DUI is a Scam

DUI is a Scam

I’m sure you’ve heard of the sad stories MAAD [mothers against drunk drivers] tells you of poor little Timmy that was killed by a drunk driver and for poor Timmy’s sake we need tougher laws. While I can feel sorry for little Timmy and his family, I’m not so sure about the logic behind tougher DUI laws.

So, I did some checking.

You know me, I have to see the numbers and the facts. Throw some numbers in front of me or some facts and I’ll skip meals reading it.

The Facts Behind DUI Arrests

The average American thinks that the police are here to protect us. Surely stopping vehicles that exhibit “signs of erratic driving” is well within the duty of a police officer. But… what if i told you:

  • Police get federal funding for every “DUI arrest” they make.
  • States get federal funding for every “DUI arrest” made in their state.

Hmmm, are you reconsidering your position yet? Well let’s think about those.

Police get federal funding for every DUI arrest – not conviction, they make. That means they get paid to make DUI arrests. Now I’m sure you’ve seen the policeman’s ball, it’s held once a year or more to raise funds for the police in the city. I’m sure you’ve seen cops, once a month, sit at a sweet spot and write ticket after ticket to meet their monthly quota for funds.

Can anyone say that if you knew that you were to get funding for just MAKING a DUI arrest, wouldn’t you have a tendency to lean toward making those arrests? Heck, I’m not even a police officer, but i guarantee if someone paid me to do it, I’d park right at the corner of Walgreens at 1 a.m. and go to town arresting people for DUI.

“oh you tripped, clearly a DUI.”

“oh you slurred that ‘S’, clearly a DUI.”

“I smell alcohol, clearly a DUI, Calvin Klein perfume, alcohol, whatever, it’s a DUI, and don’t argue with me.”

The state gets federal funding per each DUI arrest made. Now, you’re a smart person. Do you think if the state gets federal funds to make DUI arrests, that maybe, just maybe, they might suggest, encourage, DEMAND police officers make DUI arrests?

The number 1 cause of all traffic accidents is “driver inattentiveness”. That is: cell phones, noisy kids, putting on make-up, fiddling with the radio. Those, and more, take up the top 10 causes of accidents and vehicle deaths. DUI doesn’t even enter the picture until way down the list.

So why do we need these tougher DUI laws? Hmmm, is there something behind that rhetoric? Federal funding! Wait, you mean the U.S. government gives federal funding to MAAD? LOL no, not the U.S. government. That’s silly, tin foil hat, stuff there. No it’s the states that do. Oh, bet you didn’t see that switch. Yes, the states schmooze the organizations like that, and get them all riled up. Why? So the states can get more federal funding.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – says that the field sobriety says that first of all things like the field sobriety test has to be administered correctly by a police officer. This is usually found to not be doing accurately. Even if they are, they find that only 60% of the time is even suggest a possible DUI. Things like field sobriety tests never take into account that the person taking the test may not be able to do the test, regardless of sobriety.

Finally a breath machine “DOES NOT MEASURE ALCOHOL”. It measure the methyl group. It then assumes the methyl group is from alcohol, but you could be diabetic and found to be a DUI.

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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

8 thoughts on “DUI is a Scam”

  1. A good piece,but you forgot to get a comment from MADD on this. No,let me guess, you tried to,and they hung up on you. When confronted with the true facts,the neo-prohibitionists run. Right Don ?

  2. I have had two D U I 's in my life. They were spaced apart in years, one while I was underage at 19 and one after my divorce at 27. I have always felt it was a sham, a way to get your money and get you into the “System” as it results in a permanent criminal record. Plus the ex- alchoholic counseors can “help” you for a price. And the non drinking righteous local law community can take you money and call you a problem drinker. I never hurt anyone or even wrecked the car, I was just pulled over for whatever reason, and the second time they cornerd me in a restaurant parking lot. Didn't even know they were there till I got out of the car. The town I lived in, the police were and still are notorious for D U I arrests, but if there are a rash of burglaries and drug dealing, they are basically useless as police.- Just my two cents. The government lets us drink to keep us stupified and to keep us working their low paying meaningless jobs which allow us to barely get by, in effect driving us to drink, then they punish us for it. D U I has happened to everyone in all levels of society from rich to poor, but it effects the poor the most. I have seen people who lost jobs, and felt that their world was over, and D U I is meant to make you feel that way because it takes all your money. Unless you are rich.

  3. Seriously, if they wanted to stamp out dui, put breathalysers in the bars, and stop serving people alcohol when they've reached the legal limit.
    Can you just imagine how many people would scream.
    Bars would go out of business, but I guarantee that would cut out 95% of the dui's………….
    Folks would have to drink at home to get drunk.
    But it's all about the almighty dollar and how many of them they can scam out of “Joe six pack”

  4. sure they could put breathalyzers in bars, but that would be full nazi concentration camp style of living, moreso than what we have now.

    the real problem is that, that number 0.08% is arbitrary. notice they did absolutely no medical study, no peer review study, nor any other study on reaching that 0.08% blood alcohol. they simply said 0.08% is the law, and AFTER THE FACT then said 0.08% means you're drunk.

    so putting a breathalyzer would enforce the notion that 0.08% means you're drunk even more. an Irish 6'4″, 250lb, lumberjack that enjoys 2 beers daily, for 20 years, would be no more “drunk” at 0.08% than he would be at 0.001%.

    mind you, in some states and cities, they have a zero tolerance, yes 0.0001%. they just want money and to “tag” you. tag, you're it. dui is now stuck on your record.


    The Nevada Highway Patrol and the Elko County Sheriff's Department – like their counterparts in every city in America – make sure it's primarily poor people who are saddled with the bulk of the overly-harsh fines and jail sentences for Driving Under The Influence. It's all part of the 30 year old nationwide campaign to “terrorize the populace”, always a precursor to the martial law that REAL CHRISTIANS and REAL AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS believe is being engineered. Only 18,000 people IN A NATION OF 350,000,000 die from “drunk driving” every year. Why aren't our courts filled to the rafters with smokers? SMOKING KILLS 27 TIMES THAT AMOUNT! Chickenshit officials just purse their silly lips and make excuses though. They're too phony to admit the reason they focus on DUIs is because most of us need our cars to make a living. Especially in America, The Original Automobile-Oriented Society. They're hitting us where it hurts the most – in our vehicles. These same conartists spend billions in propaganda to make us believe that DRUNK DRIVING IS SECOND ONLY TO TERRORISM in its deleterious effects on American society. WHEN DUIs ARE NOT EVEN LISTED AMONG THE TOP TEN CAUSES OF DEATH IN AMERICA. Once again, it's all about TERRORIZING THE POPULACE.


  6. I just got a DUI my first ever ofense, was getting out of my car at the grocery store, when i was attacked by a homeless guy someone called the cops on my behave obviously, when fight was over ran to my car to leave to my house. its a block away cops saw me and the suspect of course went after me instead of homeless guy. got me for a dui n my driveway. the guy got away when trying to explain the fact a was attack no one cared and gave me a full DUI, so i get my ass kicked, thrown in jail and have to pay 2,400 odd dollars total where are my rights? scam money monoply and DA sucks you cant explain yourself, they want the money

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