Obama’s Economic Address At Georgetown University: Heavy on rhetoric light on solutions


Obamas Economic Speech
Obama's Economic Speech

In the end the crux of his speech centered around one word:  government, Government, GOVERNMENT!  Of course he promised hope for the economic future; investment in our education; getting green jobs; free health care  for everyone; and university tuition relief [which was met with thunderous applause at the university]

The constitution is clearly dead.  Due to the actions the congress has recently taken, Obama assumes in his speech that government should be the ultimate authority for the private sector.   Many times he alluded to the totally assumed fact that government should be the ultimate authority when it comes to determining fair wages, bank lending, lines of credit, investments for renewable resources.  At no point did he ever mention that he would be taking a backseat and applauding the private sector for taking initiative, without government intervention.

– On entitlement: the largest expenditure admittedly in the governmental budgeting, proposes entitlement reform supposedly but then he turned around and pushed for universal health care reform, not real entitlement reform.  In fact he was so dastardly that he said he would push for universal socialized health care reform this year.

– On financial planing: Again he totally assumed that government should oversee retirement.  [ I am not making this up ]

– On military spending: He went off on a tangent about a suggestion made about military overspending.   He then went into rhetoric about how we have spent so much in military spending and are yet “no closer to be safer”.  However, he did not mention removing troops from any foreign soil, the single most largest expenditure in the governmental budget.

Obamas Economic Speech
Obama's Economic Speech

At one point Obama quotes the scripture of the Wise man that build his house on Rock instead of sand, but then equates it to complete government oversight, trouncing the constitution in the meantime.  He said it only to put forth the idea that the government will NEVER AGAIN allow this crisis to happen.   This completely ignores the business cycle.  In fact most economist has state [who are not kenesian whack jobs] that there never was a crisis.  Corporate bailouts of wall street commercial banks is not a proper indicator of a nationwide economic crisis.  Housing ARM mortgage rate adjustments for individuals who were over leveraged is not a proper indicator of nationwide economic crisis.

The final straw was when he was again stepping all over the constitution and taking the lead from congress recent bill passage which specifically taxed wall street executive who took bailout money at 95% on their bonuses, in direct contravention of the constitution…. I mean he says it right in the constitution “thou shall not pass taxes targeting specific people”.  *sigh*  Obama said “we will implement rules that makes sure you get paid the correct amount for work that you have done” …….. since when did the government dictate salaries?  This congress is out of control and this presidency is not far behind it.  Bush laid the foundation for this debacle.

We’re in a crisis alright.   A crisis of the constitution going under and government taking over all of our civil liberties.  It won’t be long now that the gestapo will be goose stepping down the street demanding to see how much you make and how long you worked.  It won’t be long now that you’ll receive your weekly stipend from the government and the rest will be set aside for retirement and non existant social security and medicare.   It won’t be long now that the government will seize your bank and tell them they are paying their sales people too much in commission checks and that they are outselling their nearest competitor.   It won’t be long now that the police will knock on your door and demand to see your guns and ransack your house for contraband.  [they already do it to poor Black people I know, just kidding]

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Obama's State of the Union Address

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