Bigger Government Smaller Citizens

The Story of the Government

There were 5 brothers. They all lived with their father and had no mother, since she died shortly after giving birth to the last child.

There was a fat brother. He was a middle child, and if you know anything about middle children, he took no guff from anyone, because middle children are left to fend for themselves by parents. He was fat and large, larger even than the eldest brother. No one ever got in his way, but he didn’t much bother with the other boys. He had a bad habit however of sleeping all the god damn time. I annoyed the younger boys to no end, because he was their protector against the older boys. However, the older boys knew if they gave the fat one sweets, he’d fall asleep 30 minutes later. The older boys were in charge of the allowance money so they always bought sweets for the fat one, just to keep him in a coma all the time. They wanted to watch something the fat one didn’t – they fed him sweets. And, he could sleep through a hurricane.

The two older boys were no good. And they were always up to no good against the two younger boys. There was an evil older boy, he was the 2nd to the oldest. And, there was the eldest. He wasn’t evil per se, but he was always conniving of how to rule over all the boys, even to the point of going against the fathers wishes and constantly breaking his rules.

The two younger boys never had a chance. There was the 2nd to the last who always thought something fishy was going on, but he was too young to put two and two together. Then, finally, there was the youngest and they gave him hell.

The biggest thing they argued over was the car. The father left on business trips and would be gone for two whole weeks at a time. When he remembered to, he’d ask his brother, their uncle, to check in on the boys. The two older boys knew exactly: when the father would leave; how long he’d be gone; and exactly when he’d return. The two younger boys were so young, they had no concept of time, in real terms. They understood tomorrow and today and that’s about it.

How this all started was by accident. The youngest boy was hungry one day and asked the eldest to cook. The eldest was busy playing a video game and got angry and told him to take the car and go get burger king. The youngest, at least knew that the father would never allow this. The eldest, feeling all powerful said he was the eldest and what he said goes. So, the youngest hopped in the car, drove to burger king and got food.

When the second to the youngest came home and found burger king he thought something was wrong with the picture. However, the youngest was grinning ear to ear and eating, and brought enough food for everyone to eat. Even the fat brother woke up and ate. Had he thought about it, he would have known something was wrong, but he was so dazed from just waking up and the food just made him go back to sleep.

Well, the next time the father left, the same scenario happened. However, the eldest knew that if the youngest got caught, it would mean big trouble. Mind you, the youngest was a tall kid of about 5 ft, so no one would suspect anything if they dressed him up. And, that’s exactly what they did. They dressed up the youngest and he went to buy food everyday through the drive-through.

The evil brother thought they had been getting a free ride for long enough. He started exerting his authority over the youngest. He had him serving him hand and foot. And, he threatened that if he was ever mad at serving him he’d tell the eldest to stop letting him go get food. He told him that the father gave both of the eldest money and that without his money there would be no food, so even if the eldest gave him money, there still wouldn’t be enough to last more than a day.

Any time the uncle came to check on them, he never noticed anything odd. But, then again, he never asked any questions. All he really cared about was whether the house had burned down and that everyone alive and healthy, at least to his eyes.

Well one week the father came home and the youngest was fat and sick in bed. The father didn’t think to ask why he was fat all of a sudden, but he trusted the eldest to take care of him. The eldest assured him he’d take care of him being sick. He had even called a doctor.

The father was so relieved he had such a dependable son. But, the father never noticed that the 2nd to last was never around when he came home. He was always told that he was over a friends house that the eldest knew and had met and approved of.

In reality, the 2nd to the last son, the honest one, had finally figured out what was going on. He was mad that the eldest would disobey his father and he was afraid that the youngest would get thrown in jail or worse kill himself driving the car. Anytime he came home though, the eldest would call one of the youngest boy’s friends and tell them to invite him over to spend the night. This went on for months. Finally, when he did come home he was so exhausted that he slept as much as the fat brother. In fact the honest brother and the fat brother were kept apart at every turn.

I wrote this story to illustrate how the U.S. government is acting, and has been acting. If you can figure it out, you’re way ahead of the game. For those who can’t figure it out I’ll explain it in detail.

1. the father is the constitution
2. the uncle is the supreme court
3. the eldest brother is the legislature/executive branch
4. the 2nd eldest is big business: oil / banking / organized crime / pharmaceuticals
5. all 3 younger brothers are the U.S. citizens
a. the fat brother are the middle class
b. the 2nd to last are the conspiracy theorist and constitutionalist i.e. Libertarians
c. the youngest are the poor

I bet you’re surprised by number 5. This is exactly how it is. The middle class outnumber everyone else. But, although they have some of the most educated of the population among them, they still can’t see what’s right in front of their face. They are the sleeping giant. If they ever woke up, there would be hell to pay. However, they are constantly struggling to get into the number 2 position, of big business.

The conspiracy theorist, who are generally written off as quacks actually know what’s going on, but try as they might, the middle class won’t listen to them, or the media quiets them down so much that the middle class never get a chance to hear them.

