Ask Market Biz News: Hyperinflation, The Amero, NAFTA

Will There be Hyperinflation

This question was posed to Market Biz News by a reader. Feel free to pose your own questions and you might find an entire post about it here.

Thank you for your response, and a very interesting article there.

So basically what you’re saying is that you do NOT think that Bernanke will send us down a road of hyperinflation because we would see what he really is?
Instead you think that once we can no longer import cheap goods the American entrepreneurial spirit will be revived, and we will have to see the rise of a lot of American manufacturing?

You do not think that somewhere along the line there will be a push for a currency such as the Amero that so many of the conspiracy theorists like to talk about? Also, how do you feel about NAFTA and all those free trade agreements? Where do they fit in?

Thanks again for your time and sorry I am bothering you, but you seem well educated and your perspective is interesting and enlightening compared to what one usually finds on the internet.

A few politicians, like Ron Paul, have mentioned that, should Bernanke continue down this path of destruction, the Fed will end all by itself.

Obama is pretty smart. He re-appointed Ben Bernanke as Fed chief. This way, when he crashes and burns, he can totally say “i didn’t appoint him”. And several analysts have even mentioned this. A few sort of hate him for being so snide. *shrug*.

Will there be hyperinflation? Actually I think there will be. The Fed is listening to everyone at once, including, most importantly, like my article said, politicians. Politicians will get a nose bleed if the Fed suggests they will raise interest rates. It means they cannot buy votes with welfare handouts. It means they cannot buy votes with subprime mortgage handouts. It means they have to tally their socialistic handouts. It means housing prices will fall off a cliff and people will be angry, who had nothing to do with this, i.e. the idiots that bought their houses at full price.

If interest rates are raised, yes, say bye bye to wal-mart. Say bye bye to outsourced jobs. Say bye bye to exporters. They’ll all come crashing down. But,… aren’t those people just the ones that will be affecting the poor or the “working” poor? Yup. If you make less than $50k a year right now, you’ll be hurt.

The upside to this is, if interest rates are raised, savings will be up, salaries will be up, you’ll be able to afford more than the dollar menu at McCancer.

The Amero.. that’s been proven false. Oh I know Alex Jones, thinks it’s a complete and real fact, however, I have it on good authority that it’s false. Oh don’t get me wrong, the concept of an Amero may be in the works, but it is not about to be sprung on everyone tomorrow, like Alex Jones and company says it is.

The Amero would be1000% worse than NAFTA. It would literally mean the middle class in America would disappear. VANISH!!! Over night. There would be Rich White / Black Americans and …. Mexicans. We’d all just turn into Mexicans overnight. Imagine this, it would be equating our economy with Mexico’s economy. While I’m sure Mexico is a fine place, they don’t have the economy… wait 1/10th … no 1/100th the economy of the U.S. Oh Ben Bernanke is trying his best, but still, there’s 50,000 Delis in New York alone that could buy the economy of Mexico.

NAFTA, I have no idea why the unions aren’t all up in Obama’s cool aid over NAFTA. NAFTA has to be the most anti-American, anti-union, anti-middle class agreement ever formulated. Free trade? Hogwash! You don’t need an agreement of this kind to encourage free trade. Simply require no tariffs on goods of equal value going out of the country and coming into the country and there’s your free trade. However, NAFTA is a license to dump cheap goods on the U.S. and remove decent paying jobs from the U.S.

Even Canada was opposed to the U.S. Canada agreement. The only people any of these agreements have benefited are the elites and the huge American Agribusiness. Which was the intention all along. There was no need for a NAFTA. The tariffs in place, were there for a reason. We don’t want cheap goods dumped on us like the Chinese are already doing.

NAFTA, Ben Bernanke, the Amero, yeah one and the same. Apparently union leaders are too stupid to see the writing on the wall. Apparently Americans are too stupid to see the writing on the wall. Apparently the middle class are too stupid to see the writing on the wall. We let cops beat the crap out us, the state demand to vaccinate, i mean poison our own kids, we let the government steal our money and call it legal income tax, although it’s not in the constitution. And, the constitution forbids it even.

All of this, is simply preparing us to be the sheep we already are marching towards.

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