For Blacks: On Obama, It Has to be Said

On Obama, It Has to be Said

Any Black person that supports Barack Obama is either insane or in denial.  He has consistently and openly said he will NOT support any Black issues, nor address Black unemployment staggering numbers, nor tackle any public policies that run counter to Blacks.

Cornell West

This man, again and again and again has intentionally come out AGAINST Black people.  And yet, he and his ilk take the Black vote as a given.

I will say it now, anyone Black, that votes for Obama is a fool and not an adult with a sound mind.  It’s as plain and simple as that.  We have to start hiring each other, supporting Black businesses and removing politicians that will not listen to us, nor do anything about public policies against us.  And, yes that includes members of the congressional Black Caucus.  Not everyone in the caucus is honky dory with supporting Blacks, just because they happen to be Black.

More intelligent Blacks are running from Obama in DROVES.  The congressional Black Caucus is running from Obama.  Maxine friggin Waters is asking her constituents if it’s ok to go against Obama and they, in a town hall meeting, yelled YES PLEASE DO.  Cornell West, who traditionally has called Obama “brother”, has now come out against Obama.

It is not a minority of Blacks that are against Obama. Any Black American with a brain, is against Obama. And, why, you might ask? Because Obama is against US.  We have our eyes clearly opened and see it.

For the Blacks that still try to support Obama the real question is, WHAT DON’T YOU SEE?

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