Black Women Dogging Black Men and Singing About It

Hate Against Black Men

There is a lot of hate speech, being put forth by women these days, started mainly by white women. Black women and the media have picked up this mantra. The notion is that they were so downtrodden, by men that they had to start a movement. The original version was women’s suffrage. Don’t get me wrong, women’s suffrage is a great thing, however the movement was hijacked by nefarious individuals who had a much broader, yet hidden agenda that had nothing to do with the political and financial equality of women.

Understand me, I am for the political and financial equality of women. Period! However, there are those who have taken it so far and their purpose is clear, they want the subjugation of men. Imagine how pissed I am when I open a door for a total cunt and she stops and turns to me and screams, “I can open the door for myself.” What this cunt doesn’t realize is that gentlemen open doors for each other too, not just cunts with no home training. But, I digress.

It’s one thing to say you fight for the equality of women. It’s an entirely different thing to say that men are no good and need to be under your thumb and men must be attacked at every opportunity.

I present to you the latest inference of this. The degradation of the Black man in America. This mantra of hate versus Black men has been started since slavery. It originally was started, of course, by the male slave masters to keep their own wives in check. They not only enslaved Black men, but then turned around and said they were less than human, unfit for compassion, besmirched by God [mormons said this, no Black person should ever join that church, if you do, you’re an ignorant fool and doomed for hell anyway], and equated to animals. The white woman was then made to hate the Black man and then thought it was her own idea that Black men were animals. Meanwhile in Europe, Black and white people began to marry. These ignorant white women then, thinking they had come up with the idea that Black men [and women] were animals, unfit to live, carried this hatred on through the decades.

Black Women Back Stab Black Men

By the time women’s suffrage came along, the ones who took over the movement with their “men are to be hated”, this notion of Black men being animals resurfaced. From the time of women’s suffrage to present day they’ve had this mantra. Finally Black women, who were brought into this den of lies and deceit, were told this mantra of Black men are animals. What’s sad is, they bought it. Even when Black Americans were having a power struggle in the 60’s, Black women started speaking out against Black men. Talk about a back stab. At the very time that we as a people were trying to get our “come uppins”, Black women started with their hate speech against Black men. I’m sure it was whispered into their ears by those white women in the women’s liberation movement. There were Black women making speeches against Black men, poems, books. If you got a problem with your man, that doesn’t mean you go and air it in public. It would be one thing to have a problem with one Black man and then air it in public. No! These women said it was all Black men. The worst were the very public figures, like authors, poets and singers.

I’m giving these women the benefit of the doubt. Meaning, I’m assuming they actually had a real life problem with one Black man at some point. But, as sure as I’m Black, I bet these were just hatemongers that wanted to: start mess; sell books; sell records. The really obvious women who had it hard didn’t turn around and make it into a hate Black men campaign: Tina Turner for example. (and her records are still selling like hot cakes)

Songs That Dog Black Men

In modern times, it is the white media that started this mantra of “Black men are no good”. Stupid Black women fell for it and picked it up and now say it themselves. Even major Black singers say this nonsense:

  • Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
  • Sunshine Anderson – Heard it All Before
  • Rihanna – Take a Bow
  • Gwen Guthrie – Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent
  • Syleena Johnson – Guess What
  • Erykah Badu – Tyrone
  • Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows
  • Destiny’s Child – Jumping / Bills Bill Bills / Bugaboo
  • T.L.C. – No Scrubs
  • En Vogue – Never Gonna Get it
  • Blu Cantrell – hit em up
  • Beyonce Knowles – All the Single Ladies, Irreplaceable

Stop, let’s talk about that song Irreplaceable for a second. The song was written and sung by a white woman and Beyonce picked it up and sings it to Black men. This is the exact thing I’m talking about.

Half the time, no actually 90% of the time, the artist doesn’t even write the song. So, who could be writing the songs? Obviously the music industry is dominated by white people, so it stands to reason that white lyricist are writing these songs.

Music Industry Dogs Black Men

Now the music industry is a business like any other. They seek to maximize profits for their investment. If you give them the benefit of the doubt, you can say that the best selling songs are smut songs or smear songs, which is exactly true. Everyone loves to hear gossip or bad news. Good news is boring right? No it’s not that easy.

