Are Unions Evil

Are Unions Evil

Look around any media source, the newspaper, magazines, t.v. or the internet, and you’ll see a slew of examples of how unions are evil and corrupt and unnecessary.  But, in every instance, none of the sources of information about these “evil” unions are ever very scientific in their analysis, nor present any evidence of consequence that directly support or refute their argument.  The only thing you get is a lot of rhetoric and “feelings”.

Time and again you get anecdotal evidence that a particular union member or non-union member felt bad about the union in question.  You get evidence of a female nurturing nature, i.e. feelings.  For example: one man expounds how his union was evil because it was not able to bargain for wages, due to unforeseen outside circumstances which conspired against his union.  However, upon a cursory glance, you would note that he was a public servant and their wages were set by law.  He also threw out any evidence which showed how his union actually made his life much better and what they were able to bargain for.

On a side note, my personal feelings are that public servants should not have unions.  Public service should never be able to approach the wages and benefits of the private sector.  The current public system is upside down when working off of tax payer dollars generates more income than the private sector which has to actually work for its dollars.  We should discourage people working for the public sector, not encourage it.

Private labor unions are always seen as evil, because corporate America is always pointing out obscure instances where a union did something untoward.  They leave out such gems of information like:

  • the 16 hour work day, 
  • unpaid leave, 
  • unpaid hour increases, 
  • the era of no minimum wage, 
  • no benefits of any sort, 
  • shooting workers in the face that tried to organize
  • firing at will, regardless of years served on the job
  • no retirement plan whatsoever

The problem most of Americans have understanding the wage issue is that they simply jump on the bandwagon when they say “oh look at their salaries”.  Pure and simple, EVERYONE else is UNDERPAID. The depreciation of the dollar has driven down wages de facto for about a century. Then, if privately run unions do not wish to take it lying down and fight to have a competitive wage, vs dollar depreciation, it is not the union that is “evil”, it is our federal government, stupidly borrowing from the federal reserve bank, at interest.

Don’t point to the unions as a source of consternation, point to our own ignorant government for giving the federal reserve a hand out, i.e. borrowing from a private bank, at interest, when they could just as easily print their own currency.  However, it seems that every president that has tried to coin his own money has wound up dead. 

Noone can gainsay that labor union members, who normally represent skilled labor industries, do not actually work at very hard jobs.  Besides, when the dust settles, you’ll all come to the same realization: confidence in a fiat currency is misplaced, the only measure of true wealth in this day and age are assets and cash flow. And,  a job is not an asset, nor is it cash flow.

What is amazing is that people make the argument that unions, somehow, make inflation.  This has to be the most heinous pile of fish corpse ever put forward as an argument against a union.  Inflation is not simply rising prices.  It amazes me that so many Americans have no concept of what inflation actually is.  None of them ask the very simple question of why do prices rise?  There is one answer and only one answer as to why prices rise.  No other factor contributes to a fluctuation in prices.  Prices rise when the value of the dollar falls.  That being said, the next obvious question comes up.  There is no other way that the value of the dollar can fall except for one reason and one reason alone.  The value of the dollar falls, in realistic terms and not theoretical terms, due to a flooding of more dollars into the economy, i.e. money printing without value being added to it.  Who is guilty of this printing?  In a simple word, Congress.  A more precise explanation of why money is being printed is that the privately owned, federal reserve bank, which started in 1913, lends money to Congress at interest.  The interest is the handout that was mentioned above.  There is no reason Congress needs to borrow money at interest.  Congress has the power to coin its own money.  It is this interest that is bankrupting the country.  In any event, this process of money printing is what causes inflation, not unions.  Unions have nothing to do with inflation.

Finally, about high wages.  Union wages are not high.  The value of the dollar is continually being devalued on a daily basis, and has been for nearly a century with the advent of Congress borrowing money from the privately owned, federal reserve bank.  When the value of the dollar decreases, wages are automatically lowered.  You cannot then say that unions, who bargain to commensurately stabilize wages versus the value of the dollar, are somehow asking for something more than what is owed to them.

For example: if you were earning $10.00 an hour and the dollar fell by 10%, you should be making 10% more to compensate for that fall.

By 1929, the not-really-federal reserve had stolen away 42.1% of the dollar’s purchasing power.  By 1950, that amount had swelled to where 58.9% of the dollars purchasing power had been stolen.  Even more importantly, thanks to Keynesian doubletalk, the American public had the “Big Lie” about inflation deeply seated in both textbooks and popular media.

The Big Lie is that prices go up.  They don’t.  The purchasing power of your dollars goes DOWN.

By 1975, the dilution of purchasing power had sucked 81.6% of the dollar’s purchasing power away – meaning that something which cost $1 in 1913 when the banksters took over (along with their free lunch/deficit spending pals in congress) was up to $5.43.

Then things got worse.

By 2000 the dollar’s purchasing power was diluted 94.25% from where it started in 1913.  What had cost a single dollar then was up to $17.39.

This morning, if we assume 5% inflation for 2009 year-to-date, what cost a single dollar in 1913 is up to $22.61.  The dollar is buying 4.42% of what it did in 1913, or more clearly its purchasing power has dropped 95.57%

Lastly, people get exchange rate confused with inflation.  It is very easy to understand.  Exchange rate is the dollar versus another fiat currency.   Inflation is an internal measure of buying power inside our own country.  Today’s dollar is worth 2 cents versus the dollar in 1913, the year the privately owned federal reserve bank was created.

So, if a union member makes $30.00 an hour, let’s compare that to the 1913 wage – ¢ 60 an hour.  Now for those of you who happen to not do research of wages back then, I’ll enlighten you.  A hotel porter in 1919 made ¢50 an hour.  So an autoworker making ¢60 an hour is actually less than what he should be making.  Surely an autoworker should make more than a hotel porter.  One builds a car, the other one carries luggage.  Just an interesting side note though.  The work week in 1919 was considered to be 60 hours a week.  That was an average work week in America.  And, that was considered being a really decent employer.  I believe a lot of thanks is owed to unions for the things we all now take for granted.

How many salaried workers suffer from a lack of being able to b ea part of a union and have miserable working conditions this very day: uncompensated extra work hours; no commensurate benefit appreciation for extra hours worked; uncompensated home work.  The list goes on.  So while we’re all crying for the corporation, let’s keep things in real perspective.  The average American worker today, outside of a union, makes less in wages than a hotel porter did in 1919, when accounting for the depreciation of the dollar.  You must take the depreciation of the dollar into account.  You cannot say you have a better standard of living these days without comparing it to something.  The only thing you can compare it to is the past.  Evidently the cost of living today is well above the means of the average worker.

Are unions evil?  I think I pointed out who is actually evil.

So for all of those crying that union workers make too much money, do some math before your little brain bursts and the corporate shills tell you what to think.

The reality is 90% of Americans are UNDERPAID.  Go ahead and multiply your hourly wage [or convert your salary to hourly] and then multiply it by 2 cents, i.e. 0.02.  Then compare your wage to the hotel porter’s meager 50¢ and see how you fair.

These are real numbers, not “feelings”.  “Oh I feel unions are evil.”  What do the numbers say?  I think if every American did the math they’d be mad as hell at their wages.

“We’re the most prosperous nation on the planet” I always ask, “are we?”  By who’s calculation, are we the most prosperous nation?  You’ve been had, hoodwinked, bamboozled, run amuck.

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