Black Househould Income: Is It Lower Because We Don’t Support Ourselves

Black Household Income

Blacks have the lowest household income than any other race. They are even lower than Hispanics, which, the census takes into account even the illegal Hispanics. I’m going to show you factors that contribute to Black household income being so low. These factors cannot, in my opinion, be controlled by government, but by Black people themselves. In this article I’m going to show you how:
Black on Black, male / female relationships or lack thereof contribute to the entire Black American race having a far lower household income; Black child rearing and lack of child spending contributes to the uplifting of the entire Black American race; why Asians dominate the household income charts and what Blacks can learn from them; Black Americans do not educate themselves on financial matters, even the Black middle-class; Black Americans don’t accumulate assets; Black Americans live above their means; Black Americans purchase / rent housing that takes up to 50% of their income. I will show how all of these factors contribute to Black Americans having the lowest household incomes, key among them being relationships and child rearing.

Median income..............1975...........1985..........1995..........2006
Black .....................$23,691 .......$25,642.......$28,485.......$31,969

Marriage...................2205...........2006..........2007..........All Races
Now married................33.8% .........30.8%.........30.5%.........53.4%
Divorced...................11.6% .........11.4%.........11.5%.........10.2%
Never Married..............43.3%..........46.7% ........47.2%.........28.1%

Immediately from the chart you see two things:
1. Asians dominate the household income
2. black averages across the board trump all marital indicators

Why Asians Dominate Household Income

One of the leading indicators of household incomes is the amount a household brings in. While Blacks are more likely than not to be single, almost double the national average, Asians are more likely to be married and both husband and wife work and bring in approximately $29,900 annually, which just so happens to be the black household income.

“It just so happens that nearly 78 percent of all Asian Americans live in dual income households. If that is the case, then the majority of Asian American households are comprised of two earners earning about $29,500 each. Still not too bad, considering the median household income of Black households.”

It’s not a stretch in logic to say if Asians are more than likely to count a dual partnership in income, and Blacks count as singles, then it is clear that the Asian income is perfectly double that of Blacks and it’s directly related to them being more married than Blacks.

Black females are the single most unmarried person in America. Looking then at the statistics, you can clearly see that that has an impact on household income as well.

Let me pause right here and give you an example where Blacks are like the Asians above.

From The New York Times 1994:

In Middle-Class Queens, Blacks Pass Whites in Household Income – Compared to whites, black couples were more likely to consist of two wage earners. Their income was more likely to be supplemented by their children’s earnings. Nine in 10 blacks said their income came from wages, compared to 3 in 4 whites, who were more likely to have retirement, Social Security and investment income.

Black wives typically worked longer hours and, consequently, earned more than their white counterparts. About the same proportions of black women and white women held professional specialty, executive, administrative and management jobs. Relatively few black men held these sorts of jobs.


Let’s Look at Some Other Income Factors.

Sixty-eight percent of African-American middle-class households have no net financial assets whatsoever and live from paycheck to paycheck.

Only 2 percent of African-American middle-class families have enough net financial assets to meet three-quarters of their essential living expenses for nine months if their source of income disappeared. well below the already alarmingly low national average of 13 percent.

Even more alarming, 95 percent of African-American middle-class families do not have enough net assets to meet three-quarters of their essential living expenses for even three months if their source of income were to disappear. This figure is well above the national average among all middle-class families of 78 percent.

Only 26 percent of African-American middle-class families spend less than 20 percent of their after-tax income on housing—below the national average of 40 percent.

Thirty-one percent of African-American middle-class families match the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition for housing burdened, spending 30 percent or more of their after-tax income on housing expenses. This falls well above the national average of 28 percent of all middle-class families.

According to a report done by USA today on November 19, 2007 about the sons and daughters of the black middle class: 45% of black children from those families end up “near poor,” Pew reported. The comparable number for white families is 16%.

Support Your Own Community

Time and again, minority races have come to this country. They would segregate into their own communities. However, all other races, except Blacks would stay in their community and build it up. Blacks are the only race that moves out of the community and gives all of their money to another community.

Let’s look at an alarming chart:

.....................................(percentage of all nationally held firms)
Black-owned firms, percent....................... 2002.................5.2%
Asian-owned firms, percent....................... 2002.................4.8%

What’s alarming is Black national average population is 12.8%. The Asian national average population is 4.4%. There should be no way that privately held businesses should be statistically equal. The difference is that Asian held businesses are supported by the community.

Support Your Family

“Blacks spend less per child in the household.” – Allocation of Income Within the Household: ed zlazear and Rob Michael

What this means is of all the races, Blacks spend less on their children than Asians, Hispanics and Whites. Now one might say, “Blacks have less income to spend so they spend less per child”. However, if you note, Hispanics make only a few thousand more a year than Blacks yet spend more on their children. Asians didn’t start out dominating the household income until 1991. Asians also have a habit of spending more on their children than any other race in America. It would stand to reason then that given this habit and recent history, that spending more on your child as a race would tend to uplift the race.

In the research I did on child spending, Blacks exhibited the most selfish characteristics of all the races. Blacks would leave the community they were raised in nearly 100%. Blacks would not spend any money on anything extra for their children: sports; leisure; education; clothing; food. Blacks would not spend nearly any money on their children’s college education. It seemed to be a notion that once the Black child was 18 they were all but kicked out of the home and left to fend for themselves. Opposite to them, Asians spent more on their children during college and during their college years than any other race. This single factor might be the leading indicator of why Asians fair better economically than all races in America, even better than whites.

I’m sure some of you might be muttering under your breath that, this is all due to single mothers or dead beat dads. The instance of single parenthood among Blacks is statistically inconsequential. There is no vast amount of single Black mothers and Black dead beat fathers. In fact should anyone say such a thing to you, more than likely they are only saying that to be a racial slur. Among the Black Race there are more Single, never married, non-parent individuals than any other factor. The other major factors are Married or married with children. Rounding out with Divorced at a very small 11%. What’s left is nearly 1% of single parents. So these statements aren’t talking about the single parents, they are talking about married parents. And the data that we are discussing today is about children that were raised when marriage was at an all time high amongst Blacks, nearly 45%.

Solution to Raising Black Household Income

Isn’t it obvious? Stop being selfish with your money. Wake up and recognize that your story is over, you must invest in your children to have any impact on your race. [ that’s true for all races, not just Blacks ] Stop living beyond your means. Asians spend $46 on their children out of every $100 they spend on adults. Blacks only spend $30 out of $100 spent on adults. With that huge disparity, Black children are not going to be competitive in this money driven society.

Give back to your community. Buy a house in your own community and renovate it and the property. This makes economic sense as well. The cost of low cost housing is a much better cost savings over the span of your life than spending a lot of money for a house in a high cost area. By renovating you also raise the value of the house, and it goes from being an expense, to a possible investment.

Get over this, “I can’t live with a Black man.” As I showed earlier with numbers, the Black female is the most single person in the United States. Whatever hang ups you have, get over them. You are going to wind up an old-maid.

Support Black owned businesses. Blacks support Black owned business the least out of any race. This trend needs to be reversed.

[sorry this was so long]

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2 thoughts on “Black Househould Income: Is It Lower Because We Don’t Support Ourselves”

  1. this is good information. it should serve as a wake up call… but then again our community has had infinate wake up calls on all levels…. every wonder why we dont take heed and take a proactive approach to solving our issues? willie lynch still got us on lock….wish we would WAKE UP!!!!! I am doing my part because i believe it can be done… that is a united community that can reclaim its power and authority with its billions of dollars in cash resources, intellectual property, and ingenuity….

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