Obama Blames Everyone But His Corporate Banker Buddies

Obama Blames Everyone But His Corporate Banker Buddies

A message to all of you.  It makes me proud and happy that you all see through this snake oil salesman’s speechifying.  As a Black man, I am shamed and chagrined that this is the first representation that we got in the White House.

Snake Oil Obama

So many people were caught up in the momentum of getting a Black man in the seat, that they ignored the very real and blatant evidence that this guy was a corporatist beyond all corporatist.

He was going to, and has, put George Bush to shame.  Big oil, big banks and multinational conglomerates funded his campaigns, not the $1 bills the media kept trying to portray along his campaign.

Obama is no more for you than you are for preserving roaches in your homemade pie.  If anything you should always be asking, what is the corporate angle on this speech, he’s making.

To my great shame, though, my fellow Black Americans, and yes, I am Black too, still hold on to the notion that Obama is somehow beyond reproach.

I fear, they do not see what is right in their face.  They will vote for him again.  Although, he has been the worst president for Black in the past 40 years.

GW Bush aside, Republican policies have done more for Blacks than any other party policies.  As a Libertarian that is also hurtful, because my party would see a zenith of Black and American prosperity if elected, regardless of what the media says.

For the rest of you, thank you and make sure everyone around you is aware that Obama is not for the main street, make sure they know he’s not for the common American, make sure they know he sees you as consumers and not citizens.

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