Ask Market Biz News: Scholarships for Minorities

Are Scholarships for Minorities Racist?

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[ this question was presented to me about minority scholarships. The person had the erroneous position that Black kids were getting a free ride through college, AND that all scholarships were only for Black kids. A couple of comments went back and forth and then I received a personal question about the minority scholarships. Since this deals with money issues, I present this series here. I have not edited the question at all. Find my response below. ]

But that’s a minority scholarship..that’s what im saying. A scholarship for poor black kids.. you WILL NOT FIND a scholarship with the criteria being, you must be poor AND white. You cant just make a scholarship exclusively for white people in this society, like you can for other groups. it draws heat, think about it.. you hear ” scholarship for only white people ” and you (and i mean you collectively, anyone, not YOU personally ) think OMG KKK !! i can just see it on every news show & standup comedians sketch.. Yet, as you mentioned, it is very easy to make scholarships for what is deemed a minority group.Personally i’m not ” white ” im irish german cherokee.. i mean i dont like to be steryotyped into a group either, my outward apperance is of light complexion. It’s just lots of discrimination in both ways, and it needs to be done away with, OR allowed equally. if you take a look at affirmative action it COMPLETELY omits an ethnic category, which is very arbitrary and racist. Regardless… I value you your conversation and would like to continue discussion on the matter.


Unfortunately you’re wrong. I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a book out there, that you can special order, that shows thousands of scholarships. In that book, over 75% of the scholarships had criteria for white people. No one yelled and screamed about that. Also the numbers are not with you, at all. The statistics for Black people attending college is just abysmal. Black women have better stats than Black men, but as a whole it’s just so low as to be pathetic. I run a political blog and a current events blog, and a financial / stock market blog. I look at these numbers all day. It’s a sad situation to be sure.

While it might be unjust and unfair to categorize people based on their race or hue, at the end of the day there is only so much you can do, to look the other way and be “PC”. At then end of the day you wake up and realize there are hundreds of thousands of Black kids “graduating” from high school who can’t: read; do simple math; fill out forms; balance any budget; buy any major items; understand a contract. They are functionally illiterate.

What do you do? It is the horrible government school system where teachers could care less and give them a passing grade. Who’s fault is that? Not the parent’s! Not the student’s! And, these same families are being taken advantage of from the grandmother on down. They sign contracts where a “paid for” house is being put on a 2nd mortgage at a 36% interest rate, and they have a minimum wage job. What can you do? If the parents are doing this, what hope does junior have?

While you might despise the bleeding heart liberals who were trying to fix the imbalance of slavery, at the end of the day something had to be done. You can’t say, “oh let’s ignore race and treat everyone equal”. Because, they aren’t being treated equal to begin with. And the response is a DROP IN THE BUCKET. If you dare to say “treat everyone equal” then you have to ignore the fact that huge swaths of Black Americans are functionally illiterate coming out of high school. Huge swaths of Black Americans live in poverty and are kept in poverty because since the end of slavery, they have been kept financially inferior, on purpose.

We all might want to bury our head in the sand and pretend that it’s not the truth, but it is. The largest multi-national banking conglomerates are right smack dab in the middle of poor black neighborhoods with: check cashing places, sheister mortgage companies that take out mortgages on “risky” people at usury rates; pay day loans with also 100% – 360% interest rates and fees. All of this stuff goes on. You might think it’s illegal, but the federal government and the courts have made it very legal.

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