An excellent song has many elements: perfect orchestration of the notes, so that the chords progress in a pleasing fashion to the listener; perfect melody and harmony of the singers. That’s it! Any great song of all time had those elements right there. So it stands to reason a good song can sell as much as a smear song. Of course it can, most people can barely understand the lyrics anyway.

With that said, can you say smear songs against Black men are just a thing of business, or could there be something underhanded? There’s something obviously underhanded going on. Was it a coincidence from 2000 – 2007 the top of the pop, r&b, rap charts was dominated by smear songs against Black men.

If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I’ve already said that 70% of black men are employed, with a median income of $30,000 a year, no kids, and own their own home / apartment. If the numbers weren’t so stack up against these singers it would be a guessing game. But, clearly there’s someone that wants Black men to appear as if they have: no job, no prospects, no home. You can then imply from this that Black men must: be angry; beat their wife/girl friends; be unfaithful; end up in jail.

It’s pretty obvious that there’s a campaign against the Black man in America. What’s sad is that Black women are being used as: suckers, chumps, idiots, morons, tools, children falling for it. A Black woman can’t see what’s right in front of her eyes. They go into relationships expecting: cheating; abuse; back stabbing. With that type of attitude, no matter who you date, the relationship is going to end up just plain wrong. What’s worse is, even if the Black woman doesn’t have that attitude, the mother does and poisons the daughter. This cycle of hate never ends.

The Solution to Black Women Being Used as Tools

First of all have your own brain. If you know yourself, then no one can control you. That means recognize when a game is being played on you. I know it’s hard, and you might think its paranoid to think like that, but in this day and age you gotta be a little paranoid to survive. You can’t just run to daddy or momma when things go wrong. You can’t just go willy nilly and hope for the best and then end up in the middle of the soup and say oops.

That means for instance: you find a good man, but you have bought into the lie that Black men are dogs, idiots, users. From day one you nag this man and drive him further and further away. From day one, I’ve seen it. Then the relationship goes sour and now you got 1 bad relationship under your belt. The next relationship is doomed, because you got proof relationships don’t work. You end up 40, unmarried, with no kids. The truth is you bought into the propaganda and you didn’t even take time to “know thyself”. Your man came home each night exhausted from being abused and working hard and all you could do is call him lazy and shiftless. 12% of Black men are unemployed, that’s double what white men are. Do you think the ones that are employed might be having a hard time each day to just keep their job? You are damn skippy.

Don’t buy into the propaganda Black men are anything other than human. I am not saying we are kings, angels, but I am saying we are not the devils you hear about in the news.

Second, don’t support these smear campaigns. Don’t buy the records putting Black men down. Don’t buy books putting Black men down. “If it is to be it’s up to me.” If every Black woman refused to buy those books and records, how long would you see them on the shelf for sale? Probably they’d disappear. Don’t buy into this smut. I’m not saying you gotta carry your bible around and only read that [although that’d be an excellent idea], but I am saying “put nothing before you” that is just a bunch of trash. This goes back to my first point, know yourself. You don’t want to infect your brain with negativity. Hell you could buy men’s sports magazines and look at the pictures [it’s innocent reading and the guys are all fitness models anyway, good eye candy for you].

Third don’t support smear campaigns against yourself. Why would you buy a record that called Black women whores and sluts and such. That is the maximum height of stupid. You gotta have a whole tub, hell and oil tanker of low self esteem. Trust me, take it from me, I don’t want to date a slut; I don’t want a whore; I don’t want a skeezer; I don’t want you walking around looking like a prostitute. My woman? Oh hell no. I don’t want a slut, and nobody better let me catch them calling her a slut.

Understand someting, real Black men don’t want sluts, they want ladies. Black men respect their moms. They want to bring something home to them. What a fool you are if you think a Black man wants to bring home something in a tube top, hoochy pants and stilettos. Are you out of your god damn mind?