The libertarians are also written off as quacks, or are squelched as much as the conspiracy theorists. While the libertarians are screaming constitution constitution, the middle class doesn’t hear them. The libertarians say: “show me in the constitution where the government has the authority to pass a welfare act.” The middle class simply assumes that since it’s already there, it must be right, i.e. the fat kid woke up and ate the burger king, no questions asked. I’ve heard people say, I’m against welfare and these socialistic programs, but by god, I lost my job, thank god they’re there. It’s the fat kid eating the burgers in a daze. He knows something is wrong, but he eats the burgers anyway.

Now the youngest was the poor. The poor know they shouldn’t be getting a free ride. The poor know they are taking money out of the pockets of millions of hard working people, but they don’t remember “that the eldest can cook at home.” That’s right, if the eldest did what the father said “the constitution”, no one would be in trouble to begin with. Everyone is deathly afriad to let go of the social programs. In fact they are so afraid that they say stuff like “are you saying you want my grandmother to die, if you removed medicare?” They actually think that without welfare and medicare and medicaid and these prescription drug programs, that people would all shrivel up and die.

In fact, the middle class thinks this as well. it is only the 2nd to the last brother that even realizes there was a time when there were no welfare, medicare, medicare, prescription drug, farm subsidy programs. And, the government was tiny and didn’t collect any taxes. Only the 2nd to the last brother remembers this.

Only the 2nd to the last brother remembers that donations to charitable organizations were through the roof way back when, and everyone was taken care of.

Only the 2nd to the last brother remembers that there were “homes” everywhere, for everyone: the poor; orphans; unwed mothers; the mentally ill; the elderly. Everyone had a place to go and nearly no one was on the street. In fact social security didn’t even cover workers comp and the mentally ill until the past 20 – 25 years. So all those people were taken care of by somoene else too. And, that’s recent history. That’s not no 80 years ago.

Only the 2nd to the last brother remembers that only rich people had insurance for medical conditions. The middle class and the poor just went to the doctor and paid out of their pocket, or paid nothing because the doctor could afford to treat people for free.

Only the 2nd to the last brother remembers doctors making house calls, as the normal thing to do. Because back then general practitioners made a decent living and didn’t have ridiculous medical school loans to pay off, due to the government getting involved in guaranteeing student loans and allowing schools to jack up the prices every year for the past 50 years.

If you buy into the lies that the news tells you, you’ll be just like the last brother. The government goes against the constitution and you’re are in cahoots with it. If there was a body of government who penalized people for breaking the constitution, but the government would go to jail, and you’d go too for accepting the hand outs. It’s just like buying stolen goods, you both go to jail.

There is a complete different option than what exists today. We don’t need welfare. We don’t need medicare. We don’t need state run schools. We don’t need farm subsidies. We don’t need prescription medication subsidies. We don’t need.. *gasp* oil subsidies. [is that crazy? the oil companies need a hand out every year? who thought that one up?] And, you don’t need to pay taxes for all of these things. You don’t need to pay mandatory insurance.

In fact if you got rid of all the insurance you pay – medical / home / car – how much more money would you keep each paycheck? How much money would you keep in your pocket if we got rid of all of these social programs? Recently there were these bailouts and they gave and exact figure for how much each American would be paying in taxes to pay for the bailout – $3,000. Now imagine if you would, that each of these programs, that we currently have, was eliminated. Currently they each carry a price tag similar to the bailouts. So you would be saving about $3,000 a year by eliminating each program. So that’s: welfare – $3,000; medicare – $3,000; medicaid – $3,000; Corn subsidies – $3,000; Social Security – $3,000. So that’s $15,000 a year you’d be saving from the top social programs. Add in insurance – the median is more like $5,000 and that’s a cool $20,000 a year… yes PER YEAR, you’d be saving and actually making.

Don’t brush off that number like it’s unrealistic. Remember we didn’t have those programs before. In fact people didn’t pay taxes either. So had we continued in that vein, the national median household income, in today’s dollars when you account for the income 90 years ago, should be about $70,000 a year. Does that seem crazy to you? It’s simple math. Take what the national house hold income was in the 1920’s and bring it forward to 2010. I guarantee you it’d be $70,000. But you’re making, on the median, $50,000. That’s household, everyone in your house, together.

With that in mind, now when you go to the polls, when you go to town hall meetings, when you watch the news, realize there is another choice. And, vote according to what is right and just, not just by the constitution, but by what’s right and just for you personally. I don’t think anyone would want to pass up an extra $20,000 a year. I could care less what your politics is. And, if you are one of the rare few idiots that want to give away your money, that’s fine, but do right by your poor broke neighbor and don’t let them take away HIS $20,000 a year. If you want to give your away, that’s your personal option, but fight for your option to do that, don’t fight for the government’s option to take everyone’s away.

Remember, some people have different situations.

I had a guy tell me he’d prefer the government take the money and take care of the poor. What he failed to realize is that when the government takes, it takes away from the people who desperately need that money, like people taking care of a sick parent; or people taking care of a crippled child; or people who take care of abandoned nieces and nephews. So because he felt generous, he turns around and breaks half of the families in his neighborhood, who’s situations he didn’t know, or even care about, apparently.

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