A Hollywood Marriage Gone Wrong: Sandra Bullock

Being Unequally Yolked to the Vanilla Gorilla

One glance at the couple that is Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, shows you immediately that either Sandra Bullock is poor white trash herself or that Jesse James is out of his league. There is no way in a line up that I would put those two together. But, let’s not mince words here. Sandra Bullock’s marriage is now in trouble, on the rocks and only days after winning best actress Oscar, and it’s over infidelity. Seriously though, why would she marry a guy that is embroiled in a huge drawn out custody battle with his ex-wife. Do these people not understand baggage in – baggage out? You would think, with their busy schedules, that any customer that comes with extra baggage would simply be a huge disqualification.

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I think Sandra Bullock is a glutton for punishment. So the story goes that Jesse James met his mistress online, on MySpace, she being Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Now here is where the story goes from wacky to absurd. Miss McGee claims that she “would not have whored herself out to him is I had known he was married.” [my quote not hers] What? Really? Ok you have a MySpace, but your Google is broken or something? So she had sex with the guy 11 months and 5 weeks and didn’t think to look him up? What woman, in this day and age isn’t just a bit curious about a guy’s cell phone, mail, where he lives? If she is really that stupid, who would want to date her for more than 1 night? She calls him the Vanilla Gorilla. What an appropriate name.

Miss Michell McGee, we’re not that stupid and we know you are not that stupid either, come off it.

Sandra Bullock, if you want a husband, come to me and I’ll set you up with a real man, that’s not white trash and not a whore himself. And, for those thinking I’m making jokes, I am not talking about myself. I don’t find her attractive in the least bit.

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5 thoughts on “A Hollywood Marriage Gone Wrong: Sandra Bullock”

  1. I know right? I mean who dates someone for a whole year and NEVER ever looks them up. The story said they talked on MySpace for some time before they met. Wouldn't she just think to look him up since she's already on the computer?

    I don't buy it. Not for a second. She said he told her he was single.

  2. Well even if that's all true, you would imagine she would say “Ok is this really him or a fake?” And would prompt her to go look. Silly hoes. 😛

  3. What woman meets someone online and doesn't check them out before meeting them face to face? I mean you would have to be brain dead to do that. Girls are getting raped, murdered and kidnapped left and right, off the internet.

    She looked him up and knew exactly who he was.

    Sandra Bullock married white trash. I don't get her at all. And, he had drama to begin with? And she didn't suspect anything for a whole year of him screwing that chick? I don't buy it either.

  4. I don't know. Maybe Sandra Bullock feels like how most women do, “Omg my biological clock is on a meltdown! I better marry before I get old!”

    My friend has a sister and she married a guy with baggage because she felt she was getting old and running out of options…

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