I’ll say this. I’ve traveled all over the world. For the majority of Black women versus white women I’ve met, the Black women were 10 times more conservative than white women. The white women were far more promiscuous and dressed like tramps far more often than Black women. I just had to say that, so you didn’t think I’m putting down Black women.

Lastly, behave like a lady and you’ll attract the sort of man you really want. I would hope it would be a Black man, but if it’s not, it can be someone else too. But please don’t fall for this, other races are better than Black men. That’s the same crap I just got through talking about. But, treat yourself like a lady and others will too.

And, I know this happens, if you run into women that aren’t ladies and hate on your for being a lady, move on. They are not worth your time and effort.

You know the best place to find a good Black man? College. Scoop them up. And, quickly. I give you permission to ask them on a date FIRST. Go to college and scoop up a good Black man. You’ll find a huge concentration of good Black men in colleges all across America. Don’t be a fool, stay in school. Keep your eye on the future. Scoop you up a college Black man, and your children will turn out just that much better too. [I’m serious as a heart attack about this]

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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

24 thoughts on “Black Women Dogging Black Men and Singing About It”

  1. don't worry anonymous, I'm going to do an entire campaign FOR Black men.

    If Black women would close their legs, act like females, stop denying that they need Black men then the problem is almost moot.

    And, Black women aren't a problem, it's more like fatherly advice. I would beat the hell out of my daughter [if I had one] if she started talking about dating any man before 30 years old, lol. And, she would have the fear of God if she started saying she don't need a man to pay her bills or don't need a man at all. Then what am I?

    Remember the media wants to sell records and newsbroadcasts and magazines. The Black man has been the scapegoat for centuries. It is divide and conquer.

    Right now I'm focusing on the Black woman who's been sold down the river to such a bad degree that Black people could die out in a generation.

  2. Well anonymous it has always been the White man that started it. He then set about making sure that there was no such thing as a Black family. He raped the Black female slaves and sold off the children. If a Black slave did get together with a Black female, he would do anything from sell off the man up murdering him. He then set about making sure that the Black man received no peace from anyone. He set up American Negros so that they would not respect themselves, not be educated, not know their own history, never live in a family, treat them like animals, refer to them as animals.

    So then once the American Negro was free, the Black woman took it upon herself to do the work of the white man. In an effort to appease the white man, for whatever reason, including seeking his love, she put the Black man down at every opportunity.

    This is nothing new. There are Black women singers who called Black men low, down, dirty dogs dating back to the civil war. And, the white man just sat and laughed at the stupid negro woman dogging out her own race.


  3. I think the thing you seem to fail to recognize is that people ALL PEOPLE are still individuals.
    And some of the songs you used as arguments, seriously, have you READ the words? 90% of the women are talking about retaliation after they have been done wrong. Retaliation doesn't mean they dogged black men out for no reason- or any man. If a man cheats he AUGHT to be dogged out.
    Moot point- I'm a white woman with a mixed baby. I'm a little older than the college age, but thanks for the tip at the end. I stay right next to the college. I'm sure all you ladies can appreciate it's every woman for herself out here.

  4. Lisa, I see your point. I just don't… I don't air my dirty laundry in public. I don't even mention my private stuff to men friends. Maybe I was raised old fashioned. /shrug Who knows, I just don't get down like that.

    You see these women in the news showing their unmentionables, my family just shakes their heads. Regardless of color they see them as just bad examples of womanhood.

    It's one thing to empathize with your audience, i.e. Aretha Franklin, Sade, Tina Turner, but it's a whole nother ball of wax to say, you cheated on me now here's the laundry list of stuff you fail at. Which serves to reinfoce the public portrayal of Black men in the news. You don't see brothers like me in the news, suave, intelligent and oh so sexy. ssss ow, i'm so hot i burn myself.

    You see brothers that the songs describe in the news. Why is Tiger Wood's personal life plastered FOR WEEKS in the news. Oh and I keep track of who did what to whom. I remember all the men in Hollywood that cheated, but they weren't plastered all over the news for weeks as the TOP story.

    That might be therapeutic for the singer, but the teenage girl that idolizes the singer, who has zero experience with love is now tainted. And, you know they listen to that song over and over memorizing the words. What's the message? Black men are scum.

