on his team left and right.

Layoff vs Fired

Even the best manager is only as good as his company and the amount of sales / clients. He may have to layoff employees. This is totally different from firing people. Firing means there is bad blood between the company and the employee. The irony is that, quite often, there is absolutely no bad blood between the employee and company, but the management wants to set an example, so they create the drama of bad blood with the employee.

This is unfortunate. Clearly, it is a situation of bad management.  A bad manager needs to “set and example,” because the reality is that he cannot lead by example or is in a situation that he created that is unprofessional or unproductive.

Firing to Avoid Paying Unemployment

Finally there are those employers that try to fire people to avoid paying unemployment. Employers pay state and federal taxes to cover all those unemployment checks. If they can fire someone “for cause” then they avoid paying that unemployment fee, due to the employee “terminating his employment.”

I guarantee this is a much bigger conspiracy than is even known.


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