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Shakaama Live

I finally take time to address you the reader personally and thank you.

Hey everyone.  I’d like to first say thank you all for reading my blog.  I check my stats constantly to see who’s reading.  While I do have lots of readers, I don’t seem to get a lot of genuine comments.  I say genuine, because I receive a lot of spam.  In fact 99.999% of all comments I receive are spam.  I even receive hand written spam comments.  Now, I don’t understand what’s the point of trying to post spam comments.  Do you see any spam comments on my blog?  No! Why?  Because I delete them all before they are even posted.  I welcome each and everyone to comment.  Even if you disagree with me.  I love a good conversation as well as a heated debate.  I think I even let someone comment that called me racist.  Which is sort of strange, seeing as nearly all of my idols, if he took the time to read my blog, are nearly all white: Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Ludwig Mises, Jim Rogers, etc…


I’d like to announce my new blog @ Shakaama Live .  I’ve made this step to allow me the opportunities, wordpress doesn’t allow, afford, think of.  On that blog you can find all sorts of great posts like: self improvement; financial opinion; stock market opinion; public policy opinion.

I also have a blog on my website Las Vegas DUI Lawyer and the blog is the latest and greatest DUI Blog.  That blog isn’t quite up and running but, always keep a look out.

But, back to shakaama live, I just wanted to personally invite you to come read my blogs there and also invite your comments on there.  The comments are, of course, based on approval, so nothing crazy will ever get through, nor will spam.

We have had one hell of two weeks here with all the famous deaths: Michael Jackson – a personal favorite of mine; Farah Fawcett – who didn’t age so well; Ed McMahon – ahhh when America could be real adults and watch Johnny Carson [who i also was sad when he passed].  I don’t know if I’m a storm crow, coming in after such sad news with my glad news.  Or, maybe I’m a morning glory, bringing cheerful tidings after the storm.  I have high hopes for all my blogs and websites.

Oh I almost forgot.  If you really want to get in shape, gain muscle lose fat, hop over to my website Gain Muscle Lose Fat.  It’s for both people who want to finally lose fat and stay completely fit and for those that want to gain muscle and get the body they have dreamed of.  I tell myself, if I ever got the body of my dreams, I would immediately move to hollywood and be an action actor.  So I’m following it too.  It’s all good stuff.  I concentrate on both outter body and inner body: healthy heart; healthy organs; cholesterol; excellent diet for life.

I’d be glad if you checked out all my projects really.  But, I never address you, my readers, directly, so I thought I’d do it for a change, give a personal touch and let you know i’m human.  I pray for each and every U.S. born, tax paying, citizen of America.  We have it hard and I think we’re being swindled.  I hope everyone can hear my voice so we all can be uplifted together.


Kevin Cardinale of Boundless Enterprise

Please Visit My Website: Las Vegas DUI Lawyer

Watch Me on Youtube: Shakaama Live


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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

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