TMZ Ruins Scotty Lago’s Life

Scotty Lago Goes Home After TMZ Publishes Racey Pics

For those who have no idea who the heck Scotty Lago is, like I didn’t about 2 minutes ago, he is in the Olympics. Apparently he won the bronze medal for … snowboarding? They still have that in the Olympics? So, not a real athlete. Anyway, the kid, I think he’s about 16, I might be off by a year or two, has been snowboarding since he was 9 years old. So, yeah a few years and he makes the Olympic team. Talk about stringent entry regulations. So he won the bronze medal on the half pipe with a score of 42.8 out of 50.0, on February 17, 2010.

Good old TMZ, never missing a trick, followed him around and caught him at a party being funny. Only, the funny was not so funny to the non-sixteen year old crowd of Olympic officials. However, before they could strip him of his medal for his bad performance, and completely ruin his day, he left. So instead of the bronze medal being represented at closing ceremonies, TMZ gets 10,000 people to oggle over his abs for all of 2 hours, and ruins the kid’s entire life.

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We all know TMZ is complete trash, but selling someone into slavery for chump change? I mean come on. They knew what they were doing. They knew what kind of gain they’d get from it. It’s not like this would be the smoking Brittney Spears vagina pics or anything.

I hope the kid can recover from this. I hope he can get sponsors and become a rich racist white guy like the rest of them.

Oh wait… Yay TMZ, ruining whitey like I never could. You go TMZ. Good job. [this entire post is a joke, lighten up]

Pic courtesy of someone, that is not me. TMZ I guess. I claim no rights to it. I’m friggin jealous of his abs though.

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