Michael Vick Signed to $7 Million Contract: I Put PETA on Blast


What I’m about to say will not be pretty. If you’re a dog lover or a PETA fanboy, you can stop reading right now. Thanks for coming but goodbye to you. For the rest of you, continue reading.

Michael Vick Signs Contract

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick to a one-year, $1.6 million contract with a $5.2 million team option for 2010, at the team’s discretion.

There was all this talk about Vick should feel remorse, by the ASPCA and PETA. This pisses me off to no end. And, you want to know why? I knew you did, because I’m about to put them on blast.

I don’t own a pet. I don’t want a pet. I don’t even like people who like pets. Don’t get me wrong, I had pets when I was a kid. However, I’ve come across people that loved these animals. Wait, no you don’t understand I said LOVE, as in unhealthy adoration. They talk to them as if the animal were their friends. They lavished gifts on them. They spent tens of thousands of dollars to make them well, when they get sick.

Let this same pet owner come across a starving “nigger” and they will step on them and tell them to go back to Africa. [taken from comments I’ve seen on the net] These same people are saying Michael Vick should die and that he’s scum.

I could give 2 baboons butts about a dog, or a dog fight. Oh the poor dog died. So what? Children are starving right here in America. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a dog, these idiots could have adopted someone’s poor kid they couldn’t afford to raise and make a difference in this country. People are lying in the streets freezing to death every second. People are dieing of heat stroke because they’re homeless.

They spent millions of dollars prosecuting this man. They spent millions of dollars incarcerating this man. Let me ask you, after spending millions and millions over this non-issue is America safer? Did you sleep any better at night? Was anyone saved? Was a child fed? Was the sick healed? Were the homeless sheltered?

We spent millions upon millions over this to what end? Not a god damned thing was made better. The ASPCA and PETA can go take a flying leap. They called this man every name in the book except a child of God. They tried to railroad his name so he couldn’t play. What happened? The day, THE VERY DAY, he got out, he signed a contract. They went through all that drama for nothing. Come to find out from Florida to Baja California people to this day dog fight and gamble on dog fights. I’ve read all around the net about this story and hundreds of people said they grew up dog fighting and still see it, and the police know about it and don’t care about it.

But, a millionaire Black man is accused of KNOWING about it and giving money to his friends, and he’s drug through the mud over it. Hypocritical much? PETA is such a degenerate organization it isn’t funny. They have time and again called for the death of humans over animals, I seriously think the government needs to step in and disband them. They are just as bad as these people bombing, YES BOMBING abortion clinics. I mean good God, are you insane?

Michael Vick, and I’ve said it in other posts, is an athlete. He’s not Ghandi, he’s not Michael Jackson, the greatest humanitarian to ever live, he’s a football player. If you place your hopes and dreams on a football player, you have issues. You need therapy, and you need it fast.

The day you form your lips to say, let’s spend millions upon millions of dollars prosecuting a man for killing a dog, instead of feeding hungry children, you have sinned against God. Why am I bringing up God? Because they called Michael Vick Godless. They said he should burn in hell. So let me get this straight. You’ll see this man sent to hell and spend millions on him, but you won’t feed the poor, you don’t feed starving children, you won’t lift a finger to help your neighbor. You sir / ma’am, are the ones deserving to, and probably will, go to hell.

I could really care less about how Michael Vick feels. I could care less if he feels remorse. All I care about is, can he play football, can he throw the ball. That’s all we know about him. We aren’t his family. We aren’t his wife, sons, daughters, cousins. We are nothing to him, and he is nothing to us but a football player.

“I don’t know what I feel about Michael Vick being ALLOWED back into the NFL.”

Give me a god damned break. Grow up and put your man pants on. If you care so much about dogs, don’t watch football, EVER. How about that. If people feel that strongly about it, go on strike against football completely. Bunch of morons. Get over yourself, you’re a bunch of nobodies anyway, watching a world class athlete play the highest level of football. This man dedicated his life to doing one thing, to play football. You better man up and drop the purse. Watch him. Cheer for him. High five your drunk, fat, coworker, and leave the gay hater stuff outside.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Vick Signed to $7 Million Contract: I Put PETA on Blast”

  1. Every living creature deserves the right to a happy life and how do you know that these same animal lovers do not also donate to causes such as starving children, homeless etc etc. You're right I shouldn't have read your BS – Stop ranting and get real-

  2. As I said in the article, while researching this article, I read hundreds of commentary on the subject. I read some of the nastiest stuff. A good 30% called for putting the man to death. I'm sorry, under no circumstance would I ever consider killing a human over and animal. I don't care what the circumstances are. First of all I'm religious, and my belief systems says that man has dominion over the entire planet. Yes he's supposed to be a husbandman to the planet and all the animals, but he had dominion over them, first and foremost.

    I'm not saying you were being hateful, but countless other were. I also can't stand PETA and their self righteous indignation.

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