I have been wracking my brain thinking about how american life has changed over the past 40 years. We did not have the super rich 40 years ago. Yes, we might have had a bevvy of millionaires, but we did not have billionaires running around one per city. In my musings I knew there had to be a fundamental shift in how the average person was behaving that made the super rich. Finally it dawned on me. Although most Americans complain about the super rich, or the 1%, they pay them money at every opportunity they can, under the guise of entertainment.

Occupy Wallstreet Protesters Being Paid to Protest
  • Filmed Entertainment will grow from $36.8 billion in 2011 to $45.7 billion in 2015.
  • Video-on-demand spending will pass pay-per-view in 2011 and reach $4.7 billion in 2015, a 9.8% compound annual increase from $2.9 billion in 2010.
  • From 2011-2015, aggregate Entertainment and Media global spending will rise to $1.9 trillion in 2015, a 5.7% compound annual advance driven by economic growth.

That’s just a SMALL tip of the tip of the iceberg. Bars, alcohol and what you do on your “weekend” is an even more staggering number. The reality is that we are now paying for luxury items as normal items, and somehow think that the luxury item is the basic item. We buy luxury food, thinking it is basic food. We buy luxury cars, thinking they are basic cars. We put luxury components in our luxury items, thinking that we need the luxury and not the true basic. We also shop, eat and bank at luxury shops.

Case in point, the Occupy Wallstreet “movement”.

THE ENTIRE OCCUPY WALL STREET KERFUFFLE IS A FRAUD. You’re all liars and hypocrites. I guarantee everyone in the occupy movement has an account at: Bank of America; Wells Fargo; Chase; Citibank; JP Morgan; USBank etc etc etc. I bet they all have a VISA / MASTERCARD. They are not only a lie, but a damn lie.

I bet they all go boozing on the weekends, eat at fast food, rent movies during the week or order pizza.

You want to make a real statement: go home; take a damn shower; remove your money from super corporations – even if they offer more convenient service; buy local; buy local; buy local. AND STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON HAIR, NAILS, PIZZA AND JUNK YOU DON’T NEED.

The very thing you say you’re against is the very thing you are supporting financially. You scream about corporations, but go buy Burger King. I bet none of them are driving a Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, or Chevy Aveo, the cheapest cars in the land. How many of them are buying eggs, rice, bacon, beef and veggies, and cooking home cooked meals? How many of them read a book or sit by the radio for entertainment? How many of them sew their own clothes?

[ I actually cook from scratch and barely have internet as my only source of entertainment. I buy raw ingredients when shopping, and hardly ever clothes shop. I can actually sew. ]

You ruined America, they didn’t. YOU DID IT. You made Bank of America. You made Wells Fargo.



It has come to my attention, with proof, that the protesters are actually being paid to protest and to siphon off Tea Party members.  They spent over a million to pay these people for this “movement”.

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Max Keiser: "Mitt Romney is a Liar"

Max Keiser: “Mitt Romney is a Liar”

With just a bit of simple math, knowledge of returns, knowledge of bond rates and a heavy dose of common sense, Max Keiser, of the Keiser Report, is able to deduce that Mitt Romney is not the less rich boy that he says he is. Why the deception? Because voting for a billionaire is far scarier than voting for a millionaire. With billions at your beck and call, you can literally fund your presidential campaign with pocket change.

Max Keiser of the Keiser Report

One would think that voting for a billionaire would be a good thing. That is, until the Obama administration has shown us that billionaires and millionaires alike, get in bed in government for one thing, corruption and political favors to make millionaires billionaires and billionaires … well more billionairist.

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A movement started years ago for Black people to buy all of their items from Black owned and operated businesses; bank with  Black owned and operated  banks; use  Black owned and operated  services like  Black owned and operated  dry cleaners or  Black owned and operated   car shops; and move into Black controlled neighborhoods.  Along with this is to buy homes in Black controlled neighborhoods. And, to open up businesses in Black controlled neighborhoods.

Black Economic Empowerment Movement

For those not able or not on their feet, the wealthier brothers and sisters must help them and teach them. We must not only take care of each other financially, but pull up those that have fallen through the cracks. Help them get off of welfare and food stamps and teach them how to open up their own business eventually.