  5. Hey sexy Black man. I love you and I'm a young Black woman and I see what you're saying. Yes, Black men have been DOGGED!!! The White man started it all in slavery. Yes, they tortured the Black man, emasculated the Black man and even lynched him, cut his penis off and at times stuffed it in his mouth, right in front of us. They also separated the slave male from his family, by moving him around, from plantation to plantation, re selling slaves, etc. What message did this send to your sistahs? That our men cannot provide for us, he can't protect us, and he can't be the man of this village. Black women in those days, had to take over and be the strength, this has been genetically inheritied and pass down for generations. That's why you find many loyal to the race type Black sistahs and strong Black women and hold it down type women. Yes, they may have turned our men against us and ur women against their men, however they turned light Blacks and darker Blacks against each other as well. We've come a long way since then sweety, but overall, we have been taught how to hate ourselves and that is something we both have to take credit for. No, i disagree, although Black women and Black men have dogged each other, I think Black women are more loyal to their men than he is to her.

  6. Hint:

    Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive ( what are you talking about, i didn't take it that way, u are delusional)
    Sunshine Anderson – Heard it All Before (sings about a man playing her. is that not real? is her story fake because u feel it stereotypes black men. Real is real)
    Rihanna – Take a Bow (A song about a man playing her. Any man)
    Gwen Guthrie – Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent ( A song about a woman in a relationship with no chemistry in the relationship)
    Erykah Badu – Tyrone ( A man playing games and she ain't having it)
    Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows (This was a real life experience that Jazmine had. She actually talked about her actions towards a past ex , she's not proud of it, but it's real)
    Destiny's Child – Jumping / Bills Bill Bills / Bugaboo (Just immature songs, that teenage girls made , no biggie and the songs didn't diss any man, especially not a Black man.
    T.L.C. – No Scrubs (Talks about a dead beat man, one who is taking care of his business. I have witnessed this personally. is it not real? real is real)
    En Vogue – Never Gonna Get it (again, what are you talking about?)
    Blu Cantrell – hit em up (just a trash talking song about men who acting right)
    Beyonce Knowles – All the Single Ladies, Irreplaceable (This song is simply saying, if you like it, don't let it get away, grab hold of it. If you like it, ain't no backing away! go get her! This song applies to any and every man, white men too.)

    I think the reason you are taking songs such as, single ladies, take a bow, no scrub , etc personally is because it applies and the shoe fits. Stop being players, commit, face up, be the head, love your queens, stay away from white women and lets stop dogging one another, sweety. And just a little word of advice, those songs could apply to just about any man, not just Black men.. Don't take it personal, first look in the mirror. Black men have many demeaning songs, you have a list of five, i can name songs written about us women, by rappers that outweighs your list…. Snoop, Pac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Drake, Dog Pound, Dr. Dre, DMX, Camron, Too Short, E 40, Jay Z, Ray J. the list goes on

    ANyway, no matter what has happened to you all in society. I am no male basher. I am very loyal and protective of my Black men and I loveeeeeee my brothas…I just wish they loved me back.

  7. wow bashing in songs how about songs of bitches and hoe's the rappers slam women into the dirt like their a waste of time and have no respect for woman when making millons of dollars trash songs…everything negetive and why do blacks keep telling their kids of the past….how the hell are they suppose to grow into the future with all the mistakes from the past..stop this shit and get over it you waste to much time being angry my friends are black white african chinese hindu etc so whats your problem? the black men who deserve to be mentioned are the beaters we need to weed them out! we can start by teaching dads how to raise our children and stop this attack on women.

  8. The Hollywood portrayal of the blonde white female is like a curse for white & black men/ women. She is put on a throne where people worship her. This black men who thinks white women are the answer need to check themselves. I was offended when I was watching SNL & Chris Rock was the guest he said”everybody loves white women, the white men loves them, the black men really loves them”. So what does that really mean for us colored women? that we are inferior & we are put down by Hollywood's silent racism as we are the ugly once because we are not white. So black men who only dates white women are brainwashed by these Hollywood tactics.

