Obama Cuts Federal Civilian Salaries But Not Military Salaries

Obama Freezes Federal Civilian Salaries

Obama is Showering Everyone With Cash Except Workers

Monday president Obama froze all federal civilian workers’ salaries.  This is to stay in place for two whole years in an effort to curb federal spending.  Note that this does not affect any military workers’ salaries, which includes a huge pool of workers state-side that never ever see combat.  In making the distinction though Obama tried to smooth it over by saying:

“These are also times where all of us are called on to make some sacrifices. And I’m asking civil servants to do what they always do and play their part.”

Obama tried to say the decision was not easy.  By White House estimates the freeze will save $2 billion for the remainder of 2011 fiscal year, $28 billion in five years and over $60 billion in 10 years, however it does not affect any military personnel.

What is not being said, is why exactly Obama is doing this.  He is to sit down with Republican congressional leaders tomorrow to discuss the economy, the proceeding next two years and other issues.  He hopes the pay freeze will help him negotiate with the congressional fiscal conservatives whom he hopes to count on for some of his White House economic policies, such as extension of the tax cuts for the middle and upper class, defense appropriations and federal funding.

Congressional fiscal conservatives have championed federal salaries as a major sticking point.  Obama hopes that he has headed off nearly all talking points of the fiscal conservatives who had been making an issue of federal spending, including proposing many federal spending cuts.  For its part the media has helped the fiscal conservatives by pointing out how much SOME federal workers are paid.  Some reports have said the number of federal workers earning $150,000 or more a year has soared tenfold in the past five years and doubled since President Obama took office.

Please note that Obama’s plan to freeze ALL federal civilian salaries does nothing to remove any of those $150,000 / year workers’ salaries nor does it touch any military workers’ salaries.

The president had originally announced a plan to raise 2 million federal workers’ pay 1.4 percent.

In context, the pay freeze itself represents only a small fraction of the federal deficit, but it was among the recommendations in the preliminary report from the president’s deficit commission. The commission’s full report is due Wednesday.

In many cash-strapped states around the country, the issue of public employee salaries and retirement benefits has already played out as a major issue:

  • In California, where pension debt is considered the largest driver of the state’s soaring budget deficit, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reached agreements with some unions to cut pensions for new state hires.
  • In Minnesota, Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed legislation this year to overhaul public employee pension plans.
  • And in Wisconsin, state workers will soon begin paying into their pension funds instead of having it fully covered by the state.

The truly evil part of all of this, is that this policy:

  • affects even the federal workers who only make $19,000 / year
  • does not remove superfluous federal jobs that were created just to get someone’s nephew a high paying fake job
  • does nothing for the federal deficit spending [ the percentage of the federal deficit spending this affects is so minor as to not even be 1% ]
  • the high paying federal jobs will not go away and more than likely more high paying jobs will be created at tax payers’ expense
  • none of this affects military workers’ salaries [ including those who work right along side of federal workers ]

You either fall for the ruse that Obama is a Democrat and he’s catering to Republicans or you open your eyes and realize that there is no difference between the two-party system, and Obama is simply being as Republican as any former Republican president.  The sooner people wake up, the faster we can remove these jackals and get real people in office and do away with this “duet”.

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