Scrambling Over Greece

Greeks, Euros, and IMF, Oh My!

While Washington is chomping at the bit to jump in on the Greek financial disaster, the Fed is keeping quiet as a church mouse. Several Ivy League financial professors are encouraging Obama to step in on behalf of Greece to aid the ailing country. Meanwhile in Greece, taxes are skyrocketing and their retirement age is being pushed further and further up, to get their pension payouts.

So what’s at stake? Pride, fear and holding back the meanest scum and villainy alive today, the IMF.

Europe is trying to fend off the IMF from stepping into Greece and by proxy gut the Euro, while also fending off Washington for fear they would be seen as weak compared to the dollar. Meanwhile the Fed is trying to keep Washington out of it, to avoid a mass market collapse.

It is no secret that the interests of the IMF are only to the IMF and its partner corporations, blood suckers that make lawyers look like school marms. Everyone fears that should Brussels allow the IMF to step in on behalf of Greece, they’ll shut down kindergartens, hospitals and churchs all in the name of profits. I mean, who needs a hospital, it is just is a waste of money. The impact however is what Brussels fears, mass demonstrations the likes of which Europe has never seen, pure anarchistic, unadulterated civil unrest. No one fears that in America though. We never protest over here. Besides, the police use chemical warfare on American citizens, forbidden even by the Geneva Convention.

The Fed is keeping quiet so as not to get involved and appear to send a signal to Wall Street that the sky is falling. They fear that should they get involved it would mean that a new global collapse is imminent across all currencies and plunge Wall Street back into the black morass that was only 6 months hence.

Brussels is also trying to stave off Washington out of pride. They fear that if Washington gets involved, it’ll mean the end of the Euro and confidence in it. I mean, isn’t the joke over anyway?

While everyone is pointing at Greece, the real nightmare is coming. Everyone is fearful of a Greek collapse, but not to the point that they start jumping out of windows should it happen. However, Spain is the real devil in the red dress. And, it is coming to an end. The Fed, Brussels and Washington would all have to rush in to save poor Spain if it came down to it.

If Spain goes, the IMF will lick its lips and have a nice Euro feast, because all the rest of Europe would collapse, except for maybe Germany.

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