For Blacks: Black Income Versus Black Businesses

Black Median Household Income

A Black Businessman

I have spoken on this many times.  But, I’d like to revisit this today due to the boiling point of the economy right now.  In some parts of the country Blacks are at a 50% unemployment rate.  This rate will become more and more widespread as the economy sinks deeper and deeper into chaos.  As labor becomes more of a burden on a business owner as the economy sinks lower, they will get rid of more and more people before going out of business.

More often than not Blacks are terminated from jobs than any other racial group in America.

In Richard Freeman’s (1973) classic study of racial patterns of labor market status from 1947 to 1972, he found that the level of employment for blacks was more volatile than for whites with respect to business cycle conditions. He also found that rates of unemployment for blacks and whites had similar proportionate responses to changes in the business cycle. Thus, when the economy weakens, the unemployment rate for blacks rises more than that for whites in percentage points. Freeman (1973:77) concluded that these findings support “the widely asserted last in, first out pattern of black employment over the cycle.” bNet

If anyone tells you different you now know the truth.

So my point isn’t that unemployment is bad.  My point isn’t that unemployment is up for Blacks.  My point is median family income.

  1. Asian Family income – $55,000.00
  2. White Family income – $53,000.00 – $54,000.00
  3. Hispanic Family income – $32,000.00 – $33,000.00
  4. Black Family income – $19,400.00

That right there should shame every Black person reading this article.  I am going to both tell you not only why, it starts at the horrible level, but also why it stays at that level.

How Black Median Family Income is the Worst

So the first introduction to median family income is the understanding of how the median income is calculated and how Black median family income is so disgusting.  Of course median family income is a simple calculation where you round up a coherent group, sum up their wealth and pick the very middle of the range for that particular group.  This is considered to be a much better indicator of how a group really is because the average can be skewed by extremely high numbers or extremely low numbers.  Median doesn’t suffer from these disparities.  So throwing a Bill Gates into the white family income does almost nothing to a median white family income calculation.  But, neither does throwing an Oprah Winfrey into the calculation for median Black family income.

Ok so that is the mechanics involved.  How is the Black median family income so terrible?  It is quite simple really and here is a nice easy list to show you.

  1. Asian Family income – $55,000.00 [ 1 in 10 are in business]
  2. White Family income – $53,000.00 – $54,000.00 [ 1 in 34 are in business ]
  3. Hispanic Family income – $32,000.00 – $33,000.00 [  1 in 54 are in business ]
  4. Black Family income – $19,400.00 [ 1 in 104 are in business ]

You can readily see exactly how a complete lack of wealth damages the Black family income.  But, that is not all.  There is a second part to that.  It is not enough to say that 1 in 104 Blacks only run a business, there is wealth accumulation involved as well.  We are, in fact, talking about wealth aren’t we?

Why Black Median Family Income is Kept Last

There is the why that number is systematically kept low.  I have said before, desegregation was the single most horrific event for Black Americans.  It did absolutely nothing to further Blacks as a race.  Absolutely nothing was gain from desegregation.  Black people are no more free today than they were pre-desegregation era.

I am about to show you why this lie was hoisted on you and why your own Black leaders fooled you.  Numbers do not lie.  Numbers do not judge.  Numbers tell you exactly what is going on.

Let me first inform you, in case you did not know, of what the environment was like for Blacks before desegregation hit America.  Before desegregation, Blacks lived in a separate part of town.  Where ever you went, Blacks had their own section of town, city, or village.  Blacks were systematically forbidden from hanging out in the white section of town.  Blacks were also forbidden from even entering some establishments and nearly no public services were available to Blacks.  Sounds horrible?  Sure, unless you consider this part.  Because Blacks were forbidden to enter white establishments or partake in public services, Blacks had their own businesses, public services and education.

Due to desegregation Black busineses shut down, public services shut down and education shut down.  This is what desegregation did.  In response to desegregation, white politicians redistricted Black communities so that it separated Black communities and made absolutely sure a slim minority of Blacks voted with an obvious majority of white voters.

So desegregation not only gutted all Black businesses, it also removed all Black voting power.  So from 1956 to present Blacks have always come in last in median family income.  And here is why.  To sustain oneself as a group, the money must change hands within the group 8-12 times before leaving the group.  Let me put that in simpler terms.  All money Black people make, from jobs, business or services, needs to go to another Black person 12 times before it leaves out of the Black community, for the Black community to survive.

With that definition in mind then, let’s take a look at our list and see what is happening:

  1. Hispanic money bounces 6-7 times
  2. White money bounces 8-12 times
  3. Arab and Asian money bounces 13-14 times
  4. Jewish money bounces 18 times
  5. Black money …… DOES NOT BOUNCE AT ALL

It is enough to make you cry.  But wait, there’s more bad news.  Not only does Black money not bounce at all, but every dollar that a Black person spends, the entire Black community loses $11.

Let me repeat that and put it separate so you can see it boldly and clearly.

  • All Black money is completely lost out of the community and no incoming money is kept not even once
  • Every dollar spent by a black person, 11 dollars is flushed down the drain in loses

That is why Black median income comes in last place.  That is why Black median income is declining.  That is why Black median income stays in last place.

Conclusion to Black Median Household Income

It isn’t Obama.  It isn’t the KluKluxKlan.  It is your own ignorance, in the most technical sense of the word. [ ignorance means you do not know. not stupid, which means you know and ignore it. ]  You are ignorant of the fact of how to accumulate wealth, and even with wealth, you do not know how to keep the wealth you do have.

The only way to equality for a Black person is to own his own business.  The only way to equality for a Black person is to buy all of his goods and services from a Black owned business.  The only way to equality for a Black person is for a community of Black people to open their own businesses and services and only shop from each other.

There is no other road to equality.  Forget Dr. Martin Luther King.  He didn’t know.   Forget Malcom X.  He didn’t know either.  Forget Louis Farrakhan.  He doesn’t know, or maybe he’s not sharing it with you.  [ of them all, he might actually know ]

Black people need to own:

  • grocery stores
  • convenience stores
  • gas stations
  • fast food restaurants
  • restarurants
  • supply stores
  • restaurant supply stores
  • hair salons
  • nail salons
  • day spas
  • shoe stores
  • beauty supply stores
  • clothing stores
  • men’s clothing stores
  • ladies’ clothing stores
  • children’s clothing stores
  • print shops
  • dress maker shops
  • shoe maker shops
  • butcher shops
  • bakery shops
  • coffee shops
  • electronic repair shops
  • computer repair shops
  • cell phone shops
  • bridal shops
  • marriage counseling shops
  • dentist offices
  • medical supply stores
  • doctor’s offices
  • psychiatric offices
  • pharmacies
  • drug stores
  • liquor stores
  • credit unions
  • banks
  • clothing cleaner shops
  • bars
  • night clubs
  • children arcades
  • 2nd hand stores
  • newborn stores
  • gardening supply stores
  • car supply stores
  • florist shops
  • cigar shops
  • maid services
  • gardening services
  • pool services
  • construction company
  • contractors
  • housing supply stores
  • long distances services
  • cell phone services
  • internet services
  • internet hosting servies
  • web design services
  • home design services
  • laundromat

Some cities have a whopping  65% – 90% Black population in them, and NONE of the businesses just listed are owned by Blacks in those cities.  You could pick 7 of those businesses listed above, setup on one block in the city and there would be no reason why the Black community couldn’t buy and support it.  Everyone needs food, gas, convenience.  In a city with a majority Black people in it, there should be no reason why that majority shouldn’t own most of the wealth in the city.  But, time and again all of the wealth is sapped out of that majority and goes to other communities.

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