Government to Tax Cadillac Health Insurance Plans

Cadillac Plans: Wait, Didn’t the Government Cause Them?

In a shady, smoke filled, backroom deal the government came up with the bright idea to tax health insurance plans that is the grand daddy of them all, the Cadillac plan. These plans offer comprehensive health care coverage and have tiny copays. What’s not to love about a Cadillac plan?

Here is the problem. It is these self same Cadillac plans, that is raising health care costs for everyone. How you ask? The Cadillac plans take no thought as to the actual cost of the health care provided. So, the prices can be jacked up and they know they will be paid. Here’s the rub. If all the Cadillac plans pay for higher health care costs, then it stands to reason, everyone should pay higher prices. So it is a stepping ladder into infinity. Prices go up and up artificially and everyone has to pay.

On paper that sounds terrible doesn’t it? And, everyone hearing that government would tax them to reign in spiraling health care costs would sound like something everyone could rally behind right, even democrats? Oh, now you know I set up straw men arguments professionally don’t you, and this is no exception. If the government is trying to tell you that they are trying to reign in spiraling health care costs by imposing a tax on Cadillac plans, then mayhaps you should know 3 things:

  1. They caused the Cadillac plans in the first place
  2. Adding a tax to them only serves to grow government
  3. They are, unconstitutionally under the equal treatment clause, making exceptions for unions and government workers

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive. So the government caused this fiasco in the first place. How? Here’s the other shoe dropping. They subsidized health insurance companies and plans. So, taking advantage of those subsidies, the sweetheart deal was made and Cadillac plans were born. Voila!

Adding a tax to Cadillac plans only serves to grow government? You bet your kinigits it does. They will then monitor all health insurance plans and tell you if your plan comes under the exception or not. Of course they need a new department to do this.

Equal treatment under the law. If a tax is imposed, it has to apply to everyone in that category, i.e. shoppers, bankers, etc. There cannot be a tax levied on just Goldman Sachs, nor a tax levied which excludes just Goldman Sachs. Exempting union workers from then entire rest of the country is beyond the pale. It is literally punishing non-union workers. In fact, it’s a double jeopardy because they have the Cadillac deal and you don’t.

No one is going to suggest they remove the subsidies are they? No. That would be too much like… I don’t know… RIGHT?

If you fall for getting behind this tax on Cadillac health insurance plans, then you should recommend your picture be posted next to:

Gullible – your face here – A schlep that falls for any scheme or plan the government puts in from of you and says it’s one thing, but it is another. And you are too dumb to notice it.

They are literally putting the cart before the horse and calling it art.

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