Boston Mourns Their Silent Son: The Death of Larry Glick

Boston's Own Larry Glick
Boston's Own Larry Glick

“Here’s Boston late night talk radio legend Larry Glick in his prime getting “The story behind the story” from a caller reading a
newspaper article to him. This call was replayed dozens of times by Larry at the request of his callers who almost nightly would ask him to play “The Orangutan”. To his credit he would only play it once every 2-3 weeks. about half way through Larry and the caller are laughing so hard they can hardly speak. Larry’s laugh was so infectious you can’t help but laugh with him. As Larry was WBZ’s overnight host I was on the receiving end of my parents wrath at about 1:30AM when I would be giggling and snorting into my pillow trying to be quiet while hysteria ensued on the air.”

Longtime WBZ radio host Larry Glick died Thursday night in Florida after undergoing 10 hours of open heart surgery.   He was 87.

The Larry Glick Show Radio Podcast: Click Here

“A typical show might feature a sometimes serious guest, an exchange of repartee with his hapless (and usually less witty) engineer at the station, and free-ranging free associations on current events and life. Some callers became institutions like Larry: Arnold Tarbox, the dry and droll Maine fisherman; Charlie DiGiovanni, a wisecracking Boston cabdriver; the Champagne Lady; Boston newspaper legend, Kenny “The Night” Mayer; and a number of others. A call from some of these regulars could seem like a visit from an old friend.”

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“Prior to ending its run on WHDH in 1992, Larry’s show went out first over WMEX in 1965. By 1967, he had been hired by WBZ, where he would spend the next 20 years. WBZ Radio was a powerful 50,000-watt station that blanketed the six New England states and reached well beyond, from the Maritime provinces of Canada down through the Carolinas in the South and as far west as the Rockies. Third-shift workers and insomniacs throughout much of the eastern seaboard and midwest took comfort when Larry’s unique brand of talk radio came on at midnight. For six hours, Larry’s affable and charismatic voice enfolded a mix of lighthearted chat, sassy sound effects, obscure and funny musical numbers, and lots of generally wacky calls from listeners.”

Larry Glick and Jack Williams
Larry Glick and Jack Williams

“Long time and famous late night talk show host Larry Glick returned to Boston from his home in Boca Raton, Florida, to celebrate a milestone birthday with friends. Larry and Jack Williams have been close friends since 1975. Jack made frequent appearances on Larry’s talk show on WBZ Radio. Among those in attendance at the big celebration were Roger Berkowitz, president of Legal Sea Foods, and David Mugar. ”

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Excerpt from an article one of his regular guests wrote: ”

The “Glick University” held its classes very late at night, so if you did attend, your relationship with the president, Professor Glick, became very personal. Many lonely people have told us that his show helped them get through the night. He provided a great public service for years, so it is nice to see that he is richly enjoying his retirement.

I called him today and as always he answered, “Hello, Glick here.” I asked how he was and he whistled and said, “Let me check.” Larry looks and acts 25 years younger than his age and I believe his happy disposition is the major reason. …”

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