We’re All Just Human: Michael Jordan Cries at Son’s Basketball Championship Game

It’s often that people prop legends up to such lofty heights that they cannot conceived of them “doing number 2” or even worse having a bad day and not wanting to sign autographs.  I’ve heard gruesome tales of stars who are complete jerks or worse, angels because they did or did not tip a limo driver.  We’re often ravenous to read paparazzi driven rag magazine tales of celebrities gone bad, only to find out that the celebrity in question simply went out to their mailbox at 9a.m. in a house coat.

Case in point?  We have basketball legend crying at his son’s state champion win.  I personally don’t see the big deal.  What’s to marvel at?  He’s a father.  But the reporters seemed so amazed  because

Michael Jordan the Legend
Michael Jordan the Legend

1. do black people cry over their kids when they do awesome deeds like be lead scorer in the state championship?

2. is a basketball legend like Micahel Jordan human enough to shed tears of joy over a mere son of his?

You might think those questions are harsh for me to bring up.  But, if you’ve been reading my blog you know that I ask the obvious questions that people are feeling but dare not whisper in public for fear of “seeming” not “P.C.”.   I’m pretty sure P.C. led to Nazi Germany coming to power in some shape, form or fashion.  Personally, I’d much prefer someone tell me how they honestly feel, than to be confronted with “P.C.” and then stabbed in the back later, wondering where it came from.

Am I personally amazed that Michael Jordan cried at his son’s game?  No, it’s non-news.  I’m amazed the reporter thought it was amazing, and that the news has spread like wildfire in the white dominated media.  It speaks volumes of their state of mind.   Here’s the story:

“Jordan’s son wins state championship
Associated Press
PEORIA, Ill. – Michael Jordan celebrated another Chicago basketball championship – his son’s.
Marcus Jordan, son of the Bulls’ six-time champion, scored a game-high 19 points to lead Chicago Whitney Young to a 69-66 victory over Waukegan in the Illinois Class 4A championship Saturday.  As Marcus Jordan and his teammates celebrated on the court after the final buzzer, Michael Jordan stood quietly, clapping his hands with tears in his eyes.   “Crying?” the NBA great said in response to a reporter’s question. “I’m not crying. Not for me, anyway.” ”

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