Drugging Kids for Profit

Drugging Underprivileged Children

Read the last quote at the bottom!!!

In case you don’t read anything else in this post read this: you should never drug children; if your child has been diagnosed with anything have them also test a full battery of vitamin deficiencies; take care of those deficiencies first before drugging your child. The people that need to read this post the most are: the poor; foster parents; underprivileged children / parents. I say they need to read this the most because trends show that these children are targeted to be drugged the most. They are over-diagnosed the most. They are treated with drugs and die the most. More poor children are diagnosed and treated and die the most of seropos toxicity than any other group of children. Please, if you know an underprivileged family or child, please make them aware of this post. Don’t be afraid to ask them if their child has been diagnosed with and treated with: antipsychotic, antidepressants, amphetamines and ADHD drugs, and anticonvulsants.

“A child cannot safely receive an adult drug dose, nor can it be assumed that a child’s dose is proportional to an adult’s dose (ie, that a 7-kg child requires 1/10 the dose of a 70-kg adult). Most drugs have not been adequately studied in children, although federal legislation (the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act of 2001 and the Pediatric Research Equity Act of 2003 [both renewed in 2007]) provides the statutory and regulatory authority to begin those studies.”

“Children are generally subject to the same adverse effects as adults, but they have increased risk with certain drugs because of differences in pharmacokinetics or because of drug effects on growth and development.”

No Studies in Drugging Children

In short, no studies have been done AT ALL, on drugs in children. The diagnosis can start with an innocent depression diagnosis, which then progresses to a bipolar diagnosis, to a schizo-effective diagnosis. The patient can be exposed to 10-15 different medications, being on five different medications at one time, with a result of death.

These are children we are talking about. Five different medications at once on a child? You as a parent need to wake up and smell the coffee if you don’t realize that five medications at once is toxic to ANYONE.

If someone, doctor or pharmacist, tells you, your child needs to be on five different medications at once, you need to be willing to go to jail or give your life to say “no my child will not be put on five different medications.” Do not let anyone drug your child to that effect. Let me make that point even clearer: not only should your child not be on even one medication, but even if your child is diagnosed with five totally and unrelated things [stomach flu, chicken pox, ADHD, skin rash] you should not medicate him with five different things. I don’t care what different things are ailing your child. Your child depends on you to protect him. In fact, you, as a parent, should be of the mind that you know your child better than any doctor.

This post is about drugging your child with just one medication, let alone five. You might say “Shakaama you’re not a medical doctor.” My research on the subject has shown:

  • Children are dying from toxic drugs [that is enough of a reason right there for me to post this].
  • there is a national trend to diagnose and treat children with toxic drugs [the FDA has not approved any psychotic drug treatment in children] [see last quote].
  • I was trained and worked for [I won’t say the company name, but it is the largest pharmaceutical company in the U.S. presently] [I am not trying to whistle blow any particular company].
  • I was a party to and helped get adults on, up to, 20 different medications at once.
  • In my work, I was trained to call the paramedics, nationwide, if one of our customers called in while having a medical emergency [that right there tells me the pharmaceutical company knows their products are lethal] [and this was primarily directed toward adult customers].
  • In my work, we viewed the people who bought our drugs as customers, not patients [nowhere did we ever consider our products as a medical alternative].

Drug Companies Exempt from Drug Deaths in Children

What does that list tell you? That should lead you to understand that drug companies do not consider themselves as medical companies or their product as medicine in any shape form or fashion. In fact, all drug companies, make it policy to indemnify themselves from liability due to any harm to the customer. In plain English, it is your own fault, if you take a drug and suffer from it, up to and including death.

Let me repeat that! If you take pharmaceutical drugs or give drugs to your child, and you become worse, brain damaged or die from it, it is your own fault and you cannot sue the pharmaceutical company for it.

Again, finally, I beg of you, if you know an indigent family or underprivileged kid, please be nosy and ask if they have been diagnosed with “something” and if they are on medication. We, as Americans, need to stop being selfish and go back to living as a community, especially Black folks. We need to watch out for each other. I guarantee you that the people that are highest at risk for this post will not see this. I beg of those that read this, to take this message and help your fellow man. Even if the person objects to your being nosy, understand some things:

  • you are being nosy for their own good.
  • you are being nosy to protect them against people that are not looking out for their best interest, but for their own profit.
  • they don’t know the full story like you have glimpsed in this post.

I encourage everyone to do a little bit of research into this if they have a child. Against i reiterate, if your child has been diagnosed with “something”, have them also test for vitamin deficiencies. And, when i say test I mean a full battery of tests for every possible vitamin. The doctor should know the tests. See those results first before you do any drugging of a child. Again – the FDA has not approved any psychotic drug treatment for children.


“Many psychotropic medications have not been studied in children, which means they have not been approved by the FDA for use in children. But doctors may prescribe medications as they feel appropriate, even if those uses are not included on the label. This is called “off-label” use. Research shows that off-label use of some medications works well in some children. Other medications need more study in children. In particular, the use of most psychotropic medications has not been adequately studied in preschoolers.

More studies in children are needed before we can fully know the appropriate dosages, how a medication works in children, and what effects a medication might have on learning and development.”

If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what else will.

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One thought on “Drugging Kids for Profit”

  1. that is well sick who would do that to some poor kids
    if that happened to me i would be well unhappy
    i feel well sorry for them

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