Rap is Fake

Rap Music is Fake

Rolling down the street, with my windows down, the cool air blowing down my spine.  I can hear the beat and boom of the base from any number of cars around me.  And, the votes are all in, and it’s rap music.  The pop station is now the Hip – Hop station.  The top 40s station is now the 20 / 20 station, 20 rap, 20 pop.  On any music board, regardless of genre, rap dominates the top 40 spots, even country music.  With pop music now being completely autotuned, i.e. the singer sings into a computer and the computer makes the notes for them, there’s more and more of a rap feel even to top 40 music.  And, one day, everyone is going to wake up and there will be no more music left.

Music has always been a hazard for the ruling class.

Little History Lesson

The ruling class has always hated music.  Why?  Because musicians, moreso than artists, can create something, with words, and cleverly tell you what’s really going on.  I am not talking about, just, Vietnam or the Korean war, I am talking Mozart, Liszt and Saint Sean.  The rich and powerful hated and wanted to make sure to control all music.  Imagine 2,000 years ago a guy with a lute, sits in front of the king, strums the chords and says:

And as long as you are here, go where you will, slaughter the local folk, and take what you want! It’s the least we can do for such a horrible, murdering bastard as yourself!

Bards WERE the “news at 6”.  So if they sat down and told you 100 souls were lost at the hand of the king, that king’s head would be as good on a pike as if he had predicted it with psychic powers.

Now imagine that kind of power in one man with a lute?  No, no the ruling class could not have that, so they set about making sure musicians would never ever see the light of day, nor write just any old thing that they pleased.

Modern Times

Singers who generate their own marketing are few and far between.  To get a contract these days, as a real singer, you have to show that you are commercially viable, that means, will people pay to come hear you.  It’s a catch-22, because once you’re signed, they literally can put it in writing that all lyrics are to be agreed upon.  No longer can you have a Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On, slip through the cracks.

Rap music was the turning point for big corporate music giants.  It presented music, without music.  It presented talent, without talent.  Music moguls could now, literally, go on the street, pick up some schmo and sign his life away and own him body and soul.  They could then literally beat rap songs into him until he parroted them perfectly to further their own hidden agenda.

And, that’s exactly what they do.

You thought Milli Vanilli was some fluke?  That sort of thing happens every day.  The only reason you know about Milli Vanilli, is because the public made the songs more popular than was controllable.  And, remember, it’s all about control.

I saw an interview with a cat who writes rap lyrics.  He said an executive called him up and said

“I want you to write a wrap portraying Black women getting rape and praising it.”

The lyricist said he refused.  The executive said, “if you don’t do it, I’ll just get someone else to do it and pay them.”  The lyricist said this goes on all the time.  He said they have an agenda and they are pusshing pushing pushing it forward with rap music, because it’s a message, LITERALLY, in a bottle.  They can pick up some thug or good looking Black man, stick a microphone in his hand and tell him “say this.”

You don’t hear about it, until someone goes “crazy”, i.e. speak out against the music industry.  Once you out yourself, as not being a sell-out, you’re done.  They’ll come after you with guns a blazin.  How many rap artist have you heard of that’s gone to jail, gone crazy, or disappeared after years of hits.  I guarantee you they are either being setup for a FALL or they are already on the down escalator out of the business.

We the public buy this crap.

By the way, in case you thought rap music was all about being Black and for Black people, 70% of all rap music purchases are done by teenage, suburban, white boys.  With that huge of a directed market, think about why rap music talks about Black people being animals and good for nothing but jail.  You think it’s a coincidence?

There’s no such thing as coincidence.


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