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Shakaama Returns

Shakaama's Blog
Shakaama’s Blog

After a 3 year vacation on another network, which shall not be named, I have returned to WordPress. I have nothing bad to say about the other network, but their heavy-handed actions were intolerable. I am not saying that this network is better, nor offers a relief from the other network, but the difficulty I had on the other network was never experience here.

New Direction

The direction I want to take this blog is in the financial. I have discovered, on my brief journey away, that Americans are terribly uneducated about finance, economics and politics. Notice we have a saying of, “never discuss politics nor religion.” Now, the understanding is that it is “impolite” to discuss politics and religion. I would put it to you that, if people WERE to discuss politics and religion, as a normal, average, every day occurrence, we would discover that more and more people would UNDERSTAND what is behind politics and what is behind religion.

I put it to you plainly, religion and politics are not for the benefit of man, in any shape, form nor fashion. Politics is not a set of rules to govern man wisely. No, those are what we have come to realize are what a constitution is. Religion is not a set of rules for men to approach god earnestly. No, that would be a personal discovery.

Politics is a creation of man, normally made by the elites, sometimes the middle-class, to ensure all the wealth flows to them. It is politics that invaded the governing body and created the most complex system possible, with ever-increasing complexity to ensure, only the most dedicated, connected and elite, could ever enter the governing group. Our political system ensures that they hinder people from entering government, than allow them to enter government. If everyone could enter government, it would quickly be found out that nearly 70% of the government is unnecessary.

Religion is a creation of man, normally made by the elites, to ensure all the wealth and power flows to them. It is religion that preys upon people’s ignorance of what they consider unexplainable. Explaining thing takes time and research, something the common man doesn’t want to do. The elites knew this and setup religion as a way to gain power over the ignorant. No religion tells you how to “see god”. If it did, then the religion would be pointless. It is like a doctor curing you. He’d be quickly out of a job.

Personal Update

I am sitting for the CFA (chartered financial analyst) exam this year. So, my brain is in finance, business, politics mode. I have to study politics, because of the tremendous amounts of regulations that affect business and investing. As such, you, my reader, will get to benefit from me reporting about financial matters and political matters.

While I am against the complete inaccuracy, inefficiency and all out waste of government, I know that I havbe to work in the system that I am given. I may make side notes under the articles, expressing my own opinions, but understand that I am writing, what I believe to be “just the facts”.

The second, and most important benefit to you, is a lot of my articles will be financial and economic education. That’s right, you get a free finance and economic education. This may change in the future, as some have told me that it would be a great way to make money, but, I need to work things out in my head first, and on “paper”, to see how the response will be.

A lot of times, the articles I will be writing will be a “behind the scenes” look at both Wall Street and Washington. I think, this will prove my point of your ignorance more than anything I could say or speak about in my own words. For instance: if you knew that 40% of all criminal cases are plea bargained to put the person in jail, not for the crime the person is charged with, but because they know the person doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to fight it. This fact is far more damaging than me saying, “the criminal system is corrupt.”

I hope you enjoy my new blog and learn something. Do not hesitate to comment, ask questions or even disagree. I am not like other, usually leftist, people that hate anyone that disagrees with him. I encourage healthy debate, backed with at least some references and sources. I will never attack your good name, nor point out how smelly and ugly your kids are, and hope you will not attack my good name.

The Definition of Ignorant

Due to the deplorable state of our educational system, I know that I MUST define the word ignorant to my potential readers.


  1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
  2. Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular: “ignorant of astronomy”.

So as you can see, it is not an insult. It doesn’t question the person’s intelligence, nor capability of understanding. When I personally use it, I mean specifically that the person doesn’t know the true meaning of something. For instance: If I were to speak to a Christian and I told them that there was no human alive that went by the name of Jesus, aside from the fact the name didn’t exist 400 years ago and the Christian responded with bible verses, I would call him ignorant of Christianity. He may know what Christians are told to think, but he knows nothing about the religion itself, nor even recognize that it is just a religion nor that it is not some sort of hidden secrets to god.

So, I mean the word ignorant in its most technical term and not its social insulting nuance.


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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

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