  9. According to my research and the countless interviews I've seen, I would venture to say about 99% of all mass marketed [note i said mass marketed] rap songs are not written by the artists themselves. In fact, rap music is nearly 100% fake, written by white people or some other non-black person, and encouraged by marketing executives.

    I said all that to say, rap is fake and them talking about whores and sluts and such is all fake. I have traveled all around the world in my short life and have set foot in and lived in nearly every state in the U.S. for at least a year, so I have a pretty good basis for saying what I'm about to say: Black men do not typically going around calling Black women whores.

    Maybe I live in a beugie type of world where the Black men don't sound like Roots or every typical negro on MTV who can't put a noun and a verb together, but I doubt it. Brothers don't walk down the street talking about whores and B****es. I just do not hear it. But, turn on the radio and you hear it.

    It's fake as hell, and not written by the Black men that are lip syncing to it.

    So why did I make this article? Because the R&B women singers actually have some control over their lyrics.

    Who cares if some Black woman has been through something? We all have.

    Who cares if some Black woman had a cheating man? We've all been cheated on at some point, or hurt.

    I am disgusted that I see nothing positive coming out of a Black t.v. show, produced by Black people, acted by Black people, nor sung by Black people.

    I have never heard a Jewish man dog out a Jewish woman and visa versa. I have never heard a Mormon bash a Mormon guy or girl. Even Jerry Springer, with his white trash parade, has happy endings, where the mullet wearing feudin cousins kiss and make up.

    Our Black songs go from “you dog” to “get out”. Seriously, we do not need any more dirty laundry aired out. It's done. It's enough. Trust me, now it's all about you feeding the demons who are dogging US out, by buying into that crap.

  10. There is a lot of history at bay here, and it is very easy to point fingers. One finger is pointing back at the black community for using the words, nigger and nigga amongst themselves further perpetuating the degradation of a culture and people that deserve much more then that. The africans were the first to sell black slaves over 500 years ago. They would sell the POW's that they had captured from waring nations. They then sold the to the spanish in about the late 1400's. White people were some of the last to own black slaves, but who started the practice?

  11. Why are you painting black men as victims? Black men have just as many, if not more songs out dogging black women as well. Rappers have been doing that for years. You have rappers out praising lighter skinned women and non-black women. Every other word is bitch or hoe. There's a song out now that's by some rapper (don't recall the name) who is praising the fact that we messes with women, but refused to “go steady” with any of them. Every once in a while a female artist may come out with a female empowerment song, but it doesn't happen as often as when black male artists put out songs dogging their own women.

  12. @ “N” word comment – you're absolutely right. I personally do not use the word. I was at karaoke one night and my little friend girl introduced me to this brother. As he got more comfortable with me, I noticed he started talking more openly, as if we were friends, if you know what I mean. Every other word was the “N” word. Mind you, most of my day is spent reading newspapers, research and such. I don't even see the “N” word over the course of months. It really shocked me how he kept saying the word. Then I had another epiphany, the “N” word is not natural to language, one generation has to teach the next. So we are teaching each other this damnable word and keeping it alive. Slavery ended how long ago? And, we are still using the “N” word? Shameful!

    @ Black men as victims – well I think Black men are victims. Who else has to tolerate racism on an hourly basis at work, driving the car, shopping, and then come home to a wife that is unsupportive and intolerant of anything other than serving her hand and foot, because Oprah said that's how marriage is supposed to be and that's what MTV says it's supposed to be? Who else is last hired, first fired and is called by sisters “he ain't no man”. Who else is THE most unemployed person in the United States and songs are made saying “you ain't got no job, you ain't god no money”?

    You want victimization? How about uncaring women who don't know what time it is? Black women don't know that white America is not hiring Black men and would rather see them ALL in jail. So instead of heaping insults on injuries they should be making some Marvin Gaye songs like “What's going on”, which talks about social injustice. You wanna talk victims, the Black man is the most victimized of all – by race, by sex, by social stigma. Let's call it as it is.

    And, rap is not music. It's not even made by Black people. It's trash pure and simple and it's made to poison the community.

