Who’s Behind the Energy Crisis: The Real Story

There is No Energy Crisis

We’ve been told for over 40 years now that there is an energy crisis. From the start of the 70’s up to today you’ve been had. You’ve been took. You’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok. How could it be that the most powerful country on the planet, that has its own oil fields, several hundred thousand capped mind you, is at the mercy of others to provide the essential oil we so desperately need?

The simple fact is: we are not at the mercy of foreign powers. The simple fact is: we do not need anyone else’s oil. For some of you this revelation is hard to swallow. In your mind, you know all the issues. In your mind you know all the players. In your mind you know all the motives. I mean, they’re out to make money and sell oil right? So you reason to yourself. Surely there could not be some ulterior, sinister motive other than to sell oil.

Let’s return to the 70’s for a brief history look. Who was the “enemy” at that time? The… communist Russians, right? Yes, that’s correct. We were told that the Russians were desperately out to get us. Oh and the Russians would bomb us and wipe us out at any opportunity that they possibly could. Let’s back up only 20 years earlier. Who were the Russians then? Why, they were our staunchest allies. In fact, without them and us, together arm in arm, the world would be a very very different place. We defeated Hitler scant years earlier. So what difference does 20 no sorry, 10 years make, because they were allegedly our enemies in the 60’s actually.

The Russians did not change. They did not change at all. In fact, quite a few presidents went over to visit the Russians. You don’t have, as a foreign policy protocol, the highest office visit a known enemy and an identified threat to our national security. So, could it be that these Russians were not our enemies at all? Yes. We were being brainwashed. And, when the damn broke Washington was caught with its pants down. Suddenly Reagan was being repainted as a hero, instead of leading the charge against our enemy the Russians. The fact was, that Russia was crumbling some 20 years before Reagan even took office.

Who was the next enemy? Terrorists! We started getting reports about terrorist plots and terrorist threats. One simple fact escaped the America public however, there had never been, and never will a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. If you can read, you realize what I just wrote. If you don’t believe it, go look it up in the F.B.I. files, and the C.I.A. files. There has never been a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, and no terrorist is wanted for questioning for any attack on U.S. soil. Even Ben Laden is not wanted for any attack on U.S. soil. So obviously this terrorist scheme as an enemy is winding down and wearing thin. So we have already moved on to the next “enemy”.

That next enemy is already here. Rogue States! That is to say, those countries, yes plural, that pose a threat to U.S. security. This one is harder than the terrorist scheme to sell to the American public, because we really can’t see the evidence of these “rogue states”. There are no other countries, other than Columbia and its drugs, that directly impacts the U.S. to any degree of direct threat or certainty. Bush tried his best with his “axis of evil” speech to deliver the message of “rogue states.” But, he was a bumbling fool, no offense intended. He was oratorically challenged and could not sell ice water to an African Bushman in the Gobi Desert. We have yet to see if Obama is going to continue the charade.

Well what does all this have to do with oil and there not being an energy crisis? Simple. What if I told you this plot to have an “enemy” was concocted 40 years ago. And, that each “enemy” was listed back then. I have it on great authority that this is the case. [sources include state department officials, cabinet members, U.S. military generals, former astronauts, former information community agents] The final enemy I will not speak of due to how strange it sounds. [bookmark this page and return to it in about 5 years and you’ll realize how truthful this article is] I would prefer not to be harassed nor made the scape goat of a community I am not a part of. [the intelligence community]

With this scheme of directing our attention to an “enemy” at all times, the real plan was also hatched. A few key players would call the shots in the U.S., and actually the world, for all the energy resources.

What would happen if it were found out that there exist an energy resource and has been around for 40 years, that would make the combustion engine, as we know it, obsolete. How upset would you be, to find out that the thousands of dollars you have spent at the gas station personally, could have all been avoided. I have watched interviews with Arabian princes, and Sheiks who have hinted at it. One even said:

“there is no reason oil should be thrown away on a car to begin with.”

Why would a member of OPEC say that? Is there something he knows that we do not? Could he be hinting at a technology that existed already that would make use of gasoline for an engine to be unnecessary? Another member was interviewed and said:

“I don’t like to sell gasoline to Americans. I would prefer they not use gas at all, they are just throwing it away. I would prefer they use it for something else.”

Clearly these two are on to something. They were hinting at something that the rest of us are in the dark about. What other use, than gasoline for a car, could oil be used for? Or, let me put that question another way. If not gasoline, what other energy source could we use to replace oil, and use oil for common products instead, which do not waste nearly 1/10th as much oil as gasoline does? These two statements are more confirmation about an alternative resource being out there, other than oil.

So, why the charade? Money of course. And, it’s going to get worse. As oil gets more and more scarce, OPEC and other “rogue states” which have oil, are going to tighten up and sell less and less oil, so as to preserve their holdings. You can expect sharp spikes in the price of oil in as quickly as a year. And, when I say a sharp spike in oil prices, I mean the current highs will not compare to the drastic price increases in the near future.

Occasionally the president has gone over the OPEC to slap them around and keep them calm. But, the president can’t keep a hold on the lid, when oil reserves are decreasing. It is a reality and no amount of evil schemes are 40 year old plans can stop it. If Obama is a good old boy, he’ll be going over there to slap them around and get them to keep playing along with the farce as well. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath. If the wells are running dry, no amount of slapping around can help the situation.

I don’t think the Saudis will spill the beans publicly, but I do expect they will tighten their belts and ignore anything this president or any other president from foreign countries have to say. Remember this is a global issue.

The foreign governments, that are in the “know”, are keeping quiet, which includes the OPEC countries. However, the OPEC countries have a duty to their own nations first. While they might not spill the beans, since they are getting rich off the scheme, they will have to lessen oil exports if not stop them completely.

Have you ever wondered why we cap our own wells and import foreign oil? And, it’s not a matter of lack of oil refineries here, nor prohibitive costs of opening the wells, nor the prohibitive cost of drilling new sites. The reason is, this scheme is so good, they don’t have to drill another drop here. They are making money hand over fist off of the ignorance of the common American citizen, and citizens around the world really.

If you trade, I recommend you get into oil and hold, find a good entry point now, and buy buy buy.

For those interested in more research on the subject, look up: NRO National Reconaissance Organization; ACIO; SDI strategic defense initiative; Sibel Edmonds.

[nothing here should be construed as broker advice]

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