Getting Rid of the 16th Amendment, Income Tax

Congress to Send Legislation to States Repealing the 16th Amendment

In a bold move, congress is sending out to the states for ratification a Constitutional Amendment providing that the Sixteenth Amendment, the income tax law, is hereby repealed and Congress is henceforth forbidden to lay “any” tax or burden calculated from profits, gains, interest, salaries, wages, tips, inheritances or any other lawfully realized money. Not to be confused with the former ability of congress to tax and spend under the constitution’s original tax plan, imposts, duties, and miscellaneous excise taxes on articles of consumption, and, a direct apportioned tax if Congress borrows to meet expenses. Unfortunately the measure has not captured the attention of the main stream media, being deemed “not newsworthy.”

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Representatives however, were questioned about the legislation, it was revealed that the repeal of the 16th amendment was for ushering in the national sales tax. Due to the fact that the 16th amendment is a constitutional amendment however, congress simply cannot repeal it with a constitutional convention, and simply impose the national sales tax. The one has to precede the other.

Therefore the push for state ratification of the repeal of the 16th amendment, is being hurriedly rushed to get a majority of the states on board before a constitutional convention is called. There is a genuine fear that without a precise agenda for a constitutional convention, the states could end up bringing to debate the actions of the federal government for the last 100 years. Congress, rightly, fears that the states could wipe out legislation they have unconstitutionally been passing for the past 100 years. Therefore to push through the national sales tax, they are rushing to get the 16th amendment repealed in a rushed manner, at a constitutional convention they feel they are in control of.

Of course looming on the horizon of the repeal of the 16th amendment is the inevitable close of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), once characterized as the largest and most sinister agency on the face of the planet. IRS officials were not available for comment.

I cannot say I am sad to see the IRS go.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of the 16th Amendment, Income Tax”

  1. i think we should get rid of the 16th amendment, but we shouldn't rush to pass something that could turn out bad.

  2. actually the constitution provides ample ways for the federal government to make money, it's called tariffs, i.e. taxing imports. but big business has such a stranglehold on congress that they gave china most favored nation status, so that stores like wal-mart and target could sell plastic much cheaper than our very own American made products.

    There was never a need for an income tax. As it stands now, the only reason we have an income tax is to pay off the money we borrow form the federal reserve.

    without the federal reserve bank, who creates money out of thin air, the u.s. government could go back to doing what it should have been doing, printing it's own money and putting the full faith and credit in U.S. backed currency, instead of federal reserve notes. income tax, as they stand now, simply pay off the interest of the federal reserve. every session of congress, the house and senate then turn around and borrow more money from the federal reserve bank.

    Without the federal reserve there would be no need for a national deficit. the only reason we have one now, is that we are borrowing our own money from a private bank. everyone is under the delusion that the federal reserve is a centralized bank, i.e. a government bank. It is neither a federal government own entity, nor does it have the full faith and credit of the U.S. federal department of treasury behind it. It is very possible for it to go under.

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