  13. We are asking all africans and african-americans to write to the organizers of Dallas Black Socials and DFW Black Professionals. These organizations are on which is for grass root community organizations. The groups openly have “What this Group is About” sections that omit being about black men, dads, african-american men. However; the sections include black women, moms, and african-american women. Some weak brothers stay with the group like soldiers who fought for the Confederacy. Here we see the sections like others see the Dixie Confederate flag. Both Dallas group organizers are black females. Look and see. It would be diferent if the names of the groups were Dallas Black Women's Social or DFW Black Women Professionals. The groups average 1000 members each. So insulting to Black Men and to their business image. Please protest to and to these female organizers.

  14. Oh come on please first of all we love you guys but the songs are about real situations they weren't meant to dog black men but honest to goodness incidents that have happen and black men are used in the videos because thats what most black women want and date hence the image that comes to life. There are songs that reflect the same about black men until now it was always considered real life songs.

    Art imitates life such as, it has become increasingly noticeable that black women or no longer a focal point in TV, video's are movies when partnered with a black man, being replaced by every color women but black but more so white women…and it appears to be so with black women too but not as much but coming down the pike those faces together will become more common all way around and soon there'll be white women singing about dogging black men and that will be more accepted won't it?

    As you know our white counterparts are coming up and sounding more and more like us and beating us at our own game so don't worry…it'll all even out soon *rolling my eyes*

  15. For everyone posting about how the article is sooooo one sided, let me ask you this …


    I bet you can't name one, let alone 10.

  16. This is such a silly article and quite blind to how the world really is. Yes black men are victims in a sense. There is a horrible history there that is hard to shake off and of course racism exists today. It is everywhere still and it is pathetic.

    BUT! On the other hand how dare you attack black woman. You think you suffer??? Try to be black AND a woman. Racism AND sexism to deal with.

    I'm sorry but woman of every race are objectified and degraded. And you have a classic example of the 'asking for it syndrome'- when ignorant people believe that if a woman enjoys sex or being with multiple men somehow she is asking to be called a slut or whore. She deserves it?

    Men can do what they like with women and they are hailed legends but the reverse is not okay. Sexism.

    So before you go spraying shit just picture the world for a black woman they have two huge forces holding them back. So stop pitying yourself. You should be lifting woman up not abusing them….maybe that's why they are dogging you. Because you deserve it?

  17. Also, why is there so much focus on race here? If we are to move on from racism and realise that it is no more than differences in the melanin content in skin and NOTHING else then we need to stop putting so much emphasis on it as if it is a very important and defining thing between us. It isn't.

    Every race has a history not just Blacks. And almost every race has experienced slavery at sometime in history. I am from Ireland and trust me we have a history of being downtrodden by the British for centuries. Indians still have a class system that sees those at the lower end as barely human, some japanese believe in an honour system that rejects the disabled as less important and so on so on. Race is NOT important human dignity is despite colour.

  18. there are too many ignorant black males doing violent street crime and attacking others.

    this is why there is a hostility to black males, even those who do not personally do these things.

    then comes the fact that ANOTHER huge portion of black males will take any obese white woman with bleached hair over a sista. The sista never have a chance to get married, and are now bitter and spited.

    They strike back by saying basically, to hell with you all.

    The crime and chasing of white women is far more of a factor than the things you fixate on when it comes to why black women get angry and begin to stop caring about the mass of black men.

  19. here's some cold hard numbers for you, anonymous. Only 1 in 100,000 people, world-wide, commit crimes, regardless of race. So given that, that excludes almost all the brothers you point to as being the reason why sisters are lashing out at brothers.

    Next, your point about dating outside the race. This is a reaction, not a norm. For every brother you find dating a fat white ugly monster, you'll hear a story about him dating 15 hood rats that chased him away from Black women, PERMANENTLY. You'll hear a tale of how sisters did nothing but dog him out. Which is the very point of this article to begin with.

    Sisters chase brothers away. Black men are human too, if you dog them out, they will also say peace. And, other-race women are right there to pick them up and dust them right off and marry them.

    I guarantee you, it's the very sisters you are defending, who did the chasing away.

    I even heard a brother said his own girlfriend wouldn't let him touch her hair. Who did she go get her hair done for in the first place?

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