Why People Masturbate These Days

Why People Masturbate These Days

People think that everyone masturbates.  But, it’s not true.  Everyone does not masturbate.  Anyone that says it is trying to promote our society as a hyper-sexual society.  The reality is that only those who are both juvenile and do not have a husband or wife, may feel the want to masturbate.  The inclination to masturbate, stems from society trying to curb a natural tendency to procreate.  Yes, you were made with very few instincts as a human: eat; drink; procreate.  That’s all you were given at birth.  The rest of this garbage, you have to be taught.

What I really think the problem is, people have ascribed the drinking age, with some sort of indication of when someone is an adult.  We now look back on olden days and marvel that people got married at 14.  A woman’s body, is pretty much done at 14.  And, back then, she was capable of running a household, including children at 14 – 16.  But, in our society, the powers that be, want to keep all of us in a sort of infant state of mind, so we’re indoctrinated with this notion that we are not adults until 21.

What does that have to do with anything?  Well, it’s simple.  If you get married at 14, that whole 8 years [ 13 years old to 21 years old ] of sexual development that people now have to go through alone, was not there, back then.  There was no need for masturbation or porn.  You had a wife / husband right there.

The parallel is that, the powers that be, want to keep the nanny state, and have a militarized police, to keep us in check.  Hence the 21 yr old drinking age, which they are now considering raising to 25 years old.

Now imagine if everyone got married at 14.  There’d be no porn industry, and no masturbation issue to even think of.

People can bury their heads in the sand, these days, but kids are STILL, having sex at 13 / 14.  It’s not new, it’s rather old.  We are just zombified now to believe that it is gross or evil or some other weird notion for a 14 year old woman or man to have sex and children.

This is the same reason boys are circumcised.  It was never due to some health issue.  It was done to stop boys from masturbating.  Cut off the foreskin and males lose 90% of the feeling in their penis.  This dates back to the Elizabethan era when boys would habitually masturbate, including, at the dinner table.  Mind you, regardless of how the stories are told about that age now, back then people were not prim and proper.  It was a minor annoyance to the upper crust in society.  So they had their sons circumcised, due to a stupid book that someone wrote back then, suggesting that, that would be a way to stop the masturbation.  And we’ve been mutilating boys ever since.  It’s now a 20 billion dollar industry today.

We have even, now ascribed masturbation to be a sin.  Really?  If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know how I feel about that.  It’s always the person that has their own sexual malfunction, that tries to make up the rules for the majority.  No well adjusted person, confident in their own sexual prowess would even think to talk about masturbation, let alone call themselves ordained by “god” and that he said to not masturbate.  You’re an idiot if you believe such a charlatan.  But, that’s just my opinion.

If you really don’t want people to masturbate, raise your “children” to be capable members of society by the age of 13 and marry them off at 14.  And, if you think that is too young, you have not been paying attention to history.  You do know that a woman of 20 years of age was considered a “spinster”, unmarriable, because she was too old, since she had not been married yet.  She was considered to be a harlot, because in all likelihood, she probably had had sex with someone already.

Know your real history, not this drivel they DON’T teach in school now.  14 was a perfectly fine age to run a house, have a job, have children and carry on with life.  And, if you’re a parent reading this and thinking, “my children could never do that at the age of 14”, then the failure lies within you as a parent.  A child is pretty much done learning from their parents at the age of 10.  All these “child psychologists” running around trying to tell you to nurture your 17 year old, need to be put in the stocks and whipped, for selling you snake oil.  What exactly are you going to “teach” a 17 year old?  There are idiots running around telling you now that 18 is too young to marry.

My grandmother had 17 children, lived on a farm with her husband, 20 years her senior, and lived to be 92, having been married at the ripe old age of 15.  And, no, it was not a marriage out of “love” or “passion”.  It was  a marriage of, “she is right for him.”  My grandfather needed a wife and she was a good candidate.  They raised 15 of the surviving children and never had a marriage dispute or any import.  They put all 15 through college, those what wished to go.  All of the children are now successful in various fields.

These days, we think someone 21 is too young to get married.  The reason being is that the government treats us like children.  So if we are children, someone only 21 definitely must be too young to make their own decisions, because we hardly make our own decisions now.

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