The reality is, government is not going to save us, religion is not going to save us, helping our own brothers and sisters, living together and starting and supporting Black commerce will. Realize that government has failed us. Black leaders have failed us. Religion has failed us. Those are the facts. Pull your head out of the sand and recognize that we are now in last place, even behind white and indian mexicans that just swam across the river. We are last in every single economic list and have always been.

Empowerment comes from within not without. So many Blacks look to others for help when we could and can help ourselves. We need to own up to certain issues we dare not talk about: teen pregnancy; abortion; young marriage rate falling. Tackle these and most of the dangerous issues take care of themselves. If young couples were encouraged to get married, instead of staying apart, having babies out of wedlock or worse, going through with infanticide,  our community would stabilize and the criminal element would drastically fall. If older couples would advise young couples and be there for support, those issues would dramatically decrease. If more affluent Black men would counsel and teach young Black men, Black empowerment would be a reality.

For those thinking that moving into a Black neighborhood is segregationist, understand that the Italians do it, Jews do it, Mormons do it, Asians do it, Hispanics do it. Everyone but Black people move to be with their people and financially support each other. Black people also fall prey to people calling them separatists, meanwhile the very person calling the Black people a separatist, lives in a community of their own.

It is time out to listen to the pie in the sky rhetoric preached by those would gladly see the Black community fail and continue to fail. We need to change our language and our dialogue. We’re not niggers. We’re brothers and sisters. We’re not punks, we’re businessmen. We’re not bourgeois, we’re entrepreneurs. We’re not hoes, we’re ladies. We’re not b****s, we’re African princesses. We’re not niggers, we’re African princes. We don’t live in a ghetto [ a word used to describe a jewish settlement ], we live in a Black controlled neighborhood.

We don’t need Black teens getting pregnant out of wedlock, being abandoned by their mates and then going on a system that will either enslave her with welfare, food stamps and medicaid, or worse encourage her to commit infanticide, we need to have people young couples can go to discuss the dangers and pitfalls of young love and having sex too early, when the consequences last a life-time.

We don’t need young Black men hanging out in the street with no hope of a future, being harassed by bully policemen, who’s only desire is to bolster the city and state’s money by throwing them in jail and into the private prison system. We need affluent Black men to be on call so that those Black men could be being mentored and taught about business and raising a family.

We don’t need Black families destroyed by an economic downturn with no savings and nothing to fall back on, and divorce or violence ensuing. We need affluent Black men to take the husband / fathers aside and coach them on starting a business and amassing Black wealth, so that no one else can control their economic destiny.


and more….

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Will Ron Paul Be The Final Death of the Republican Party

Will Ron Paul Be The Final Death of the Republican Party

I believe this Republican primary season has several things working against it. If the entire party doesn’t stop for a second, take note of what is going on, take stock of what they ultimately want to achieve and quit tearing down their own party, it is going to be the final death of the Republican party after this election. And, by final death, is meant that the Republican party as it stands right now is not anywhere near the Republican party as was started in 1854, and this primary season will bring to light, in full color, how the party is completely fractured and irreparable.

  1. the republican party is completely and utterly infiltrated by neo-cons, to the point that they are now setting policy at the highest level, for the party [ they are not conservative; they do not have traditional republican values; they do not adhere to core republican beliefs about fairness and equality that the party was founded on]
  2. the neo-cons are diametrically opposed to Ron Paul; they will do their best to thwart him
  3. given that everyone inside the loop and beltway knew and knows that Bush, and now Obama, cheated to secure the candidacy and presidency, they are proceeding with the most nefarious primary season yet to be seen since the tremendous fraud Kennedy committed during his nomination; they have willfully and fraudulently fixed their own primaries against Ron Paul 
  4. they are attempting to put a puppet democrat in place, Mitt Romney, as the republican candidate; he is, in no shape form nor fashion, a republican; he’s not even a neo-con; he is a by the book democrat; and there is no way that several states voted for him; it is obvious that they committed fraud to make him appear much better than he was in Iowa and the rest; people have come forward saying the Perry and Bachman’s camp were told to make their followers vote for Santorum or Romney to thwart Paul; so the other candidates were all in collusion to thwart Paul,

    Paul supporters have, almost to a man, all said they will not vote for anyone in the Republican party except Paul; this means, come actual election time, If Paul is not the Nominee, the Republicans are automatically defeated; without the entire Paul camp and voters voting come election time, the Republicans will not have anywhere near the votes that Obama will have and it will be a landslide the likes of which have never been seen before.

