Ask Market Biz News: Is the Federal Reserve Working Towards a One World Currency

Is There a One World Government and Currency Conspiracy

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Collapse of the U.S. Dollar and the Federal Reserve ]

hey, sorry to keep pestering you, im not too youtube savvy. I saw your video on the collapse of the dollar. Ive been really into this type of stuff for the last few months. Do you believe that the FEDERAL reserve, being a private coorperation owned by supernational bankers, is intentionally going to collapse the dollar for one world currency—>one world government ETC, NWO-ish things.. Anyway, thatss the contact info. [ edited to protect private information ]

Actually the Federal Reserve, I believe, could care less. All of these conspiracy theorists are running around making up junk to satisfy their lack of understanding of greed and economics. The simple fact is the Federal Reserve is greedy. If you take the “theory” to be true, let’s think about it. If there were one world currency, then all of the industrialized nations would debase their currency to the lowest currency. These people with the theory haven’t done the math.

Will the dollar collapse? Yes. But, currencies have been collapsing all over the world. They turn right around and come back stronger, if the people realize what “collapse” means. That’s where I come in. I teach people or give instructional videos and blogs about recognizing what a collapse is.

How many Americans would know a collapse when they see it? The dollar is currently 1% value of what it was in 1913. It’s already collapsed. In 1970 if you had a $30,000 a year job, you were rich. RICH! That wasn’t that long ago. Today if you have a $50,000 a year job, you are figuratively poor. You can’t afford to have your wife stay home. You can’t afford to send your kid to ANY of the better schools without taking out a LOAN [Jesus Christ] or receiving assistance. Yet people think $50k/yr is a high paying job. The median household income of Black people is $29k a year. That means most Black people are one breath from the poverty line.

The Federal Reserve’s current course is a bit too greedy. They could collapse well before the dollar collapses. We’ve had 3 central banks disappear already. This one has lasted the longest for sure. Also we could fix the problem in 3 years. We could go back on the gold standard, abolish the Fed, and remove all of these social programs. Who would be hurt by this? Us? You think the citizens would be? Nope. You think your mortgage would disappear? Nope. That piece of paper, well it’s not paper any more, it’s all electronic now, that paper would simply be put in someone else’s hands.

Wall street would be the only one that would be hurt by removing the Fed. Again, the topic of another one of my blogs. šŸ™‚

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