For Blacks: Do Not Stop Our Own Internal Dialogue

Robbing Us of Our Conversation

The Discussion Table

We have been missing from the discussion table for far too long.  I did a video on the reparations bill for Africans in America that is presented yearly, since the time of Lincoln.  One of the comments told me that we should stop protesting and marching and boycotting, because it does nothing and is foolish.  This was one of those white people that say “oh be calm, it’s alright, everything will be o.k.”.

A very wise Black man once said, “the reality of those who come in peace is that they are ordering you to sit down and shut up and like what the white man gives you.”  What is most dangerous about this type, is that they pretend to come in peace.  They are simply passive aggressive.  You have to be wise beyond measure, and vigilant to catch them.  We’re talking extremely passive aggressive here.  They pretend to be on your side, or even pretend that they are fighting FOR you, when in reality, they are simply telling you to sit down and shut up and be happy with what you’re given.

The more Africans in America open up channels and have internal dialogue the better.

The Switch

You ever see this on T.V.: nameless Black leader says something completely truthful about someone else, and the white media twists his words to sound as if he called someone names, and the nameless Black leader is hung out to dry for daring to speak the truth.

The Switch

It’s called the switch.  Without a doubt, the white man in America has not only practiced racism on a massive scale, unseen ever before on the face of the planet, South Africa included, but he institutionalized [ i.e. made laws ] racism so that it was impossible for racism not to flourish in the land.  The ultimate goal was always to subjugate the African in America, so that all resources ended up in the hands of the white man.  None of that information is new, nor is it inflammatory.  It is just a case of historical fact.

The switch is that now the white man, to continue subjugating the Black man, in perpetuity, he has initiated a passive aggressive campaign to socially stigmatize the African in America.  They can then more easily incarcerate Black men; get rid of Black leaders; get rid of conscious Black preachers; get rid of socially conscious speakers.  Any Black person that speaks out against the widespread racism that exists in America today is called a racist himself.  They then challenge the Black community to get rid of the trouble maker for them, if they don’t do it outright themselves.

They are obviously not above assassination.  Historical fact!  We now know that several Black leaders, whom we thought were taken out by their own men, were in fact infiltrated by the government, sabotaged, and stage the assassination for all eyes to believe what was apparent to the naked eye to see.  Chief among these agencies were the CIA and NSA.

Land of the Free

There are poor white people, as much as there are poor Black people.  This statement is false on so many levels it isn’t even funny. If you honestly believe that a white man is equal to a Black man, then you are sleeping with your eyes open.  No sane individual with a 5th grade understanding of social history in America, believes that white men are equal to Black men.

More Equal Than You

Yes, I intend to insult, so that you wake up from your stupor.  Listen up.  A white man has 85% more power, wealth and knowledge than a Black man in America.  That includes a poor white man.  I could make any white man rich in about 2 years.  I cannot guarantee that to any Black man.

How many studies do you need to tell you that there’s a wealth gap between Africans in America and whites?  How many studies do you need to tell you that Black unemployment is off the charts?  How many studies do you need to tell you that Black owned businesses are not supported by any racial group and fail miserably whereas all other racial groups support and succeed in business?  There are countless studies and they have done these surveys since slavery first started. [ shocking ]

The Discussion Table

Get away from stupid Black leaders that talk about civil rights and voting rights and equality.  They are a shill for the powers that be.  Yes, that’s right.  They are nothing more than put in place to placate Black people into thinking they are getting something.  The reality is that they accomplish absolutely nothing.  Martin Luther King Jr accomplished absolutely nothing.  WHAT?!?!?!  Yes, we are in the same boat we were in since 1860.  Now that’s a historical fact.

The Discussion Table

As soon as Blacks got the ability to get away from Blacks and spend their money in white shops and buy white houses, the Black community fell horribly.  No other community has asked that their own community be destroyed.  Only the black community has willingly asked that theirs be destroyed.  Not one person, not even Malcom X even opened the question about the financial well being of the Black community AMONGST ourselves.

The civil rights leaders are obsessed with the white man.  I say, leave them to the white man.  They can have all the white man they want.  You and me, let’s sit down and figure out how we can open up 400,000 businesses within the black community this year.  THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING.  Not how some idiot talk show host hurt your feelings on national t.v.  Seriously, you need to grow up and be an adult if that is the center of your universe for even one second.

Instead of watching the stupid t.v. and getting insulted when someone says the N word, why don’t you sell the t.v., save the money and open up you a business.  THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING.

Instead of falling for a half Black president that tells you straight up that he is not going to discuss nor even think about Black issues and you vote for him anyway, we need to research that the democratic party instituted the KKK and Jim Crow and stop being a damn fool and voting for these democrats to begin with.  THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING.

Our Black leaders have failed, fail and will keep failing if we keep honoring and listening to their nonsense.  If we keep listening to white people that pull “the switch” on us, we’ll keep failing.  If we don’t sit at the discussion table and discuss our financial future in a voice of authority, rationality and be educated on finance, all the stupid civil rights discussions be damned, we’ll never be equal.

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