AP Says Speculative Bubbles Were the Problem Needs Research (video included)

Youtuber Goes Crazy on The Fed

Youtuber with no college degree, goes crazy in video about AP news: Kohn: Research needed on combating bubbles. While you may not agree with his language or the blunt way he puts it, he is absolutely right. The Fed constantly pretends that they made a mistake and feigns ignorance when their controlled and orchestrated bubbles burst. Yes, the Fed does not ignorantly sit back and a bubble or burst happens. It is designed, orchestrated and pulled off without so much as a stray factor being overlooked or happenstance occurring. Like the youtuber says, wake up.

Secondly, speculation, in a non-corporatism market, has the consequence of being good or bad. So many people are lulled into ignorance and allowing themselves to be played for fools by the media. There is no independent media to begin with. If you let the media define your words for you, you are playing into their hands. So the media says “speculation is bad Billy.” No it is not. Speculation is abundant and is what purchases are made of. If you buy anything, you are speculating. Do you see how detrimental it is to listen to the media? So AP news blames speculation as the cause of the housing BUBBLE.

If you think the housing bubble was caused by speculation, you don’t have a brain worth supplying oxygen to. Donate your cranium to science and kill yourself right now. The single largest cause of the bubble was 0% interest rates, orchestrated by the Fed. You could not have a bubble, if interest rates were 15%. It would never happen.

For the Fed to feign ignorance is the slap in the face of Americans. Let’s reiterate what they are trying to pull here. They are saying they are the central bank of America, who’s job it is to set monetary policy and control commerce across the entire United States and globally, and some how they were not aware of an impending bubble? Somehow they just didn’t see it coming? Somehow they were too stupid to realize it was bursting? Really? I mean really? The highest bank in the land. The lender of last resort. So the highest bank in the land is incapable of noticing a bubble forming.

That begs the question: why is there a Federal Reserve? If Ben Bernanke says he didn’t see it coming, he made a mistake. If Alan Greenspan says he didn’t see the dot com bubble coming, he made a mistake. Why is there a Federal Reserve? This is a private company. It should be out of business. This isn’t even an arm of the government. There is no reason to keep it in business. It should go bankrupt, like the rest of the banks.

Wake Up.

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