Why Women Have Fallen Out of Favor With Men

Why Women Have Fallen Out of Favor With Men

The status of women has completely, and maybe irrevocably, fallen out of favor with men. It is not just a question of them being objectified, it is a question of how demonized women have become.

For instance through the ages:

  • Bible Times – the rib of man, needed to guard his heart n insides. 
  • My Grandma’s Time – A Pillar of strength & wisdom, respected. 
  • Somewhere when i was growing up times – Upcoming sex symbols. 
  • Today’s Time – Pawns, used to promote anything & everything. … 

The Biblical Woman

Did i miss something, what happened ?

Not to be controversial, but if you do one iota of research into the topic, of feminism, [not this topic per se], you’ll find that the originators of it were all, to a woman, lesbian man haters. As such, they systematically started propaganda to try and “dismantle” men, including dismantling relationships between men an women.

With the backing of some heavy hitting corporate types, read forbes 100, not 500, they set out to arrest the media, and legislation and completely transform the public conversation where it involved relationships between men and women, INCLUDING the whole homosexual issue.

Why would corporations like this? Because women were seen as a completely new potential market of cheap labor. When this started women were still nearly all housewives.

To get them out of the house, they had to make it appear that women were being oppressed, downtrodden and “equal to men”. They then set about rewriting history and every day life, to equate a housewife as BEING oppressed, downtrodden and seen as unequal to men.

The Strong Matriarch of the Family

I had a woman tell me the other day that women were oppressed all throughout history. When I asked, in what country and what time period, she couldn’t answer. Even in societies where women were “on the books” supposed to be “not seen” or whatever, the woman was still the hearth giver, i.e. housewife, which translates to the person that took care of the home. These feminists rewrote history to make it look like a housewife was something simple and stupid. A housewife had the complete control of the budget and ran the house.

Now, what does that have to do with women being objectified today? Everything! The more the relationship between women and men become estranged, the more this conspiracy wins. The more divorce happens. The more weddings don’t happen. The more homosexuality is a pervasive involvement in society, [not to be confused with individuals, as a society you cannot have mass homosexuality, it is a doom on a society, however to an individual it is merely that own person’s business] All of these notions objectify both men and women, and intersexuality the society.

Think back just 60 years ago, a woman was a prize. A man “got” to marry Suzy, or whomever. Now, we have black humor about marriage, making it appear horrible and degrading to both men and women.

Men & Women are Now Objectified

Finally, adults are more and more relegated to remain immature. The 30 year old man is still now relegated to playing video games and living at home and having casual sex with whomever he pleases. This is a young man behavioral norm. But, take a second and look, movies now portray 30 year old men as boys, with no responsibilities. 40 year old actors act childish on reality t.v. for our “entertainment”. Really, it’s just propaganda and indoctrination to get you to think that a 40 year old man should be wearing sneakers and knickerbockers, not married with a 20 year old son, with a grand-kid on the way.

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