I’m Back: Shakaama Has Returned to Shakaama.WordPress.com

Shakaama Returns

Shakaama's Blog
Shakaama’s Blog

After a 3 year vacation on another network, which shall not be named, I have returned to WordPress. I have nothing bad to say about the other network, but their heavy-handed actions were intolerable. I am not saying that this network is better, nor offers a relief from the other network, but the difficulty I had on the other network was never experience here.

New Direction

The direction I want to take this blog is in the financial. I have discovered, on my brief journey away, that Americans are terribly uneducated about finance, economics and politics. Notice we have a saying of, “never discuss politics nor religion.” Now, the understanding is that it is “impolite” to discuss politics and religion. I would put it to you that, if people WERE to discuss politics and religion, as a normal, average, every day occurrence, we would discover that more and more people would UNDERSTAND what is behind politics and what is behind religion.

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