Why No Hyperinflation Yet?

Inflation vs Deflation

It is the mocking call of any wall street hack that does not ascribe to the Austrian school of economics to deride those that sane, to ask “where’s your hyperinflation now?”  Hyperinflation would be the cost of living going out of control; prices going out of control.  Zimbabwe comes to mind when speaking of hyperinflation.

The Keynesians like to say that there is no evidence of hyperinflation.  They point out that prices have not risen.  Inflation is at a 40 year lows.

What they don’t want to look at is the Federal Reserve balance sheet.  We are in a huge recession, depression even.  Prices should be dropping like a rock.  When no government controls were on, prices did plummet.  They fell hard and fast.  It was an immediate infusion of $7 trillion that halted the free fall.

Isn’t that evidence of hyperinflation?  Stubborn as always, the Keynesian will not acquiesce.  They need it spelled out for them.

OK I’ll speak slowly.

  • accounting for U6 unemployment the nation is now at 17% unemployment.  forget stupid governent reports
  • prices should have been falling to pre-1980 prices on housing, food and other consumer goods
  • the demand for oil was at an all time low in 2008

It was due to the tremendous factors of inflation, via the Federal Reserve, that the prices were halted in their tracks.  They did such a good job on inflation, that oil prices went through the roof, at a time when oil was at it’s lowest demand in 30 years.

So don’t say there is no hyperinflation.  Don’t say there is no inflation.  Look in the proper area and you will see it plane as day, it’s called the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve.  And, if you don’t acknowledge that the Feds are monetizing our government debt, then you’re not the investor you pretend to be.

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