  6. given the amount of fraud that has been going on in the primaries and the caucuses, it is obvious the neo-cons fear Paul and his supporters; the Paul block is huge and growing; Paul is, after all, the tea party choice; between the tea party and the Paul supporters, the neo-cons will not be able to get a block that size and cohesiveness; the neo-cons therefore are shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing Paul to win, the nomination and the election
  7. the neo-cons fear that a Paul will, would mean and end to the feeding frenzy in Washington that has been going on for the past 40 years; Dr. Paul would implement measures that would curtail insider trading, abuse of power; corporate politics; corporate capitalism; and crony capitalism; such measures would spell the end of neo-cons; so the neo-cons are forfeiting any pretense to help their own party, in favor of trying their best to remove Paul from the primaries and caucuses; so instead of a republican win, they want a neo-con win; it cannot be done without Dr. Ron Paul 

AND THAT IS POLITICS, now it is in favor of Congressman Paul and not the neo-cons. They are literally backed up against a wall.

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"I’m Not African-American," says he

“I’m Not African-American,” says he

You have to realize a lot of “Black” people hate being Black. And even worse, being reminded they came from Africa. I’m not going to put labels like “self-hate” on them, but … there you go.

Now, as for me personally, I am OK with being called:

  • negro [which simply means Black]
  • African-American [which is descriptive, and since I’m an artist, I think in color anyway, unlike most people who actually think in black and white]
  • Black [which is short, quick and to the point ]

I for one, am not hating being Black. I lived in Africa. It’s the richest continent on the planet, … uh … natural-resource-wise, but the IMF / World Bank has raped every single country there and colonialism has NOT stopped … but I digress.

Back to the self-haters … so Black folk are now making videos against being called African-American. It is a slap in the face of everyone of those people in the 60s that were shot, mamed, jailed, beaten up, dogs sicked on, abused, just so white people would recognise us as 1. humans and 2. Americans just like everyone else. I’m not some idiot that doesn’t study history, and the 60s is frankly not that far back, i mean … seriously.

For Black people to sit up here in turn of the mellenium and act all high minded, is pathetic. People died so we could be called African-American and not colored or worse. It’s pure ignorance and hubris to put their memory to shame.

One Black guy made a video claiming he had never been to Africa … :/  Nor have half the Italians alive in this country, but will say point blank they are italian … or scottish … or irish … or french … or german …. or japanese … or korean.  Only Black people have a problem with where they’re from.

At the end of the day WE’RE ALL IMMIGRANTS.

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9th Circuit Doomed to Fail Over Prop 8 Debacle

9th Circuit Doomed to Fail Over Prop 8 Debacle

Legal Issue: marriage is not an unalienable right, as proscribed by the declaration of independence and afterwards the constitution. You don’t have an unalienable right to get married. An unalienable right is something you are born with. An unalienable  right is not imposed on anyone else. You cannot force a woman to marry you. And, even if you tried, the first judge she came across, with half a brain, would nullify the marriage and make you pay for having to listen to your shenanigans.

Prop 8

The problem with the entire issue surrounding prop 8 is that secular society has adopted a religious ceremony, i.e. marriage, and the lines become more and more blurred.  However, the government cannot force secular people to call their union something different, no more than they can force ministers to perform wedding ceremonies for satanists. [ wouldn’t that be something eh? the bride all dressed in black and the groom in red … oh, anyway ]

So the super duper Liberal 9th circuit striking down prop 8 on the grounds of it being an unalienable constitutional right is completely preposterous. It’s like saying eating bologna is an unalienable  right. [ and oscar myer doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as it did when I was a kid ] Besides, the supreme court already ruled in favor of a prop 8 type of law before, well not exactly ruled in favor of it, but dismissed the lawsuit against it. [ at that level, you pay attention to dismissals as well ] [ 9th circuit is in for a world of hurt ]

By the way unalienable  is NOT the same as Inalienable. We’re talking legal English here, not school yard English. Go look up the difference.

Mark my words – 9th circuit [makes cutting motion to throat]

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

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